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Chapter 9: Buy the book for me please, thank you!

Yao Yi was a little embarrassed, and she stood awkwardly at the back of the classroom.

“Is there something wrong” Fu Chuan asked.

“Can you come out” Yao Yi requested in a small voice.

Fu Chuan was taken aback.

This was clearly a typical confession scene, which he had just experienced.

Fu Chuan looked at Yao Yi, who was standing at the back of the classroom, and finally followed her out of the classroom.

At that moment, Class One had begun to pay attention to the two of them.

(Anon’s rambles: Lol, this makes me think of a bunch of ferrets sticking out their heads to stare at them curiously.)


Fortunately, there was a five-minute break time.

There were no students in the corridor.

Fu Chuan was certain at first that Yao Yi was not here to confess, but he began to hesitate when he saw her posture and attitude.

Before Yao Yi could speak, Fu Chuan asked tentatively, “Are you playing truth or dare”

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Ww Ubwyd oyp pvwddle yde pyke, “Mbyv’p kv”

“Mbyv’p kv.

Ps usw ytall” Zys Zk srldle bla lulp okel yde pyke pkdnlalzu, “R jdlo usw olal y tsse nzyppxyvl obs oyp lytla vs blzr svblap.”

“…” Ww Ubwyd oyp pkzldv.

Tl byed’v ytalle yv yzz.

But Yao Yi had already squeezed the money into a wad, placed it in Fu Chuan’s hands, and said, “Thank you!”


Fu Chuan could only ask, “What book do you want”

“Oh.” Yao Yi responded, “You can tell the store owner my name.”

The owner of the bookstore left Yao Yi his contact information before, saying that she could send him a message about any book she wanted.

“Is there anything else” Fu Chuan, holding a handful of money, asked the person who was still standing in front of him.

“Oh.” Yao Yi shook her head, “Nothing else.”

Fu Chuan glanced at Yao Yi, stuffed the money into his pocket, and walked directly back to the classroom.

When they saw him come in, the group of students watching the excitement retracted back to their seats, like birds returning to their nests.

Yu Qingying looked down at her practice problems, her face pale.

Her right hand was clenching an eraser tightly.

Rumors always spread quickly.

Within an afternoon, the entire freshman grade spread the rumor: it was said that Fu Chuan rejected the confession of a girl but accepted a gift from Yao Yi, the provincial champion.

Therefore, many people thought that Fu Chuan hated girls who did not study well.

Fu Chuan didn’t know or want to know about the rumors they were gossiping about.

Fengyang Road was pretty far away from the school, and the road was old.

There were few buses, and each shift was two hours apart.


Last time, Yao Yi had to change buses several times before arriving at Fengyang Road.

Taking a taxi was much faster, but it was too expensive to pay.

The bookstore on Fengyang Road was very conspicuous.

The first time Fu Chuan went to Fengyang Road, he noticed it and went in.

“Uncle Li, stop here for a bit.” Fu Chuan said lightly, leaning on the back seat.

The shop owner was still looking down and reading his book.

He did not raise his head, even when he heard customers coming in.

It wasn’t until Fu Chuan stood at the front desk for five minutes that he raised his head and said, “All the high school test papers are 20% off, and the other books are 10% off.

There are marked categories on it.

Find it yourself, come to me again if you can’t find it.

Fu Chuan didn’t move; he only said, “I’m getting Yao Yi’s books.”

The shop owner moved his eyelids: “Yao Yi Wait.

After he finished speaking, the shop owner got up and pulled out two thick high school test sets from the corner.

He stood there and turned around a few more times.

Finally, his eyes fell on the base of the electric fan that was on the counter.

The store owner held the books together, and dust fluttered onto the counter.

“Here.” The shop owner handed the books to Fu Chuan.

Fu Chuan didn’t move, looking at the shop owner coldly.

“Hey, what a classmate you are.

Well, let me wipe it for you.

” The shop owner felt guilty and took the books back.

After searching for a long time, he found a rag and wiped the dust off the books.

It was only then that Fu Chuan took the books.


They were all high school questions.

It seemed that Yao Yi had already finished high school content in advance.

Fu Chuan was not surprised; he had also completed these subjects ahead of schedule during summer break.

After taking the stack of books and getting into the car, Uncle Li said kindly, “Young master, if you want to buy books, just tell me and I’ll buy them for you.”

Leaning on the back seat, Fu Chuan closed his eyes and replied, “These are a classmate’s books.”

Uncle Li looked at Fu Chuan through the rearview mirror, and a surprised expression flashed by.

After a pause, he swallowed his words and concentrated on driving Fu Chuan back to the apartment.

Fu Chuan’s parents had bought the entire first floor of the apartment in order to prevent anyone from affecting Fu Chuan’s rest. 

The apartment had a special cook and a driver to pick him up and drop him off.

Fu Chuan only needed to spend three years here safely.

Yao Yi had planned to take the science route from the beginning.

So for the liberal arts subjects, she simply flipped through the problems.

She did not plan to do extra practice problems.

Listening to the teacher’s lectures and the problems given from school was enough.

However, the content of mathematics, physics, and chemistry would be tested in the next three years.

Yao Yi wanted to be familiar with the topics, so she contacted the store owner and bought a bunch of exercise sets.

However, the difficulty of the test papers from M ​​province was not high enough, and average bookstores did not sell exercise sets from other provinces.

