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Jin Ying stood up straight and rolled her eyes at Feng Hao.

“A straight man is a straight man.

He doesnt have any sensitive cells in the entertainment industry!”

After Jin Ying finished speaking, she walked to Lin Yuns side and held her arm.

“Lin Yu seems to have an impressive background.

She said shes the daughter of the Lin family!”

Feng Hao grabbed the back of Jin Yings neck and pulled her back.

Jin Ying exclaimed and glared back at Feng Hao.

She asked angrily, “What are you doing!”

Feng Hao let go and glanced at Lin Yun without saying anything.

Jin Ying did not react for a moment and subconsciously looked at Lin Yun.

Suddenly, she sighed and said, “Your surname is also Lin.

Could it be that you two are relatives”

To Jin Ying, the daughter of an upstart, she had no concept of the big clans.

Jin Ying had never cared about which family Lin Yun was from.

She only cared about the handsome men around her and the gossip in the entertainment industry.


Today, she suddenly realized that Lin Yu and Lin Yun might be relatives.

Jin Ying felt like she had grabbed onto a “hot topic” in the entertainment industry.

Lin Yun shook her head and smiled at Jin Ying.

“Were not relatives.”

Jin Ying replied with an “Oh” and was a little disappointed.

The two of them continued walking forward before Lin Yun said unhurriedly, “Shes the Lin familys biological daughter, and I am…¦”

“…an adopted daughter!”

After Lin Yun finished speaking, she did not stop and walked straight into the hotel.

Jin Ying maintained her grip on Lin Yuns arm and stood behind her in a daze, looking at Lin Yun, who seemed unharmed.

Feng Hao walked to Jin Yings side and sighed.

He patted Jin Yings shoulder.

“Lets go!”

Only then did Jin Ying lower her head and silently jog after Lin Yun.

She held Lin Yuns arm tightly again, as if she wanted to comfort Lin Yun with this silent action.

Jin Ying recalled the matter of the real and fake daughter that caused a commotion in Sea City a few days ago.

Unexpectedly, one of the people involved was her classmates¦

Jin Ying felt very sorry, but she did not know how to speak.

She could only choose to accompany her silently.

Lin Yun sensed Jin Yings thoughts and gently patted her hand.

She looked at her and shook her head, indicating that she didnt care.

The three of them went to the door of Kents room.

There was a loud argument coming from Kents room.

“Ive told you many times! I wont go back!”

“I wont go back until things are settled!”

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“I dont care who comes! I wont leave no matter who comes! Dream on!”

The sound of thunder came from the room again.

The three people outside looked at each other.

Only when the commotion in the room subsided did Feng Hao take a step forward and knock lightly on the door.

“Kent, its Feng Hao.”

The door opened and Kent came out with his hair in a mess.

“Sorry, the room is a little messy.

Lets talk outside.”

Feng Hao nodded and glanced at Lin Yun and Jin Ying.

The two of them naturally had no objections.

They did not intend to pry into Kents unwilling side.

Kent put on a tired smile and said, “Thank you!”

The four of them studied for a while and decided to find a quiet place to talk about the new project.

After all, the environment there was the best and the facilities were the most complete.

When the four of them returned to Lian, they realized that the entrance was still blocked by a group of people holding banners.

Jin Ying pursed her lips and said, “Lets take a detour.”

Ever since she found out about Lin Yun and Lin Yus relationship, Jin Ying suddenly felt that Lin Yu was not a star anymore.

The four of them walked around the crowd and entered the school through the side door of Lian.

As the side door was relatively far from the research institute, the four of them hurried through the schools long corridor.

Just as they walked near the research institute, they heard cheers and screams in the distance.

Lin Yun walked straight into the research institute as if she didnt hear anything.

Jin Ying glanced at the group of people gathered in the distance and snorted before following them in.

The two boys looked at each other and followed closely behind.

Lin Yu deliberately chose Lian as the location for her interview with the television media.

Firstly, she wanted to tell the outside world that she was a member of Lian University and a talented woman with a background.

Secondly, she hoped to find an opportunity to humiliate Lin Yun!

Unfortunately, she waited for a long time without seeing Lin Yun.

“Miss Lin Yu, I heard that your competition song, “Ask”, is your original song” The reporter asked.

He looked at Lin Yu, who was wearing slight makeup, with a smile.

Lin Yu lowered her head slightly and revealed a shy smile.

“It was a coincidence.

Im very happy to be liked by everyone.”


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