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Aunt Xu kept muttering in the car, “Master and Madam asked Miss to move out so quickly.

You havent even recovered from her injuries.”

“Aunt Xu, isnt it quieter for me to recuperate over there” Lin Yun had a faint smile on her face.

“But… but theres nothing there now…” Aunt Xu swallowed her words.

What was the difference between passing like this and being in exile

The residence in the distant suburbs was at least an hour away from the Lin familys old residence.

It was already noon when Lin Yun arrived at the old residence.

Aunt Xu started cleaning the house and couldnt help but mutter, “I dont know why Old Master and Madam are so anxious.”

“No one lives in this house all year round.

Although there are people cleaning it, its still not in a condition for you to live in!”

Aunt Xu hurriedly cleaned the room so that Lin Yun could rest as soon as possible.

Lin Yun put away the things she had brought out and observed the structure of the house.

Lin Cheng had bought this residence from a bankrupt businessman.

He didnt want anything else.

He just wanted it to be cheap.

It was said that when the businessman bought this house, he spent at least 600 million.

However, when he sold it, Lin Cheng spent less than 100 million to buy this residence that covered nearly a thousand square meters.

Lin Yun walked around the residence.

There were two courtyards in front and behind.

Coupled with the three-story structure, there were more than ten rooms.

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Apart from her and Aunt Xu, there was only a servant, a driver, and two security guards in this residence.

If not for the lack of care, this place would probably be a good residence.

Lin Yun asked Aunt Xu to only clean the rooms and the courtyard in front.

As for the rest, she would leave them for later.

When Xiao Xia came to deliver the things, she greeted Lin Yun and said that Wang Lan had asked her to stay and serve her.

Although Lin Yun was a little unwilling, she still nodded and agreed.

After instructing Xiao Xia to follow Aunt Xu and another servant, Aunt Zhang, to clean the room, Lin Yun returned to her room to rest.

The room here was smaller than Lin Yuns original room, but it was enough for one person.

Lin Yun was about to go to bed to rest when her phone suddenly rang.

Looking at the caller ID, Lin Yun immediately pressed the answer button.

“Jin Yan, whats the matter”

“Miss Lin, do you have time I want to meet you.”

“I have a new idea about the investment, but I need you to confirm it.”

Lin Yun thought for a moment before saying, “Alright! But I cant leave for the time being.

Ill send you my address.

Come over and well talk in detail.”

About an hour and a half later, Jin Yans car arrived at Lin Yuns residence.

This residence was in a remote area with few buildings around.

It was not difficult for Jin Yan to find her.

He was just curious as to why Lin Yun lived in such a place.

Aunt Xu led Jin Yan to the hall and asked him to sit down.

Jin Yan looked around the spacious hall and sighed sincerely.

No wonder she could easily take out 35 million.

This house was really imposing!

Jin Yan did not know Lin Yuns true identity.

He only knew that she was a carefree young lady who wanted to earn some “pocket money”.

Jin Yan waited for more than ten minutes before Lin Yun walked down from upstairs.

It was not that she deliberately delayed it, but Luna had issued a designated mission at the last minute.

Lin Yun hesitated for a long time before deciding to accept the mission.

“Jin Yan, Im sorry to have kept you waiting.” Lin Yun smiled apologetically.

Jin Yan quickly stood up to welcome her.

“Miss Lin, youre too polite.

I suddenly came to disturb you…”

Lin Yun gestured for Jin Yan to sit down and instructed Aunt Xu to prepare some tea.

After Aunt Xu left, Jin Yan handed a stack of documents to Lin Yun.

“Miss Lin, so far, our earnings are about ten million.”

Lin Yun looked at the report that Jin Yan had made.

It recorded the flow of every sum of money and the content of the profits.

Lin Yun nodded in satisfaction.

Jin Yan was indeed a rare investment talent.

He did things meticulously.

Seeing that Lin Yun was reading it carefully, Jin Yan helped her explain the details.

Aunt Xu came over to deliver tea, but the two of them didnt feel anything.

After Lin Yun finished reading all the materials, she looked up at Jin Yan.

“Whats the new idea you mentioned”

Jin Yan took out another document from his backpack.

“Recently, the return on investment in the film and television industry has clearly decreased, but the investment income of talent shows has clearly increased rapidly.”

“So I think…” As Jin Yan spoke, he handed the investment plan for the new Masked King to Lin Yun.


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