Yao Yi could only ask Fu Chuan, who she thought was a little bit more familiar, to help her.

In her opinion, classmate Fu Chuan was friendly and helped her several times.

This time was no exception.


Sure enough, the next day, Fu Chuan came to Class Two to look for her.

At that time, Yao Yi was immersed in writing math problems.

She was shielded from the outside world and did not notice anything at all.

Han Jiaojiao turned back to chat with Zhao Qian but watched Fu Chuan walk in through the back door.

She desperately patted Li Ge next to her and motioned for him to look behind them.

“What’s wrong” Li Ge’s mouth was still holding a piece of potato chip, biting into it so crisply.

Fu Chuan ignored the eyes of Class Two and went straight to Yao Yi.

He put the book on her desk and said, “Your book.”

The problem was covered by the book, so Yao Yi had to look up.

She stared blankly at her visitor and then finally said, “Oh, thank you, Fu Chuan.”

Fu Chuan nodded, turned, and walked out of Class Two.

Yao Yi stared at the pile of books and suddenly called out, “Classmate Fu Chuan, wait a minute.”

Fu Chuan turned his head.

His heart was calm, and he looked straight at Yao Yi.

“Can you give me your phone number It will be more convenient to contact you to get books in the future.” Yao Yi didn’t know the meaning of taking advantage of the fire.

“… ” Fu Chuan looked at Yao Yi, who had already taken out her phone, and said, “The school stipulates that no phones are allowed.”

“It’s fine, just bring it quietly.” Yao Yi said, seriously.

In order to get the information in the pictures her neighbor sent faster, she went past her limits again and again.

Perhaps Yao Yi was too natural, so Fu Chuan subconsciously reported his phone number.

“I remembered it.” Yao Yi lowered her head and fiddled with her phone for a while.

Then she said, “I’ll send a text message later.

You can save my number then.”

As soon as Yao Yi entered the classroom again, Han Jiaojiao and her other two friends held on to the topic and questioned her.

Han Jiaojiao said excitedly, “You said that you didn’t know each other before, but he even has your book!”

Yao Yi sat down and flipped through the books that Fu Chuan had brought over and said, “Didn’t you say before that Fu Chuan lives on Fengyang Road I just asked him to help me buy books at the bookstore.

Li Ge responded quickly and said, “Oh.

Last time you asked him to buy books for you”

Yao Yi nodded and opened her scratch paper again.

After the second-period morning class, Fu Chuan received an unfamiliar text message.

A simple sentence was written: “Classmate Fu Chuan, hello.

I am Yao Yi.”

After staring at the text message for a few seconds, Fu Chuan put a remark under her phone number: debt collector.

This was the first correspondent Fu Chuan saved since coming to Yan City.

There was a feeling of buying and selling by force, though.

If Yao Yi had gone to speak to Fu Chuan, it could still be regarded as a single arrow.

But now Fu Chuan had gone to Yao Yi.

There was a different meaning.

Anyone who knew Fu Chuan knew that he didn’t like interacting with people very much, especially girls.

He never took the initiative to speak.

But now, Fu Chuan not only talked to Yao Yi but also went to Class Two to find her.

For the girls who had just sprouted love for Fu Chuan, this was a serious blow.

However, for the next half a month, the two of them did not have contact with each other, which made everyone at No.

1 High School feel relieved.

Gradually, some people felt that they were only discussing academic-related topics.

After all, Yao Yi had good grades.

And Fu Chuan was in Class One, so his grades should not be poor.

As for why Yao Yi was quiet for so long It was because her books had arrived—a huge box of mathematical theory books.

Yao Yi, who was addicted to the world of mathematics, had no time to continue practising her skills in other subjects.

She would finish her homework in class every day.

When school was over, she didn’t even think about eating, and started to flip through the pages of the mathematical theory books.

Multiple teachers have emphasized that students should not do other assignments not related to the lesson in class.

This statement applied to most students, but it didn’t apply to someone like Yao Yi, who had already learned the knowledge thoroughly.

Therefore, Yao Yi often listened to the teacher’s lectures while finishing the homework assigned by the teacher.

It saved a lot of time after class to do her math problems.

“Classmates, I found that some of my classmates’ handwriting is really ugly! It’s so ugly that I fainted when I saw that test paper.

I don’t ask you to write beautifully, but at least you have to be neat and tidy.

A horizontal line is horizontal, and a vertical line is vertical.

” The language arts teacher held the Class Two exam papers that had not been completely graded yet and said, “Like Yao Yi, her handwriting is crooked, but it is neat and clean.

You should pay more attention to it! In our Class Two, grades for other subjects are about the same, but it is different for language arts.

Some people have grades that have lagged a considerable distance from their other subjects.

Yao Yi, who was silently writing her homework, quietly put down her pencil and started to scratch the corner of the desk with a guilty conscience.

Sure enough, after class, the language arts teacher waved to Yao Yi, who sat in the last row, motioning for her to come out and go to his office.

“I took a look at your composition.

It’s not off-topic.

It introduced the topic in the first paragraph,” the language arts teacher flipped through the test paper, took one out, and said, “However, you have to learn to think from the perspective of a normal person.

Sometimes, writing an essay needs a bit of romance, and it shouldn’t be too rigid.

Take Han Jiaojiao’s essay back and look at it.


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