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Kong Yue looked at the mother and daughter, who were echoing each other, and her gaze turned cold.

Since they were so anxious to distort and smear Qingqings name, and wanted to put on a show in front of the old lady and the old master, she didnt have to save face for them anymore!

Even if she thought about others, others might not appreciate it!

“Could it be that Second Sister-in-law and Tingting are the parasites in our Qingqings stomach How do you know what shes thinking Why is Su Ting in such a hurry to accuse Qingqing Could it be that she hates Qingqing because your second brother exposed you for failing to meet Floyds requirements” Kong Yue pretended to be gentle as she asked.

Beneath her usually gentle expression was her hidden anger!

In the past, she would still give in to Su Yans family on account that Su Zheng was the eldest son of the Su family, but what did she get in return Qin Xin became even more aggressive and pushed her luck.

They had never respected her as their eldest sister-in-law, but this time, she wouldnt back down anymore!

She took a step forward and asked Su Ting sternly, “Speaking of upbringing, the old madam was talking to Qingqing just now, but Qingqing hasnt even spoken yet.

Why are you interrupting in a hurry What kind of upbringing is this”

Su Yan looked at Kong Yues stern expression and felt that his sister-in-law was making a mountain out of a molehill.

He chuckled and said, “Sister-in-law, why are you so nervous Tingting and Qin Xin are doing this for Su Qings sake.

Dont be so harsh.

It wont be good if the younger generation sees this!”

Su Zheng turned around to look at Su Yan and said coldly, “Second Brother, arent your words a little biased The first person to speak rudely was Su Ting.

Second Sister-in-law didnt reprimand Su Ting, who interrupted the elders conversation, and instead avoided the main topic and mocked Qingqing instead.

And now, youre also following in their suit! Are you allowing your wife to find an excuse for Su Ting, but not allowing your eldest sister-in-law to protect her child”

Su Qian stood behind and added coldly, “Thats right! Whos the one whos speaking harshly Whos the one whos maliciously slandering others! Second Uncles words are really unreasonable.”

Su Yan wanted to say something else, but under Su Zhengs warning gaze, he still chose to shut up.

After all, if a man like him wanted to interfere in thesmall dispute between the women, the problem would become even more complicated!

What would happen then A family feud, or a fight between brothers! The Su family couldnt afford to lose their dignity over such matters.

Of course, Su Zheng wouldnt sit back and do nothing.

He wasnt stupid enough to let others bully his wife and daughter.

It was true that he was the eldest son of the Su family, but this didnt mean that he had to swallow his anger and give in to his brothers!

Qiu Yuan, who was watching from the side, was overjoyed.

She had never seen her eldest sister-in-law confront anyone like this! After the argument between Kong Yue and Qin Xin, she was actually not at a disadvantage.

She had really underestimated her in the past!

Qiu Yuan smiled and said bluntly, “Ive never seen Eldest Sister-in-law so sharp before.

She even made Second Sister-in-law speechless! Hahaha.”

Su Chen looked at his wife speechlessly.

Qin Xin glanced at Qiu Yuan disdainfully and said sarcastically, “Even if you dont speak, no one will treat you as a mute.”

Suddenly, the elderly lady raised her hand, which was holding a cane.

The exquisite cane knocked on the ground with a very muffled and heavy sound, but the hall instantly fell silent.

“Enough! What are you arguing about Is this a market” Feng Jing said sternly.

Her turbid but wise eyes looked at the people around her, and her dignified aura was very scary.

Seeing that the scene had finally quietened down, Su Ming said slowly, “Alright, take your seats.

Well start eating soon! Arent you tired of standing there”

He turned to Su Qing and smiled.

“Su Qing, come over and sit beside Grandpa.” Su Mings expression was gentle and kind.

He also patted Su Xings hand and asked him to sit down.

Su Xing nodded and pulled out a chair for Su Qing before sitting down beside her.

Qin Xin was a little surprised by Su Mings attitude towards Su Qing.

What was wrong with the old man He was actually so good to this little girl who had just returned to the Su family.

Su Yan pulled out the chair beside him and gave Qin Xin a look, indicating for her to sit down.

He said softly, “Dont talk so much.

Lets talk when we get home.”

Qin Xin still had to listen to Su Yan.

She sat down and rolled her eyes at Kong Yue.

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