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Chapter 8: Came to him.

“Everyone should study hard and make progress every day.” Yao Yi paused.

Han Jiaojiao stood below and raised her head, waiting for Yao Yi to speak like the others.

“This is the end of my speech, thank you everyone.” Yao Yi bowed.

“…” The whole drill ground was quiet.

After a while, there was a burst of applause from the southwest direction.

Immediately afterward, everyone on the drill ground began to applaud.

After standing there for so long, everyone felt uncomfortable.

They had originally expected that the speech of the student representative would last more than ten minutes.

No one expected that Yao Yi would resolve it in a mere few minutes.

A few students had leaped up already, ready to leave.


Not a single teacher on the rostrum moved for a while.

Finally, the principal stepped back onto the stage, signaling Yao Yi to step aside.

Then he picked up the microphone and said: “It seems that Yao Yi can’t bear to watch everyone stand for too long, so that’s it.

The event has ended, everyone disband!”

The teachers waiting underneath the rostrum began to lead their students out of the drill grounds in an orderly fashion.

Yao Yi headed back with the grade director.

The two walked towards the teaching building.

The grade director was not angry, he only asked, “Didn’t I tell you to search the Internet for some sample speeches”

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“Zk Zk, iwknjzu pbso xl uswa prllnb.” Tyd Kkysfkys rwv esod bla dykz nzkrrlap yde alprsdele okvb talyv kdvlalpv.

“Xb.” Zys Zk vspple vbl nawxrzle ryrla cyzz sdvs vbl vyczl.

“You really only wrote this little!” Li Ge leaned over and looked at it with admiration.


“Did you not finish writing it yet” Han Jiaojiao remembered that Yao Yi had also said, ‘Study hard and make progress every day.’

Yao Yi nodded and then shook her head: “I downloaded one from the Internet, but I took the wrong one this morning.”

As soon as Lao Han entered the door, the classroom instantly fell silent.

Although he was always smiling, he constantly exuded an imposing aura.

The students didn’t dare to cause trouble.

The first class period was also the first page of a new book, and the content learned would not be too difficult.

In addition, Class Two’s grades were top-notch among the freshmen at school, and their habit of previewing class content was still there.

Yao Yi listened to Lao Han’s lecture and began to open the first page of the book.

She didn’t even write her name.

She had already completed high school mathematics by herself.

She had to go to the recycling center just to find this book.

She had also finished all the other classes too, just that she didn’t bother to study as fervently as she did with mathematics.

Yao Yi had long thought that she would major in mathematics when she attends university in the future.

Because she had already learned the content, Yao Yi was not interested in continuing to read the high school mathematics book.

It was like asking a high school student to look through a first grader’s math book.

They could see the answer at a glance, why would they be interested in it

However, she still had to listen to the lectures.

Despite her not learning anything new, Lao Han’s lectures were quite interesting, and he liked to expand everyone’s way of thinking.

Compared with the joy and peace of Class Two, Class One’s atmosphere was not good.

Class One had two representatives of beauty: Fu Chuan and Yu Qingying.

There were always students who had their attention diverted by them, and they did not pay attention to the lectures in class.

Originally, the headteacher of the first class, Zhou Hui, was in a foul mood when she learned that the provincial champion was not in her class on the first day of school.


There has always been a tradition in No.

1 High School.

After the first semester of the freshman year, the students would divide into science and arts majors.

The classes they originally had would be dismantled and combined into one class: Class Zero.

The best teachers teach the best students.

The headteacher of Class Zero would be the teacher who had the grade champion in their class.

In Zhou Hui’s opinion, the provincial champion was placed in Han Hongwen’s class.

So the probability of Han Hongwen becoming the headteacher of Class Zero was basically a hundred percent.

If it was in the past, Zhou Hui would not have been under so much pressure.

What did a one-time champion represent There was still a year, who knew whether the champion would change under another person’s hands.

But Yao Yi’s ‘record’ was too brilliant.

She had never gotten second place in terms of grades in her entire enrollment record.

Who could deny that she would not continue to be ranked the champion in the next three years

What’s more, Zhou Hui had seen that child once.

Her eyes were clean and clear, and it seemed that nothing could distract her.

“What else do you want to do other than pay attention in class” Zhou Hui slapped the table and scolded angrily, “Did you think you all can have peace of mind after entering Class One”

It was unusually quiet.

“Your grades are similar to those of Class Two’s, but I believe that within half a year, you’ll definitely fall behind them!” Zhou Hui gasped, “Do you know why Because you don’t have the heart to learn! “

“Do you know what a heart to learn means” Zhou Hui stood on the podium and clapped her hands, “Yao Yi from Class Two next-door hid exam papers in her crotch in order to save time for studying! That is called a heart to learn!”

Because of the heat, the students in every class who sat by the window had opened their windows.

Class One and Class Two were no exception.

At this moment, Lao Han had turned to write on the blackboard, and the anger from the headteacher of Class One was heard clearly.

“Yao Yi…hid in her crotch…”


The people in Class Two were stunned, and then they all laughed.

