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Although she was stunned for a moment, Lin Yu quickly reacted.

She looked aggrieved.

“Sister, do you really have the heart to…”

Lin Yun didnt let Lin Yu speak again.

She raised her hand and said, “You know that Im injured now…”

“Do you think the rashes on your body are more important or are my wounds more serious”

Although Lin Yu was cursing Lin Yun in her heart, her face was full of heartache.

“Im sorry, Sister.

I didnt consider it thoroughly…”

Lin Yun shrugged nonchalantly.

“Its alright!”

“If theres nothing else, please leave! Im going to rest!” Lin Yun chased them out without any reservation.

Seeing Lin Yuns change in attitude, Wang Lan was noticeably unhappy.

She looked at Lin Yun and said with some heartache, “Xiao Yun, I know youre not happy right now…”

“But you shouldnt have treated your sister like that! Shes innocent!” Wang Lan said bitterly, as if Lin Yun had done something evil.

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Lin Yun smirked and shook her head.

“Shes innocent Does that mean I deserve it”

“You! How can you speak like that!” Wang Lan was instantly enraged.

Lin Yun ignored Wang Lans anger.

“If you think Im in the wrong, you can just chase me out of the Lin family! Im not the Lin familys daughter anyway!”

Wang Lan fell silent after hearing Lin Yuns words.

Her heaving chest showed that her anger was not extinguished, but she did not say anything else.

Lin Yu clenched her fists tightly.

“Sister, why did you make Mom angry”

“If youre unhappy, just come at me!”

Lin Yu was clearly pushing the blame onto Lin Yun.

Lin Yun had no respect for her elders and angered Wang Lan!

Lin Yun didnt love her younger sister and didnt know how to be modest!

Werent all these crimes that they had forced upon her in her previous life

Lin Yun wasnt angered by Lin Yu.

She just looked at her calmly and said, “Im not unhappy, but this is my room.

Please leave!”

“Whats the matter Why are you so noisy” Lin Chengs voice was heard from outside the room.

When Lin Yu heard this, she hurriedly walked over.

“Dad, its nothing.

Sister might not be too happy about my return, so…”

Lin Yu said with a sobbing tone.

Lin Cheng looked at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun looked at Lin Cheng with an attitude that was neither servile nor overbearing.

“Dad, if you think its inconvenient for me to be here now that your biological daughter is back…”

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“You can send me away!”

“I can return to my original home!”

When Lin Cheng heard this, he froze for a moment, then said, “What are you saying!”


“Your mother and I treat you as our own daughter.

Dont have any other thoughts!”

“Is that so” Lin Yun chuckled softly.

“I cant even own my own room, how can I be your biological daughter”

Hearing this, Lin Cheng turned to look at Wang Lan.

“Whats going on!”

Seeing Lin Chengs unhappy expression, Wang Lan knew that now was not the time to let Lin Yun leave, so she sighed and said, “Xiao Yu just wanted to change rooms with Xiao Yun, but who knew that Xiao Yun was unwilling, so they started arguing!”

“Change rooms” Lin Cheng pondered for a moment, then looked at Lin Yun.

“Are you unwilling”

Lin Yun said firmly, “Im unwilling!”

Lin Yuns straightforward answer surprised Lin Cheng.

Ever since she was young, Lin Yun had always been gentle and demure.

She had never spoken to her parents so forcefully.

Lin Cheng was only stunned for a moment before he looked at Lin Yu.

“Why do you want to change rooms with your sister”

Lin Yu gritted her teeth, but before she could reply, Wang Lan beat her to it.

“Xiao Yus health isnt good.

The room in the west is a little cold, so she wanted to switch places with Xiao Yun.”

“We didnt expect that Xiao Yun just doesnt want to give in to her younger sister!”

Lin Yu immediately looked at Lin Cheng with tears in her eyes.

She looked so pitiful.

Lin Yun ignored Wang Lan and her daughters performance and only looked at Lin Cheng.

“Dad, if you think I dont deserve this room, Ill leave now!”

As Lin Yun spoke, she pretended to push the wheelchair out.

Lin Cheng hurriedly stretched out his hand to stop him and said, “Dont! You stay! This will always be your room!”


“Xiao Yu, Dad will get the designer to think of a way to make your room as comfortable as possible!” Lin Cheng promised Lin Yu and reached out to pat her shoulder to comfort her.


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