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Lin Yun returned to her room and opened the safe.

There were a few document bags inside.

She took out one of them.

There was a small USB flash drive inside.

Everything Lin Cheng wanted was stored here.

The last time Lin Yun said that she had a way to deal with the Ling family, Lin Cheng had asked her to use the information she had to “create” some new information.

This way, it would be easy for them to take down the Ling Corporation.

If someone really found out that there was something wrong with the information, they could just blame it on Lin Yun.

It had nothing to do with Lin Cheng or even the Lin Corporation.

However, Lin Yun was naturally not someone who would let it go.

This information was real.

However, she wouldnt hand it over to Lin Cheng so easily…

At the very least, she had to use it to get something she wanted!

… .


In terms of efficiency, Feng Hao was the first person that came to mind.

The next morning, just as Lin Yun was about to bring the documents to the Lin Corporation to look for Lin Cheng, Feng Hao called.

“Lin Yun, theres news! Lets go to the hospital now…” Feng Hao sounded a little excited.

“Hospital” Lin Yun repeated in confusion.

“Those people were arrested early this morning.

They also revealed that the person who instigated them was the daughter of the Ling Corporation—Ling Na!”

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As Feng Hao spoke, he could feel his excitement, as if he had solved a big case.

Lin Yun hesitated for a moment before asking, “Can I go with you”

“Well…” Feng Hao hesitated.” Wait a minute.

Lin Yun heard Feng Haos voice.

After a while, Feng Haos voice sounded again.

“See you at the hospital in half an hour!”

Lin Yun thanked him softly and walked out with her things.

Lin Yu was in the living room reading the interview report with Wang Lan.

“This television station is so efficient.

Its only been one night and its already broadcasting!” Wang Lan looked at Lin Yu on the screen and was filled with joy.

Lin Yu stared at herself on the screen and frowned.

She had already asked the makeup artist to do her makeup as naturally as possible.

Why was her makeup still so heavy

Besides, why did she look so fat

Lin Yun passed by the living room and greeted Wang Lan before leaving.

Wang Lan glanced at her and ignored her.

Lin Yu stood up and called out to Lin Yun, “Sister, where are you going Arent you coming to watch television with us”

Lin Yun glanced at the program on TV and replied calmly, “Not interested!”

Lin Yu froze for a moment and was immediately furious.

She was about to rush out when Wang Lan stopped her.

“Dont be so angry!”

“Let Auntie Ning record these programs later so that she can show them when your friends come!”

“Oh right! Ask your friends if theyve seen this show!”

Wang Lan instructed excitedly, but Lin Yu gritted her teeth as she watched Lin Yun leave.

When Lin Yun arrived at the hospital, she saw Feng Hao waiting at the door.

“Theyve already gone up.

Lets go!” Feng Hao said as he pulled Lin Yun towards the elevator.

When Lin Yun and Feng Hao arrived at the door of Ling Nas ward, they heard a sharp cry from inside.

“What are you doing!”

“Go away! Go away! Dont touch me with your dirty hands!”

The police officers cold voice sounded.

“Miss Ling, please cooperate with the summons!”

“Why should I cooperate with you!” Ling Na still looked arrogant.

“Who are you! Why should I cooperate with you!”

“Im the daughter of the Ling Corporation! Dont you have eyes! This is the hospitals VIP ward!”

“Im a patient! Im in the hospital!If you harass me, Ill sue you!”

Ling Nas voice was getting more and more shrill.

It almost pierced the eardrums outside the door.

Feng Hao pointed at the ward.

Lin Yun nodded resolutely.

They walked into the ward.

Ling Na saw Lin Yun at a glance and immediately screamed like a lunatic, “Lin Yun! I knew it was you!”

“Its you! You caused me to be locked up in this lousy place for so long!”

“Its all your fault!”

“You even got these people to harass me!”

Ling Na pointed at the police officer in front of her.

“You hired these people, right”

“What exactly are you going to do”

“Havent you harmed me enough”

Lin Yun couldnt help but laugh when she heard Ling Nas accusations.

“Did I harm you”

“Didnt you send those people to hurt me”

Ling Na frowned and questioned coldly, “When did I send someone to hurt you”


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