Of course, Lao Han heard it too.

He smiled silently at the blackboard for a moment before turning back around: “Okay, this action is not worth learning, my students.

You still have to listen to the instructor’s orders.

You study during study time.

Right, Yao Yi”

Yao Yi did not expect that this incident had already reached the teacher’s ears, so she nodded with a guilty conscience.

Obviously, the laughter from Class Two next door was also clearly transmitted to 

Class One.

Zhou Hui, who was scolding her students, quickly changed the topic without a trace and resumed class again.

Fu Chuan looked up at the glass window, remembering the tragic state of someone being caught.

He felt inexplicably happy in his heart, and even the classroom, which could be called dilapidated, was pleasing to his eyes.

As the teachers of each subject had their classes, class representatives gradually surfaced.

In English class the next day, Han Jiaojiao was called to read an article by the English teacher: “Lesson 7 of the book, read it.”

Before the first lesson even occurred, they turned to the seventh lesson.

Class Two couldn’t guess what the English teacher was thinking.

Han Jiaojiao obediently turned to Lesson 7 and began to read it.

The tone of voice was almost perfect and full of emotion.

“Well, not bad.” The English teacher nodded after listening, “You are the representative of this English class.”


Han Jiaojiao sat down with a bewildered face, suspecting that someone had set up obstacles in her way.

“I heard that you sing well in English, and now it seems that you also learned English well.” The English teacher said in an eloquent voice, “I saw all of your English grades.

You all should have learned your grammar well.

Now you just need a class representative to help nurture your pitiful pronunciation.”

“What the h*ll is a pitiful pronunciation” Zhao Qian muttered while sitting in the last row, resolutely denying that he had poor pronunciation.

“Come and read Lesson 7.” The English teacher didn’t even look up.

She only looked at the textbook and said, “Student Zhao Qian.”

Yao Yi took a look and found that the article in Lesson 7 was not difficult, but the pronunciation was difficult, with various long and short sounds.

Zhao Qian was shocked and wanted to swallow back what he had just said.

He still had to read it.

Even if it was bad, he still had to do it.

Ten minutes later, the English teacher looked up: “That’s called pitiful pronunciation.”

The classmates who heard Zhao Qian muttering from the back all laughed together.

“Class representative, remember to pay attention to this student Zhao Qian, and don’t let him hold back our Class Two.” The English teacher instructed.

After class, Han Jiaojiao turned her head and said, “Zhao Qian, how much did you score in the English test for the middle school exam” Calling his pronunciation pitiful was considered a compliment.

“…” Zhao Qian was silent for a moment, then gestured.

“Seventy You didn’t even pass!” Li Ge was shocked.

“You can also enter Class Two with that score How many points did you get in other subjects”

“Physics and chemistry, I got a max score.

In mathematics, I was five points short.” Zhao Qian shrugged.

His English was so poor that he didn’t make it to the top 100 rankings in the province.

Yao Yi, who was listening next to him, actually got the same feeling he had.

After a week had passed, most of the people in the class got to know each other well.

Some students who had attracted a lot of attention had also begun to have some of their information revealed to the public.

Such as Yu Qingying and Fu Chuan.

Yu Qingying was a native of Yan City.

There were many of her middle school and elementary school classmates in No.

1 High School, so a lot of her information was exposed.

Everyone in No.

1 High School now knew that not only was she good-looking, performed well academically, but also rich.

As for Fu Chuan, because he came from another province, everyone only knew that he lived on Fengyang Road.

Listening to Xiao Pang babbling about all kinds of gossip, Yao Yi fell into deep thought.

Wasn’t that bookstore on Fengyang Road No wonder she ran into Fu Chuan last time.

It turned out that he lived there.

Rarely did Yao Yi think so carefully, and she soon came up with an idea.

“Does anyone in our class live on Fengyang Road” Han Jiaojiao asked the question that was in Yao Yi’s heart.

Li Ge shook his head: “The houses over there are all old buildings, and the place is biased.

The people who live there are all either professors who have settled there before or rich people who bought it at a high price.

Most people live in Dongcheng.”

Although No.

1 High School was a key school, it still could not stop everyone’s youthful attraction from sprouting.

Fu Chuan frowned and rejected the sixth girl this week who recklessly came to confess.

She hadn’t even seen him any more than a few times, who knew where the feelings came from.

Fu Chuan sneered in his heart.

His face was still calm and gentle, and he didn’t make a rude move.

The girl looked at the person opposite her.

He had a red mole between his eyebrows, and his face was thin.

He looked like a compassionate Buddha.

Her nose felt sour and she ran away in tears.

When Yao Yi looked in from the back door of the first class, she recognized Fu Chuan at a glance.

With his temperament and height, although Yao Yi couldn’t see his face, she could still recognize him easily.

Fu Chuan was sitting in the penultimate row against the wall.

Yao Yi quietly walked through the classroom door behind Fu Chuan and patted him on the shoulder.

Seeing that it was Yao Yi, Fu Chuan was stunned, but also felt relieved: This person can’t be here to confess.

Yao Yi verified his conjecture.


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