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Lin Yu was shocked.

Her hand was still raised.

Lin Yun glanced at Lin Yus hand and asked, “Why are you standing at the door of my room at night”

Lin Yu was only stunned for a moment before she returned to her usual arrogant self.

“I was worried that you havent eaten all night, so I came to take a look.”

“If you need it, Ill get the kitchen to send some food left over from tonights banquet over.”

Hearing Lin Yus tone, Lin Yun only smiled faintly.

“Did Hao Dongs chef make todays banquet again”

Lin Yuns words immediately made Lin Yus expression turn ugly.

As if not noticing Lin Yus reaction, Lin Yun continued, “Dad likes to invite Haodongs chef over to cook dinner every time.

Im really tired of eating his food!”

“You…” Lin Yu gritted her teeth.

The things that Lin Yun was tired of eating were things that Lin Yu was eager to show off!


Lin Yun looked at Lin Yu in surprise.

“Whats wrong with you Are you dissatisfied with todays banquet Why do you look so pale”

Lin Yu clenched her fists tightly.

She couldnt be bothered to put on an act in front of Lin Yun anymore.

“Lin Yun! Your arrogant look really disgusts me!”

“Dont you know that today is the day Mom and Dad officially announce my debut to the outside world”

“Im the real daughter of the Lin family, and you…”

Lin Yu snorted disdainfully.

“…are just a dog that refuses to leave the Lin family!”

Lin Yun tilted her head slightly and glanced at Lin Yu.

Then, she smiled gently and did not speak.

She took two steps forward to the door.

Lin Yu subconsciously took two steps back.

Lin Yun held the door handle with one hand and said without turning her head, “Did I insist on staying in the Lin family or does the Lin family need me You can ask your parents yourself.”

“As for you, if you dont have the confidence to show off, I think its fine!”

Without waiting for Lin Yu to react, Lin Yun opened the door and walked into the room.

Lin Yu didnt react for a moment.

When she came back to her senses, she was facing a closed door.

“Lin Yun! Just you wait!” Lin Yu secretly clenched her fists and gritted her teeth.

Lin Yun stood by the door and heard the urgent footsteps outside.

Her lips curled into a cold smile.

How could she have been deceived so badly by Lin Yu back then

Now it seemed that she was just a fool who couldnt even control her emotions.

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Lin Yun sat on the sofa and took the laptop.

She placed it on her lap and started typing a string of codes on the keyboard.

Soon, the Public Security Bureaus public network system platform appeared on Lin Yuns computer screen.

After selecting the exact location, time, and surveillance camera angle, she quickly saw the clear license plate number on the surveillance cameras along the way.

However, when Lin Yun confirmed it again, she realized that it was a car with a fake license plate!

The car disappeared after driving to an area without surveillance cameras!

“As expected!” Lin Yun snorted and typed a series of codes on the keyboard.

Lin Yun took out the tracking software that she had made because she was playful and analyzed the cars trajectory.

Soon, a car of the same model, different color and license plate appeared on the computer screen.

“Its you!” Lin Yun stared at the car that flashed across the screen and hit the enter button again.

The trajectory of the car appeared on the screen, and the final location—the underground garage of the Ling Corporation building.

Lin Yuns lips curled up slightly.

“Ling Na…”

“Lin Yun, I asked my father to send someone to investigate what happened last night.” The next morning, Feng Hao called.

“Someone actually tried to committed murder in broad daylight.

How lawless!” Feng Hao said angrily.

Lin Yun thanked him, but she did not immediately provide Feng Hao with the information she had found.

After all, Lin Yuns information could not be shared casually.

“Do you have time to come to the city bureau today Lets explain the situation to them together.” Feng Hao asked anxiously.

Lin Yun did not refuse and replied with a faint smile, “Alright! Sorry to trouble you!”

“Youre welcome! I cant stand such behavior the most! We must catch them!” Feng Haos tone was firm, and he sounded especially righteous.

Lin Yun hung up the phone and placed the information she had gathered on the public resource platform.

Lin Yun was about to leave when she heard Wang Lans voice behind her.

“Xiao Yun, come back for dinner tonight.

Dad and Mom have something to tell you.”

Lin Yun nodded and quickly walked out.


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