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With Lin Chengs words, no matter how unhappy Lin Yu was, she couldnt vent it out.

She gritted her teeth and nodded obediently.

“Okay! Ill listen to Dad and Mom!”

Her obedient appearance was worlds apart from Lin Yuns current attitude.

Lin Cheng then looked at Lin Yun and sighed slightly before saying, “Since this matter has been resolved, Little Yun should rest first!”

“Lets go!” While speaking, Lin Cheng turned and walked out.

Although Wang Lan and Lin Yu were a little unwilling, they could only follow Lin Cheng out of the room.

Seeing Lin Cheng and the others leave, Aunt Xu looked at Lin Yuns tired face, sighed, and said, “Miss, Ill go prepare some milk for you.

Drink it and go to bed early.”

Before Lin Yun could react, Aunt Xu walked out.

The door closed softly, leaving Lin Yun alone in her room.

Lin Yun wheeled herself to the dressing table beside the bed.

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She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled deeply.

Everything was happening again!

She would never let those people hurt her again!

She would let them have a taste of being hurt!

Lin Yun took a deep breath.

Before Aunt Xu entered the room again, she was already lying on the bed, deep asleep.

She was too tired!

Not only was she exhausted from her injuries, she was also exhausted from her previous lifetime…

That night, Lin Yun slept soundly and peacefully.

She had no idea how long it had been since she had slept so soundly!

She slept on the familiar bed as if Lin Yu had never appeared!

In the morning, Lin Yun opened her eyes and looked at the familiar room.

Her lips curled up slightly.

No matter what, she would not back down!

She wanted to take back everything that belonged to her!


Because Lin Yun was injured, she found a reason not to eat with Lin Cheng and the others.

It was supposed to be a fake relationship, so why force herself to accept it!

What she needed to do now was to find her biological parents and leave the Lin family as soon as possible!

Lin Yun turned on her phone and was about to search for news about her biological parents when a message suddenly popped up and locked her gaze.

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“Sudden accident! The leader of the Lu family met with a major car accident, his condition unknown!”

The headlines attracted Lin Yuns attention.

The leader of the Lu family

Lu Chen!

Lin Yun immediately opened the message.

Indeed, it was news of a series of car accidents on the Hygin Expressway.

There were several photos of the car accident on the news.

It could be seen that the situation at the scene was extremely tragic!

Lin Yun nervously flipped through the news, wanting to see if there were any details about Lu Chen.

After flipping through the entire news article, other than mentioning Lu Chen in the headlines, it only mentioned that the Lu family car was seriously damaged and the injured person had been sent for emergency treatment.

Lin Yun remembered that in her previous life, it was around this time that Lu Chen got into a car accident that caused his legs to be disabled.

Originally, he was the son of Hai Chengs wealthiest family.

He was a hacker genius that everyone sought after.

But he had become a moody cripple.

In her previous life, ever since Lu Chen got into a car accident, he rarely appeared in public.

Those heiresses who had once clamored to marry Lu Chen kept their mouths shut and never mentioned this matter again.

Lin Yun had interacted with Lu Chen because Lin Cheng had sold Lin Yun to the Lu family to take care of Lu Chen.


At that time, Lin Yun only wanted to listen to Lin Chengs instructions and repay the Lin family for raising her.

Unexpectedly, at the last moment, the one who rushed out to save her life was actually Lu Chen!


Lin Yun seemed to have thought of something, but her thoughts were disturbed by a sudden call.

“Hello Who is this” Lin Yun picked up the phone without looking.

“Sister, youre up” Lin Yus voice came from the phone.


Lin Yun frowned and glanced at the phone.

“Whats the matter”

“I want to go shopping today.

I wonder if my sister is free…”


Before Lin Yu could finish her sentence, Lin Yun retorted, “Im not free.”

Before Lin Yu could react, Lin Yun had already hung up.

No matter what, she had to go to the hospital first.

At least, she had to know how Lu Chen was doing!

Lin Yun opened the door and saw Aunt Xu walking in with breakfast.

“Aunt Xu, accompany me to the hospital,” Lin Yun said.

She had already changed her clothes and was moving out in her wheelchair.

Aunt Xu hurriedly put down the breakfast in her hands.

Seeing Lin Yun rush out, she asked, “Youre in such a hurry to leave, arent you going to eat breakfast”

“Im not hungry!” Lin Yun didnt stop and continued moving.

Aunt Xu sighed and ran over to push Lin Yuns wheelchair.


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