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Lin Yun opened her eyes again after being sent to the ward.

Aunt Xu sat by the bed and peeled an apple while muttering, “Miss, this is really the last time!”

“Aunt Xu is old and cant take such a shock! If anything happens to you, what will Aunt Xu do!”

Lin Yun leaned against the bed and listened to Aunt Xus nagging.

However, she could feel Aunt Xus sincere concern.

She wheedled, “Aunt Xu, dont worry.

After this, there wont be a next time!”

Aunt Xu cut a small piece of apple and handed it to Lin Yun before saying, “Fortunately, nothing major happened this time.

This Dr.

Cheng is also a god!”

Lin Yun smiled and said, “Yes! Its just that the medicine given by Dr.

Cheng has a huge side effect.”

“Side effects What side effects Are you still feeling unwell” Aunt Xu immediately asked.

Lin Yun shook her head and said, “That medicine seems to delay the poison from taking effect, but the nausea still disgusts me.”

Aunt Xu heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Dr.

Cheng said that although vomiting cant completely remove the poison, it can protect your internal organs from damage.”

“Its just that your throat might need a few days to recover.”


Lin Yun already felt that her voice was a little hoarse, probably because she kept vomiting.

She frowned as if thinking about something.

Seeing that Lin Yun was silent, Aunt Xu reminded her, “Dr.

Cheng said that you cant eat anything else for the time being.”

“I will do as Dr.

Cheng instructed, so Miss, you have to listen to me for the time being!”

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Although Lin Yun wanted to retort, she saw Aunt Xus worried and reproachful expression and nodded.

“Alright, I understand! I wont do anything rash!”

Aunt Xu sighed helplessly and said, “The police will come and give you a statement later.

Its said that the suspect has been confirmed.”

Lin Yun nodded and didnt ask further.

When she discussed this with Aunt Xu, she had already predicted this suspect.

“Miss, after this matter, Im afraid Master and Madam will …” Aunt Xu said nervously.

After all, this matter had a huge impact on the Lin family.

Even if the suspect was not from the Lin family, she was still a servant of the Lin family.

She had inevitably ruined the Lin familys reputation.

After Lin Yun caused such a commotion, her life in the Lin family would probably be even worse!

Lin Yun nodded and naturally thought of this.

“Its a good thing if I can take this opportunity to leave the Lin family.”

Just as Lin Yun finished speaking, the police knocked on the door and walked in.

After chatting with Lin Yun for a while and recording some questions, the police stood up and left.

Although Aunt Xu already knew about the suspect, she couldnt help but ask, “Officer, was it really Aunt Ning”

“Why did she do that Miss usually treats her well!”

Aunt Xu looked indignant.

She really didnt want to believe that someone she had interacted with for a long time would harm Miss.

The police officer hesitated for a moment before saying, “Its still the investigation stage.

Although the suspect has basically been locked down, we still need to check the details of the case.”

“Yes, yes!” Aunt Xu nodded repeatedly.

“Thank you!”

After the police left, Aunt Xu sat on the chair by the bed and sighed.

“I hope this matter ends like this! Dont let anything else go wrong!”

Aunt Xu never expected her old friend of decades to do such a thing.

Although Lin Yun had been bullied by those servants and women in her previous life, nothing like this had happened.

Perhaps it was her change that made Aunt Ning change like this.But was she to blame for all this

Lin Yun frowned slightly and looked at her hands that were folded in front of her.

No one knew what she was thinking.

Aunt Xu sighed and held Lin Yuns hand.

“Miss, you dont have to be sad for Aunt Ning.

She did such a thing to prove that her heart is broken!”

Lin Yun looked up at Aunt Xu and saw love and comfort in her eyes.

Lin Yun took a deep breath and smiled at Aunt Xu.

“I know.

Everyone has to pay for their own choices.”

“No one is an exception!”

Lin Yun spoke casually, knowing that she had once paid the price with her life for making the wrong choice.

Therefore, everyone was the same!


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