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“Follow!” Lu Chen ordered coldly.

The driver didnt hesitate.

He stepped on the accelerator and the car flew away.

Ning Kun sighed but did not dare to say anything.

He could only say in his heart, “Mr.

Fu, its not that I dont want to help you, but your charm isnt as great as Miss Lins!”

At the banquet that night, Lin Cheng had a proud smile on his face.

Lin Yu followed closely beside Lin Cheng, looking obedient.

Many people came to extend their congratulations, firstly, to Lin Cheng for finding his beloved daughter and secondly to Lin Yu for successfully passing the preliminary round.

After Lin Cheng introduced Lin Yu to many elders, he also brought her to meet some young masters.

After all, they had to rely on their marriage to allow their businesses to prosper in the future.

It was better to build a good relationship foundation in advance.

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Wang Lan and the other ladies were drinking while chatting about their children.

“Madam Lin, has Miss Lin Yus marriage been decided” Madam Qin asked curiously.

Madam Jiang said happily, “Isnt there a ready-made Young Master Zheng”

Everyone was stunned when they heard this.

Wang Lan lowered her eyes and did not speak.


Qin quickly teased, “Isnt there only one young master in the Zheng family Isnt he with…”

Before Madam Qin could finish, Madam Jiang said, “Although Zheng Yu and Lin Yun are informally engaged, Lin Yun is not the real daughter of the Lin family!”

“Now that Lin Yu is back, the marriage …”

Halfway through her sentence, Madam Jiang glanced at Wang Lan.

Wang Lan did not say anything.

Instead, she took a sip of wine and looked at everyone with a smile.

Madam Jiang immediately understood what Wang Lan meant and continued, “This marriage was decided by the Lin family and the Zheng family.

Naturally, the engagement will be fulfilled with the real daughter.

Otherwise, the Zheng family will suffer a loss!”

When Madam Jiang said that, the surrounding ladies also felt that it was true.

However, how should Lin Yun handle this relationship

Lin Cheng brought Lin Yu to Zheng Song, the CEO of the Zheng Corporation.

“Old Zheng, come, introduce my daughter, Lin Yu!” Lin Cheng said as he gently pushed Lin Yus arm.

Lin Yu smiled shyly and bowed to Zheng Song.

“Hello, Uncle Zheng!”

Zheng Song smiled and nodded.

“Your daughter is very good!”

Lin Yu lowered her head slightly, still looking shy.

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Lin Cheng looked around Zheng Song and asked, “Wheres Zheng Yu Why dont I see him coming over”

Zheng Song waved his hand and said impatiently, “He said that he was going to do an experiment with his friends, so he wont be coming over today!”

Lin Cheng sighed regretfully.

“I wanted him to meet Xiaoyu.

I can only do it next time!”

Zheng Song naturally understood what Lin Cheng meant.

He waved his hand again and said, “Next time! Next time!”

Lin Cheng gestured with his chin at Lin Yu and said, “I have something to tell your Uncle Zheng.

Go walk around by yourself first.”

Lin Yu nodded and bowed to the two of them before walking in another direction.

Because of her previous injuries, Ling Na was still “in the hospital” to recuperate.

Li Ting, Mimi, and Lin Yus best friends attended the banquet all dressed up.

“Xiaoyu, congratulations!” Mimi walked towards Lin Yu with a glass of wine.

“I heard that your song made all the judges give the highest score!”

“Youre too amazing!”

Li Ting also raised her glass to Lin Yu and said, “Todays banquet was great! Many young ladies from influential families are envious!”

“Thats right! The Lin familys strength is not something an ordinary family can compare to!” Ni Tang sighed.

Lin Yu glanced at the three of them before asking with a faint smile, “Has Ling Na not recovered yet”

Mimì pursed his lips and said, “Shes in the hospital cultivating in seclusion.”

“Uncle Ling doesnt let her come into contact with anyone.

We cant even go into the ward to take a look!”

“When will she recover from this injury…” Lin Yu sighed helplessly.

On the other hand, Ni Tang chuckled.

“This is actually quite good! Without her around, we can still be more carefree!”

Li Ting hurriedly slapped Ni Tangs hand and looked around before cursing in a low voice, “Are you an idiot!”

“Arent you afraid that Ling Nas other lackeys will find out that youve spoken ill of her!”

Li Tings words immediately frightened Ni Tang, who looked around.

Fortunately, no one else was paying attention to them.

Ni Tang heaved a sigh of relief before saying, “Stop scaring me! Ling Na doesnt have time to care about us now!”

Only then did Li Ting burst out laughing.

“Thats right! She cant even protect herself now!”


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