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“Lin” A gentle female voice sounded from behind Lin Yun.

Lin Yun stood up and looked at the person, who had a confident smile on her face.

“Hello, Rolin.

Nice to meet you.

Im Lin.” Lin Yun smiled and extended her hand to Ji Rou.

Ji Rou gently held Lin Yuns hand and said, “I didnt expect Lin Yun to be the eldest daughter of the Lin family.”

Lin Yun shook her head and gestured for Ji Rou to sit down.

“I dont think Im the eldest daughter of the Lin family anymore.”

“The eldest daughter of the Lin family is someone else,” Lin Yun said meaningfully.

Ji Rou thought of Lin Yus appearance and frowned, but she still nodded.

Lin Yun asked curiously, “But do you know me”

Ji Rou smiled and said, “The eldest daughter of the Lin family has been a musical genius since she was young.

Which child of an aristocratic family hasnt been overshadowed by you”

Hearing Ji Rous words, Lin Yun smiled shyly.

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Ji Rou was a few years older than Lin Yun.

If one were to say that Lin Yun was Ji Rous childhood trauma, it would be better to say that Lin Cheng had packaged Lin Yun too dazzlingly.

Although Lin Yun was very talented in music, without Lin Chengs deliberate publicity, she would not have caused such a huge wave in the big clans.

After all, every family had their own outstanding juniors.

Ji Rou saw Lin Yuns shy smile and thought of Lin Yus fake smile.

She shook her head before she spoke.

“Are you willing to work with our orchestra”

Lin Yun nodded and said, “Im very interested in your orchestras style.

Although its not very respectful to the original author to privately adapt the piece, I was itching to do it…”

Ji Rous smile deepened.

“No! You adapted it very well! Otherwise, I wouldnt be sitting here!”

Lin Yun smiled again.

“Thank you for your affirmation!”

“Then… Do we have a chance to cooperate” Lin Yun asked again.

Ji Rou nodded and said, “Our band has been rehearsing a few programs recently and needs new ideas.

Its best if you can work with us!”

Lin Yun extended her hand again.

“Then… happy to collaborate!”

Ji Rou also reached out to hold it.

“It will definitely be very pleasant!”

The two of them chatted for a while longer.

Lin Yun raised her wrist to look at the time.

“Im sorry, I still have something on later.

I have to leave first.”

“Are you going back to the banquet” Ji Rou guessed.

Lin Yun had already stood up, but she paused.

She gave her an amused smile.

“Is it… appropriate for me to go”

Ji Rou was stunned for a moment before nodding in understanding.

“Then go ahead! I happen to have something to attend to.”

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After the two of them separated, Lin Yun called a car and headed to the airport.

The Lin family was especially busy today.

As such, it impossible for the Lin familys car to be assigned to Lin Yun.

Lin Yun arrived at the airport and waited for less than half an hour.

She saw a foreigner with golden hair and a backpack running over from the entrance.

Kent recognized Lin Yun immediately and rushed over to hug her.

However, Lin Yun took two steps back and rejected Kents enthusiasm.

Although Kent was a little disappointed, he smiled broadly.

“Lin, finally!”

Lin Yun smiled back at Kent.

“Its been hard on you! The professor has already arranged a place for you to stay.

Come with me!”

Kent shook his backpack before striding out with Lin Yun.

Lin Yun was nearly 1.7 meters tall, but she stood beside Kent like a weak child.

With his nearly two-meter height and muscular body, Kent looked like the Hulk inside the Hulk.

Lin Yun found it hard to imagine that the funny boy who liked to send naughty emojis for no reason actually looked like this!

The two of them walked out of the airport and waited for the car that would pick them up.

“Is that… Miss Lin” Ning Kun looked at the familiar face in front of him and asked curiously.

When Lu Chen heard this, he looked in the direction Ning Kun pointed.

Sure enough, Lin Yun was standing by the roadside chatting happily with a tall and strong foreign man.

Lu Chens expression became a little gloomy.

Lin Yun did not feel Lu Chens scrutinizing gaze.

She only felt that Kent was too enthusiastic, causing her to be unable to adapt.

Her heart was filled with hope that the car arranged by the professor would arrive as soon as possible.

Fortunately, the car soon appeared in front of them.

Lin Yun pulled Kent into the car.


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