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Lin Yun couldnt help but cough when she took the last sip.

Aunt Ning took the bowl back and glanced at Lin Yun before turning to leave the room.

Lin Yun coughed a few times in the room.

Aunt Xu looked at her worriedly.

“Miss, are you alright”

Lin Yun waved her hand and gestured for Aunt Xu to leave.

Aunt Xu frowned tightly and grabbed Lin Yuns arm, unwilling to let go.

Lin Yun smiled at Aunt Xu and waved her away.

After Aunt Xu left for a while, Lin Yun stood up and felt a sharp pain in her abdomen.

She took out a pill that Dr.

Cheng had prescribed for her and took it first.

Then, she lay quietly on the bed, waiting for the moment the drug took effect.

The next morning, Aunt Xu knocked on Lin Yuns door and asked her to prepare to go to the hospital for a follow-up.

Unexpectedly, no one answered after knocking several times.

Aunt Xu immediately rushed in and saw Lin Yun sitting by the bed, looking at her weakly.

“Miss! Miss, whats wrong!” Aunt Xu rushed over in panic and shouted.

“Someone! Someone! Quickly call Doctor Fang!” Aunt Xu shouted louder and louder, as if she wanted to wake everyone up.


After a while, Doctor Fang rushed over.

While Doctor Fang was diagnosing Lin Yun, Wang Lan walked over with Aunt Nings help.

“What happened Why are you so noisy so early in the morning!” Wang Lan scolded unhappily.

When Aunt Xu saw Wang Lan, she ran over crying.

“Madam, Miss… Miss might not be able to make it!”

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“What” Wang Lan widened her eyes and quickly walked into the room.

Aunt Ning followed closely behind and anxiously observed Lin Yuns situation.

Lin Cheng had a social engagement the night before and hadnt returned until morning.

Lin Yu was sleeping when she heard the commotion outside, so she came out to take a look.

Who knew that Aunt Xu would say that Lin Yun was about to die!

Lin Yu rushed into the room and saw Lin Yun lying on the ground.

Doctor Fang was examining her.

“Doctor Fang, how is it” Wang Lan asked anxiously, her tone filled with concern.

Immediately after, Wang Lan said again, “Lin Yun cant die at home like this!”

When Aunt Xu heard this, she couldnt help but frown.

Doctor Fang ignored Wang Lan and said to Aunt Xu, “When did Miss have this symptom”

“I dont know! Miss was already like this when I came in this morning!” Aunt Xu quickly took a few steps forward and leaned close to Doctor Fang.

“Call an ambulance! Send her to the hospital immediately! I dont have the necessary resources for this symptom!” Doctor Fang instructed Aunt Xu.

“An ambulance has been called.

It hasnt arrived yet!” Aunt Xu replied anxiously.

Doctor Fang nodded and took out a small pill from his small bag and stuffed it into Lin Yuns mouth.

Lin Yun frowned slightly and couldnt swallow, but Doctor Fang still forced her to swallow it.

“I hope its not too late!” Doctor Fang said softly, as if he was worried about something.

Soon, the ambulance arrived at the Lin familys entrance.

Because of Lin Yuns status as the daughter of a wealthy family, the male servants at home did not dare to touch her easily.

The paramedics came up to move her away but were stopped by Wang Lan.

“Lin Yun is the daughter of the Lin family after all.

How can you men touch her so casually!” Wang Lan shouted.

The paramedic looked at Wang Lan in disbelief and said, “Rescue is more important!”

Wang Lan stood in front of them again.

“No! Let the women move her!”

At this moment, Doctor Fang stepped forward and blocked Wang Lan with one hand.

“Save her!”

Wang Lan wanted to resist, but she lost her temper when Doctor Fang glared at her.

The medical staff quickly carried Lin Yun into the ambulance, and Aunt Xu followed the ambulance to the hospital.

Doctor Fang hesitated for a moment before asking Wang Lan for a car to go to the hospital.

“Mom, why dont we go to the hospital to take a look” Lin Yu stood at the side and said softly.

Wang Lan frowned and snorted unhappily.

“Whats there to see! As long as she didnt die in the Lin family!”

“But didnt Dad say that the Feng family is still asking about the engagement” Lin Yu suddenly remembered the marriage Wang Lan had mentioned two days ago.

Wang Lan let out an “ah” before remembering that there was such a thing.

She immediately instructed the driver to rush to the hospital.

As soon as Lin Yun entered the hospital, Dr.

Cheng immediately rushed over.

“This is my patient.

Let me do it!”

Although the emergency room staff was puzzled, he still let Dr.

Cheng pick her up.

Lin Yun lay on the hospital bed and felt as if someone was moving her around.

The things in her stomach surged up.

After finally lying down, she vomited everything that was churning in her stomach.


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