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245 Little Demon Qingqing

“If youre really capable, go on stage and convince me.

Dont just sit down here and argue with me! Who doesnt know how to brag” The more Chen Han spoke, the more confident she became.

She knew that the school education background that Su Qing had been in in the past was not good at all.

It was only recently that she returned to the Su family.

How could she have the time to learn any high-end instruments

Even if the Su family had the intention to nurture her now, what could she achieve in such a short period of time She was just pretending to be calm.

Once she went on stage, she would be exposed! Therefore, this was the real reason why Su Qing didnt dare to compete with her on the stage, right

Chen Han thought that she had caught Su Qings flaws, so she wanted to force her onto the stage to expose her hypocrisy and embarrass her!

When the instructor on the stage saw the two students arguing, he became interested.

In his opinion, the students were all very individualistic.

Moreover, healthy competition was indeed very interesting, and it could also motivate the other students interest in learning.

One of Floyds teaching concepts was freedom and passion!

He smiled and took the initiative to suggest, “Since everyone is so interested, why dont we do this Those of you who want to showcase your talents, you can all come up and perform! Coincidentally, didnt our school recently send out a notice that every grade group is preparing for the schools anniversary program It just so happens to match this atmosphere!”

As he spoke, he looked at Su Qing, who was extremely eye-catching in the crowd, with admiration in his eyes.

After smiling slyly, he said, “From this students tone just now, she should be someone who knows a lot about music! Since the two of you arent convinced by each other, why dont you come up and compete”

This teacher was actually a very good musician.

He liked Floyds students.

Their arrogance and talent were unique to youths their age!

Su Qing looked at this teacher indifferently and stood up to shrug her shoulders, indicating that she agreed to this suggestion.

She looked up at Chen Han and said coldly, “Ive seen many stubborn people! However, there are very few people who are as stubborn as you who want to be slapped in the face by me.”

When Chen Han heard this, she only snorted coldly.

She still thought that Su Qing was just putting on a pretense.

“Whats the point of just a simple competition and performance If you want to play, play it big.” Su Qing walked out from beside Wu Mu and took two steps closer to Chen Han.

She continued casually, “Well each performing a song, and itll be judged by the teacher and all the students present! The loser will have to go to the schools broadcasting station and read an apology letter for a week!”

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“Well, let me make an analogy.

The content has to be something like this:Im an idiot! Im not as good as others, and Im so stupid.

I shouldnt have provoked anyone on my own accord! The daily content has to be handed over to the winning party for inspection before it can be read out! How about it Do you dare to play, Chen Han”

Su Qings arrogance was no longer her usual style.

Wu Mu and Yuan Yang looked at each other and knew that Chen Han had truly offended Su Qing.

Moreover, there was no room for recovery.

The little demon in Su Qings body had been stimulated!

Wu Mu grabbed Yuan Yangs arm excitedly and said, “Qingqing is so cool! I like her so much!”

Yuan Yang looked at Wu Mu helplessly.

After calming down, he said, “Whats wrong with Qingqing today I havent seen her so angry in a long time.

Did Chen Han deliberately send herself up for Su Qing to vent her anger”

Wu Mu felt that what Yuan Yang said made sense, so she nodded in agreement.

“It cant be helped.

Some people overestimate themselves!”

When Yuan Yang heard this, he raised his eyebrows and said softly, “I know that Qingqing plays the violin very well, but I rarely see her touch the piano.

Will Qingqing fail later Ah!”

Before Yuan Yang could finish speaking, Wu Mu knocked him on the head.

He cried out in pain and looked at Wu Mu in confusion.

“What are you doing”

“What am I doing I want to knock you awake, you fool!” Wu Mu retracted her hand and rolled her eyes at Yuan Yang speechlessly.

She raised her hand to signal for him to look at Su Qing.

“Who is she Shes Su Qing! Theres nothing in this world that she doesnt know!”

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