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Seeing that Ling Na refused to admit it, Lin Yun stood in front of Ling Na.

“Who sent people to surround me at the entrance of the hospital”

“Those people were carrying clubs.

If not for someone helping me, I would have died!”

“Arent you just fine” Ling Na snorted, clearly unhappy that she didnt hurt Lin Yun.

“Yes! You were very unhappy that I wasnt injured last time!” Lin Yun complained again.

“So you got someone to push me into the driveway near the station to create the illusion of a car accident!” Lin Yun narrowed her eyes, and the hatred in them could be seen.

Ling Na immediately knocked her hands on the bed.

“Yes! Then why arent you dead!”

“Those people are incompetent! They havent killed you yet!”

“You should have died long ago!”

“Then you admit that you arranged all these” Lin Yun asked.

She seemed to have calmed down a lot.

Ling Na was stunned for a moment before she growled again.

“So what if I arranged it Did something happen to you”

“Youre unharmed.

What right do you have to say that I hurt you”


When Lin Yun heard this, she sneered.

“Dont you know that instigating others to kill and attempted murder are both crimes”

Ling Na became even angrier when she heard this.

“So what if I instigated others! Arent you fine! Youre not dead! Im not guilty!”


“Its not up to you to decide whether youre guilty or not!” Feng Hao stood up.

“Officer, she has already admitted to instigating others to kill! Please arrest her!” Feng Hao looked at Ling Na coldly and said sternly.

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A few police officers immediately went forward and pressed the struggling Ling Na onto the bed.

Ling Na shouted angrily, “Let go of me! You stinking policemen! Dont touch me!”

“Im the daughter of the Ling family! Im not guilty!”

“You cant arrest me! Let go of me!”

“I want my father!”

Ling Na screamed louder and louder.

As she was escorted out by the police, she kept kicking.

Lin Yun stood at the side and frowned when she saw Ling Na go crazy.

Even when they arrived at the elevator, Ling Na still screamed and wailed, asking the police to get her father, Ling Ao, here.

Lin Yun walked to Ling Nas side and said calmly, “Your father cant come!”

Ling Na was stunned for a moment before turning to glare at Lin Yun.

“What did you say”

“Your father is suspected of manipulating the stock market and has been taken away by the police for questioning!” Lin Yun said calmly.

Ling Na was even more stunned and stopped struggling.

After a long while, she seemed to react and screamed, “No! Impossible! You lied to me! You must have lied to me!”

“I want to find my father! I want to see him! Get him to save me!” Ling Nas scream spread throughout the hospital corridor, instantly attracting many peoples attention.


The police evacuated the crowd, giving Lin Yun and Feng Hao a chance to leave through the staff passageway.

… .

“CEO Lu, something happened at the hospital,” Ning Kun reported to Lu Chen with a serious expression.

Lu Chen lowered his eyes and looked at the tablet Ning Kun handed over.

On it was a video of the police arriving at the hospital to arrest Ling Na.

In the video, Ling Na screamed like she had gone crazy.

Accompanied by her cursing at Lin Yun, many people present sighed that this young ladys self-restraint had disappeared.

Lu Chen frowned when he heard Ling Nas curses.

His gaze searched through the video and finally found Lin Yun in an inconspicuous corner beside the police officer.

Lin Yun was indeed there! And she had a man with her

It was one of the men who was seen at the Foreign Affairs Hotel.

Lu Chen frowned even more and pushed the tablet to Ning Kun.

“Find out who this person is.”

Ning Kun glanced at that person and quickly reported the information he had.

“Ive already checked on this boy who appeared at the Foreign Affairs Hotel that night.”

“Hes a researcher from the same project team as Miss Lin.

His name is Feng Hao.”

“His father is the director of Sea Citys Public Security Bureau.

His mother is an official of the citys Ministry of Justice and a visiting professor at Lian University.”

Ning Kun showed a document on the tablet and handed it to Lu Chen.

Lu Chen looked at Feng Haos photo on the tablet for a long time before saying, “Go and check if theres anything Miss Lin needs help with.”

“Ah… well…” Ning Kun hesitated, but he didnt know what to say.

“If you have something to say, say it.

Dont hesitate!” Lu Chen glared at Ning Kun unhappily.

“I heard that at the Lin familys banquet last time, the Lin family and the Zheng family were preparing to finalize the marriage between the two families.”

“I wonder which Miss Lin will get engaged to Young Master Zheng”


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