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“CEO Lu, Miss Lin has been sent to the hospital for emergency treatment!” Ning Kun pushed open the office door and rushed in.

He, who had long forgotten the rules, was not scolded by Lu Chen for the first time.

“Emergency treatment What happened Is she alright” Fu Heng was lying on the sofa at the side.

When he heard that something had happened to Lin Yun, he immediately sat up.

Although Lu Chen did not say anything, Ning Kun knew what he was worried about when he saw his frown and bulging eyes.

“Shes already been sent to the hospital.

Doctor Cheng will treat her.” Ning Kun reported all the information he had gathered to Lu Chen.

Lu Chen frowned, as if he felt that something was wrong.

Lu Chen knocked his right hand on the table twice before saying, “Contact Elder Liang.

Lets go to the hospital.”

Ning Kun received the order and quickly went behind Lu Chen to push the wheelchair for him.

Fu Heng did not stay idle.

He picked up the phone and called Elder Liang.

When Lu Chen arrived at the hospital, Lin Yun was still in the emergency room.

After a while, Elder Liang arrived at the hospital.


“Elder Liang, youre here!” Lu Chen sat in the wheelchair and bowed slightly to Doctor Liang.

Doctor Liang waved his hand and asked, “Whats wrong Who was hospitalized Why did you call me here in such a hurry”

Lu Chen pondered for a moment before saying, “My benefactor.”

When Doctor Liang heard this, his eyes widened and he looked at Lu Chen in surprise.

“Its rare to hear this word from you.”

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Before Lu Chen could react, Doctor Liang seemed to have thought of something.

“Ah, you mean the girl who gave you a blood transfusion last time”

“I think its the girl from the Lin family.”

“Tsk, why is she in the hospital again!”

Doctor Liang couldnt help but frown.

“I told her to be careful! Seriously, shes so worrisome!”

“Alright! I know what you mean! Wait here!”

After Doctor Liang finished speaking, he instructed Doctor Yao to prepare something and entered the emergency room.


Cheng was injecting the detox medicine that he had prepared for Lin Yun.

Although the poison in Lin Yun was very strong, fortunately, they were already prepared and it was not too troublesome.

However, Lin Yuns dosage was a little more than expected.

It seemed like that person was anxious!

When Doctor Liang walked into the emergency room, he saw Doctor Cheng standing beside Lin Yun and staring at her.

The assistant waited for Lin Yun to suddenly wake up, which surprised Doctor Liang.

“This is…” Doctor Liang glanced at Lin Yun.

Although her breathing was still hurried, the various indicators on the instrument were basically within the normal range.

When Dr.

Cheng saw Dr.

Liang, he knew that he could not hide his little scheme.

He dismissed a few medical staff and told Doctor Liang about Lin Yuns plan in the emergency room.

When Doctor Liang heard this, he glared at Doctor Cheng and scolded, “Silly! If something really happens, who will be responsible”


Cheng sighed helplessly.

“This child is pitiful.

Im really…”

Doctor Liang patted Doctor Chengs shoulder and said, “I know youre soft-hearted, but were doctors.

The key is to perform our duty!”

“I can spare you this time, but you have to treat this person completely!”


Cheng immediately nodded.

“I understand! I promise to send her out of the hospital in one piece.”

Doctor Liang sighed and glared at Lin Yun, who was lying on the bed.

“What nonsense!”

After saying that, Doctor Liang walked out of the emergency room with his hands behind his back.

Lu Chen was still waiting in the deans office.

Dean Sun looked like he was sitting on pins and needles.

He wanted to take the opportunity to curry favor with Lu Chen, but he did not dare to act on his own.

Lu Chen treated Dean Sun like air and did not pay attention to his anxious emotions.

Fu Heng stood by the door and leaned against the door frame, looking out from time to time.

Although Ning Kun was nervous, he still stood beside Lu Chen, waiting for instructions.

When Doctor Liang arrived at the directors office, he saw Lu Chen sitting straight in front of him.

Doctor Liang shook his head and smiled.

“Youre really nervous!”

When he walked into the directors office, Dean Sun quickly walked forward.

“Elder Liang, youre here!”

Doctor Liang nodded and walked to the sofa to sit down before saying, “Shes fine.

Dont worry!”

Lu Chens tense expression finally eased a little.

Fu Heng immediately went forward and flattered him.

“I knew it.

Once Old Liang makes a move, she will definitely be cured!”

Elder Liang chuckled and did not expose Lin Yuns plan.


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