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Lin Yun and Aunt Xu returned to the room.

There was nothing unusual in the room.

Aunt Xu walked to the cabinet where Lin Yun placed the score.

“I clearly closed this cabinet tightly this morning, but now…”

Lin Yun followed Aunt Xus instructions and saw that there was indeed an extremely small gap in the cabinet door.

Perhaps the person came and went in a hurry and did not notice that the cabinet was not closed tightly.

Lin Yun flipped through her score.

There was nothing missing.

Aunt Xu was a little surprised.

“Didnt you lose anything Then why did that person come in”

Lin Yun sneered.

“Just because nothing was lost doesnt mean that something wasnt stolen.”

Lin Yun flipped through the score again and confirmed that the other party had indeed touched her score, and it was the latest song she had composed.

Aunt Xu looked at Lin Yun in confusion.

“What can this person do with these songs”

Aunt Xu naturally didnt understand what use a self-created song could have.

However, that thief seemed to know a lot!


Lin Yun put away the score and said to Aunt Xu, “Dont spread this matter.”

“Okay! I understand!” Aunt Xu didnt hesitate and did as Lin Yun requested.

“Aunt Xu, I still need your help with something,” Lin Yun said with a serious expression.

Aunt Xu immediately felt a little nervous.

“Miss, please tell me.

Ill definitely do as you say.”

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Lin Yun explained her plan to Aunt Xu.

Aunt Xu waved her hand in shock.

“No, no! Its too dangerous!”

Lin Yun had already guessed Aunt Xus rejection, but only then could she avoid the even more terrifying danger in the future.

Lin Yun grabbed Aunt Xus hand and said solemnly, “Aunt Xu, Im doing this to prevent future trouble.”

“Ive already discussed it with Dr.


If anything happens, contact Dr.

Cheng immediately.

He will have a way!”

“But…” Aunt Xu was still hesitant and didnt dare to agree to Lin Yuns request immediately.

Lin Yun held Aunt Xus hand tightly.

“Aunt Xu, believe me.

If I dont do this, something even more terrifying might happen in the future!”

“So, I have to strike first!” Lin Yun said as she stared intently at Aunt Xu.

Aunt Xu looked at Lin Yun before sighing heavily.

“Alright! I promise you!”

“But, Miss, you have to be careful!” Aunt Xu reminded her again.

Lin Yun revealed a faint smile and looked at Aunt Xu with an especially gentle gaze.

“I know!”

“Aunt Xu, I want to eat lotus seed soup.

Can you help me make it”

When Aunt Xu heard this, she sighed and said, “Alright! Ill be back soon!”

Lin Yun waited quietly in the room, waiting for the moment the plan was implemented.

She could not sit back and do nothing.

She had to see who was plotting against her.

Although she already had a target in her heart, she still didnt dare to say it without catching the person in the act.

At night, Aunt Xu walked into Lin Yuns room with lotus seed soup.

“Thank you, Aunt Xu!” Lin Yun smiled.

Her innocent appearance looked like the Lin Yun of the past.

Aunt Xu looked at Lin Yun with heartache and didnt say anything for a long time.

Lin Yun scooped up a mouthful of lotus seed soup and couldnt help but frown.

“Aunt Xu, why is this lotus seed soup a little bitter”

Aunt Xu leaned forward to take a look before saying, “Maybe the lotus seeds we bought this time are too bitter!”

“You have been taking medicine recently.

The doctor said to consume less sugar, so I deliberately added less sugar.”

“Why dont I go back and add some sugar” Aunt Xu said as she reached out to take the bowl away.

Lin Yun shook her head and said, “No need! This tastes good!”

Aunt Xu nodded and stood at the side as she watched Lin Yun drink the lotus seed soup spoonful by spoonful.

Lin Yun had just handed the bowl to Aunt Xu when there was a knock on the door.

“Come in!” Lin Yun said softly.

“Ahem…” Lin Yun coughed twice, perhaps because she choked on the lotus seed soup.

Aunt Ning pushed the door open and held a plate in her hand.

“Miss Xiao Yun, Madam asked me to deliver supplements.”

Lin Yun glanced at the bowl in Aunt Nings hand.

“How long will this tonic last”

“I just drank a bowl of lotus seed soup.

I really cant eat this tonic anymore.

Why dont we…”

“No!” Aunt Ning replied firmly.

“Madam said that you have to eat this supplement every day for at least three months.

I guarantee that Miss will be energetic.”

Lin Yun looked at the bowl of supplements again and sighed helplessly.

“Give it to me!”

Aunt Ning handed over the bowl and stood at the side to watch Lin Yun drink the tonic.


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