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Wang Lan snorted as she watched Lin Yun leave.

Lin Yun stopped in her tracks when she reached the door.

If she remembered correctly, Zheng Yu was about to graduate.

In other words, the engagement between the Lin family and the Zheng family had to be put on the agenda.

After a night of promoting, and with the help of some people, the new Masked Kings preliminary competition instantly became popular on the Internet.

Many netizens began to choose sides, especially Lin Yu, who had the most outstanding performance in the preliminary round.

Many people had already regarded her as a superstar idol.

She was like a dazzling superstar.

In just two to three days, Lin Yus name was widely publicized by the major media with labels like “Singing and Dancing Best” and “Creative Singer”.

Of course, this was due to Lin Chengs interventions.

As for the production team, they were naturally optimistic.


After all, it was a good thing for the production team that they could get so much attention without paying any publicity fees.

As for Lin Yu, she became even more smug after learning that she had become a “big star” overnight.

Ji Rou contacted Lin Yu to arrange for class time, but she rejected her because she wanted to accept an interview.

Ji Rou hung up.

Although she was unhappy, she shrugged noncommittally.

She had done her duty, so Big Brother could not say anything about her!

Just as she hung up, Ji Rous other phone rang.

Ji Rous eyes lit up when she saw the caller ID.

“Lin, how is it Is there any good news”

Hearing Ji Rous anxious question, Lin Yun couldnt help but smile.

She held the score in her hand and smiled.

“I didnt disappoint you!”

Ji Rou exhaled heavily and said, “I knew you could do it!”

“Im really not good at modern pop music… Im depending on you!” Ji Rou said sincerely.

Lin Yun shook her head and smiled.

“Im honored to be able to serve your band!”

When Ji Rou heard this, she leaned back in her chair and slowly sighed.

“If I knew that it was so difficult to enter the Chinese market, I really could have waited a few more years!”

“But fortunately, I met you…”

When Lin Yun heard Ji Rous words, she knew that she was sincere and did not refuse.

Lin Yun had studied the style of Ji Rous band.

It was indeed very different from the current popular music in the country.

However, Lin Yun originally had no intention of stepping into this circle of suffering, but now…

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After sending the completed song to Ji Rou, Lin Yun put the score into the bookcase again.

Two days ago, she went to the police station with Feng Hao and made a statement about the attack that night.

Perhaps because of Feng Hao, Lin Yuns case was handled exceptionally quickly.

In particular, after the police obtained the whereabouts of the suspicious car that appeared at the scene that night, the speed of the investigation team increased rapidly.However, they had only found the location of the car.

The police had no idea where this person was.

The police called Feng Hao and Lin Yun to the police station again and asked them to identify if the people who attacked them were the people who appeared at the Ling Corporation building.

Lin Yun looked at the blurry picture that turned a face into a mosaic and shook her head helplessly.

What was the difference between this method of identification and having her identify him indiscriminately…

Feng Hao stood at the side and looked at the image carefully, indicating that he could not confirm it.

It was not easy to identify a suspect!

However, since he had appeared in the Ling Corporation building, there was basically no escape.

As for why the police could not obtain a clear image, Lin Yun was a little surprised.

It seemed like she had to help the police!

After leaving the police station with Feng Hao, the two of them headed to the Foreign Affairs Hotel.

Kent had been staying here for two days.

On the night he arrived, Lin Yun was almost attacked.

As a result, Kent was full of self-reproach.

However, he was a foreigner and was unfamiliar with the place.

It was indeed useless for him to help.

He could only worry in the hotel.

Lin Yun and Feng Hao appeared at the entrance of the hotel and bumped into Jin Ying rushing over.

“Something happened! Something happened!” Jin Ying placed her hands on her knees and panted.

Feng Hao looked at Jin Ying and immediately became nervous.

“Whats wrong What happened”

“Hey! That popular singer, Lin Yu, is coming to our school!” Jin Ying finally caught her breath and said anxiously.

Feng Hao rolled his eyes.

“I thought it was something big.”

Lin Yun narrowed her eyes and didnt say anything…


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