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636 Daoist Sus Request, Lord of the Six Domains

In Cui Hengs opinion, the states of these experts in the Upper Three Realms of the Dao Realm were a little unusual.

They seemed to be deliberately maintaining mental states similar to ordinary people.

This was very strange.

If only a few people maintained this state, it could be considered as a personal preference.

But everyone was like this now.

“Is it because after stepping into the Upper Three Realms of the Dao Realm, the strength of the soul cant match the control of the Great Dao laws Do they need to use this method to maintain their humanity”

Cui Heng looked at these people and pondered.

This situation was not unfamiliar to cultivators.

After stepping into the Soul Formation realm, he discovered that even ordinary Great Dao laws were corrosive to the soul.

If the strength of the soul was not enough and one often mobilized the power of the Great Dao laws or fused the power of the Great Dao laws to cultivate and increase their cultivation, there would be the danger of being “corroded by the Dao”.

In other words, the various thoughts and thinking patterns of a cultivator would be closer and closer to the Great Dao of Nature.

Human nature would become weaker and weaker, and in the end, they would be completely assimilated by the Great Dao laws.

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However, Soul Formation cultivators had an undying Essence Soul.

The corrosive power of the Great Dao laws was like a breeze to their Essence Soul, unable to cause any damage.

But that was not the case for martial artists.

After Cui Heng observed them, he quickly discovered that there was a huge problem with these experts from the Upper Three Realms of the Dao Realm.

Although the strength of their souls was already comparable to the Late-stage Soul Formation realm, the quality of their souls was greatly inferior to the Essence Soul of the Soul Formation realm.

Such soul quality could not resist the corrosion of the Great Dao laws at all.

It was fine in the short term, but as time passed, it was very easy for ones soul to gradually lose their humanity.

“Theres actually such a huge hidden danger in martial cultivation, but how can a soul of this level surpass the Ninth Dao Realm”

Cui Heng was very puzzled by this.

In his opinion, retaining ones human nature by maintaining a mental state similar to that of an ordinary person could only be considered a temporary measure.

In the end, they would still be corroded away by the Great Dao.

How could they break through to a higher realm in such a state It was already very difficult for them to maintain their current realm.

Just as Cui Heng was feeling puzzled, the people outside the palace suddenly became restless, as if something big was about to happen.

An incomparably bright golden light appeared in this chaotic void, forming a door of light that was much larger than ordinary golden doors.

Cui Heng also looked over and felt an extremely powerful aura inside.

It was much stronger than the Ninth Dao Realm.

This should be an expert who has surpassed the Ninth Dao Realm.

Li Jiu, the young woman, and the people beside them were also staring at the door of light, as if they were waiting for something.

Soon, the huge golden door of light slowly opened.

A figure in a Daoist robe walked out.

This was an old man with an ancient appearance and a sage-like aura.

Beside him were two fair-skinned Dao children.

Daoist Su!

His appearance stunned many experts present.

They were all very surprised.

No one expected that the first person to arrive at the banquet was this mysterious Daoist Su.

This also meant that he would be the one to decide the core topic of this banquet.

This was also the reason why everyone was paying attention to the huge golden door of light.

According to past practice, the first expert “above the Dao Realm” to come here through the huge golden door of light would decide the topic of the banquet.

The topic discussed in the banquet would have an extremely profound impact on many large worlds in the Star Seas.

It was closely related to everyones interests.

Naturally, they would be very concerned.

Daoist Su had not attended many Immortal Heavenly Dao Realm Dharma Banquets, let alone raised any topics.

No one could tell what kind of topic he would raise this time, or who it would be beneficial to or harmful to.

“Old Master, hes here.” Dao Child Qingxu tugged at Daoist Sus Dao robe and pointed at Cui Heng in the distance.

“That is Immortal Cui.”

“Alright.” Daoist Su nodded slightly and looked at Cui Heng.

Then, his gaze stopped, and his eyes revealed shock as he muttered, “How is this possible!”

Everyone present saw the actions of Dao Child Qingxu and Daoist Su.

Hence, they all looked at Cui Heng, but they were very puzzled.

This was an unfamiliar face.

It should be his first time attending the Immortal Heavenly Dao Realm Dharma Banquet.

He had probably just broken through to the Seventh Dao Realm.

Why did Daoist Su look shocked when he saw such a person

What was so special about him

Many people were puzzled.

Li Jiu, who had come to talk to Cui Heng earlier, also frowned.

He used a secret technique to send a voice transmission to the young woman beside him.

“Lanzhi, it seems that the new Fellow Daoist we just met is not ordinary.”

“Fellow Daoist” The young woman called Lanzhi also used a secret technique to send a voice transmission.

She chuckled and said, “He can shock Daoist Su.

Do you think youre qualified to call him a Fellow Daoist”

“Aiya, youre wrong.” Li Jiu still smiled and said, “Thats not up to you.

He personally called me Fellow Daoist just now.”

“Ah, right, right, right.

Its your Fellow Daoist.” Lanzhi agreed helplessly.

Then, she said seriously, “Then what realm do you think this Fellow Daoist of yours is at”

“Hmm, his cultivation realm…” Li Jiu pondered for a moment and said, “Perhaps its above the Ninth Dao Realm.

Its the realm where Daoist Su, Lord Changsheng, and Lord Tianzhu are at.

“I think so too.” Lanzhi nodded and looked in Cui Hengs direction.

She frowned slightly.

“But why did such an expert suddenly appear”


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