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Lin Yun maintained her attitude of earning money while watching the show and lived a few happy days.

After Lin Yus outstanding performance in the new Masked King preliminary competition attracted media attention, many music and film resources came knocking on her door.

Although Lin Yu was happy, she didnt show it.

She still completed her assignment every day.

Although she didnt like Ji Rou, Lin Cheng kept forcing her to learn from Ji Rou obediently, so Lin Yu could only agree reluctantly.

Fortunately, Ji Rou didnt seem to like Lin Yu much either.

The two of them didnt interact other than during class.

Ji Rou was an impatient person.

She was straightforward and hated those who put on airs.

After interacting with Lin Yu for a while, Ji Rou realized that although Lin Yu had some talent in music, she was still far from becoming the champion of the talent show!

However, Lin Yu and Lin Cheng didnt seem to be willing to admit this.

They still dreamed of making Lin Yu the new grand champion.

Ji Rou could not be bothered to be the child who exposed the emperors new clothes.

It was fine if she only completed her mission.

Soon, the second round of the new Masked King competition would begin.

With the previous popular contestant, Lin Yu, there were more seats recommended by the judges for this competition.

Originally, hopes for the new Masked Kings competition weren high, but with Lin Yus popularity in the competition and Lin Chengs promotion, this competition suddenly became a hot topic.

As a result, many strong contestants who did not participate in the competition in the early stages or newcomers who were prepared to be launched by entertainment companies also sought out the director of the competition.

It was easy for the director to reject this matter.

With more interest, the production team discussed again and decided to add a few more seats recommended by the judges so that those who did not have the time to participate in the preliminary round could get on the last bus.

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Of course, not everyone could enter the seats recommended by the judges.

Therefore, the production team had specially set up a preliminary round so that the contestants could send their demo samples to the judges for blind selection before confirming their seats.

The second round of the competition was determined by the production team.

The contestants could choose from the music library provided by the production team and prepare for the performance.

This competition was different from the first.

The media had surrounded the competition early in the morning.

Fortunately, the production team had the foresight to prepare a backup passageway for the contestants, preventing them from being harassed by the media before the competition and affecting the effect of the competition.

Lin Yu was still dressed in white from the first match.

She looked innocent and lively.

Ji Rou chose a few songs for Lin Yu according to the music library provided by the production team.

After two weeks of practice, although Lin Yus performance was much worse than the first match, she could still pass smoothly.

The second match was to filter out the remaining 50 contestants from the 100 selected contestants.

With the recommended seats, there were 110 contestants competing for these 50 spots.

All the contestants tried to show their best.

Some of them even put in a lot of effort into dressing up.

Some cosplay enthusiasts even specially disguised themselves to participate in the competition.

The director and judges seemed to be used to such scenes.

Therefore, when they saw a contestant in black with most of her face in a veil, they treated her as a foreigner.

Although this contestants performance was not outstanding, the judges praised her foundation.

She stood on the stage and finished the entire competition song without any movement.

Although the judges were a little dissatisfied with the lack of movement in her performance, this standard performance style actually became an outstanding example among this group of contestants..

The results of the second match were announced in the media the next day.

Among the contestants, the hot topic, Lin Yu, was still firmly at the top.

The second and third place candidates were also popular newcomers from various entertainment companies.

Among the next contestants, there were already famous actors and singers, as well as some unknown people.

When Lin Yun saw “Ming Yi” or “Dark One” on the list, a smile appeared on her face.

“Lin Yu, see you in the finals!”

Fu Heng opened his phone and watched the recording of this competition.

He couldnt help but sigh.

“This Ming Yii is really a dark horse! Shes even darker than Lin Yu!”

“Dark One” Lu Chens gaze shifted to Fu Heng.

“Thats right! The new Masked King competition!” Fu Heng said excitedly.

Then, he waved his hand and said, “Sigh, you dont care about such things anyway!”

“However, the Lu Clan has also sent three contestants to participate in the competition.

They are currently in the top 50.”


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