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When Dr.

Cheng walked out of the emergency room, he saw Wang Lan and the others surrounding him.

Lin Cheng, who had arrived late, also walked up to Dr.

Cheng and asked, “How is Xiao Yun”


Cheng cleared his throat and said, “The patient was poisoned.”

“Poisoned How could she be poisoned” Lin Cheng looked at Dr.

Cheng in shock.

“She must have been poisoned because she ate indiscriminately!” Wang Lan said firmly.

Lin Cheng frowned slightly, but he chose to believe Wang Lans words.

After all, this excuse was the safest.

However, Dr.

Cheng shook his head and said, “The patient was poisoned by the spotted flea.”

“This spotted flea is not something an ordinary person can easily buy.”

“Moreover, according to the patients condition, she has been poisoned for some time.”

“What” Lin Chengs eyes widened.

“You mean someone wants to harm Xiao Yun”



Chengs expression looked a little serious.

“I cant conclude, but its best to leave this situation to the police.”

“No!” Lin Cheng immediately refused.

As Lin Yun had expected, Lin Cheng was definitely unwilling to let such a “scandal” affect the Lin familys reputation.


Chengs expression darkened.

“Someone acted with slow-acting poison.

This is a vicious case.

Even if the Lin family doesnt agree, the hospital has the obligation to contact the police.”

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Lin Chengs eyes widened as he gritted his teeth, not knowing how to deal with it.

If what the doctor said was true and this matter reached the police, the media would definitely dig it out.

At that time, the Lin familys reputation would be damaged and it might even implicate the Lin familys business and even Lin Yus participation!

No way!

He could not let this happen!

Lin Cheng warned Dr.

Cheng in a low voice, “Doctor, dont slander the Lin family!Its impossible for such a thing to happen in our Lin family!”

“Or, did you make a mistake because your medical skills are not good enough!”

Lin Cheng planned to push the blame directly to Dr.


After all, a harmless doctor was naturally not as important as the Lin familys reputation!


Cheng did not back down.

“Sorry! I have to fulfill my duty as a doctor!”

“If the Lin family thinks that its my mistake, you can get the police to investigate thoroughly.

At that time, well know whos right and whos wrong!”

Seeing that the other party was stubborn, Lin Cheng immediately shouted, “Dont think that I cant do anything to you just because youre a doctor!”

“Arent you afraid of the consequences of making up stories about the Lin family”

“Consequences” Dr.

Cheng suddenly chuckled.

“Could it be that youre saying that Ill be poisoned like Miss Lin”

“Or is it that this kind of thing is very common in your Lin family”

Lin Cheng was stunned by Dr.

Chengs words.

“I dont trust you! I request for a change of doctor! I wish to change the attending doctor!” Lin Cheng shouted, completely giving up his demeanor as the head of the Lin family.

A deep smile appeared on Dr.

Chengs face again.

“Im sorry, CEO Lin.

Im not Miss Lins attending doctor.”

Lin Cheng was stunned.

“You… arent the attending doctor”

“Then whos the attending doctor Tell him to come out and talk to me!”

Lin Cheng thought to himself that with Director Li in this hospital, any doctor would be easy to bribe.

Even the dean…

He had a way to take it down!


Cheng turned around and handed the diagnosis report to Lin Cheng from the nurse beside him.

“CEO Lin, please take a look!”

Lin Cheng lowered his head to take a look.

The word “Liang Shu” was written in the column of the attending doctor.

Lin Cheng grabbed the diagnosis book and looked at it carefully.

Any doctor in this hospital could be bribed…

Except for Liang Shu!

Lin Chengs hands trembled as he held the diagnosis report and refused to let go.


Cheng grabbed the diagnosis letter and said to Lin Cheng, “CEO Lin, the police will be here soon.

Please cooperate with the investigation!”

Wang Lan stood behind Lin Cheng and felt her legs go weak.

She almost fell down.

Fortunately, Lin Yu helped her in time.

“Mom, are you alright”

Wang Lan shook her head weakly and did not say anything.

… .

“Youre awake” Dr.

Cheng glanced at Lin Yun, who was lying on the bed and blinking.

Lin Yun nodded slightly.

She wanted to speak, but her throat felt dry.

“Rest well for a while.

You vomited a lot just now.

You cant drink or eat for the time being,” Dr.

Cheng instructed.

Lin Yun nodded again, then looked at him questioningly.


Cheng seemed to know what she wanted to ask and said, “The police are already here.

The Lin family is being investigated.”

Lin Yun finally closed her eyes in satisfaction.

No matter what the outcome of the investigation was, the Lin family will suffer a loss of reputation this time!


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