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When Aunt Xu heard Lin Yuns call, she hurriedly ran over.

“Miss, whats wrong”

Lin Yun looked at Aunt Xus sweaty appearance and couldnt help but feel her heart ache.

“Aunt Xu, come up for a while.

I need your help.”

Aunt Xu hurriedly agreed.

She put down the things in her hand and ran upstairs.

Seeing Aunt Xu running over, Lin Yun held her hand and entered the room.

As soon as Aunt Xu entered the room, Lin Yun pressed her down on to the sofa.

“Sit here and rest first.”

Aunt Xu immediately stood up and said, “Miss, theres still a lot to do outside.


Lin Yun frowned and looked at Aunt Xu.

“Listen to me!”

Aunt Xu knew that she couldnt dissuade Lin Yun, so she could only sigh and say, “Okay, okay, okay! Ill rest!”

Lin Yun sat on the sofa on the other side and said, “Since Mom sent Xiao Xia over, shell be under Aunt Xu.”

“If she disobeys any orders, send her back.”

Aunt Xu naturally understood the meaning behind Lin Yuns words.

She nodded and said, “Dont worry, Miss! Leave Xiao Xia to me!”

Lin Yun nodded and said, “I might be busy recently.

Get Aunt Zhang and Xiao Xia to stay away from my room.”

Aunt Xu nodded again.

“I wont let them get close to Misss room!”

“Something like that will never happen in the old residence again!” Aunt Xu promised solemnly.

Lin Yun smiled.

“Thank you, Aunt Xu!”

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“Miss, what are you talking about! This is what I should do!” Aunt Xu patted her chest and said.

Lin Yun looked at Aunt Xu gratefully.

If not for Aunt Xu, Lin Yun probably wouldnt have been able to stay in the new residence so steadily.

Moreover, these servants sent by Wang Lan might have some kind of mission!

The next morning, Lin Yun got up to check her computer.

She wanted to see how her little baby had fared tonight.

After carefully checking the tracking record of the black dot, Lin Yun was a little surprised.

This white dot had done a lot of things in one night!

Not only did it hack into the Zheng Corporations security system, but it also went to a few mainstream media outlets.

It was obvious that some newspapers and magazines were going to announce some internal news about the Zheng Corporation today!

However, Lin Yun felt that it was a little strange.

If the owner of this white dot was only a media reporter, why did he go through so much trouble to gdestroy the Zheng Corporations security system for so long

If it had other intentions, why did it only transfer information to the media channels

Lin Yun did not stop tracking the white dot, but that fellow seemed to have hidden himself for the time being.

“What an interesting opponent!” Lin Yun smiled and found some fun for her boring life.

The little black dot quickly hid itself.

Lin Yun thought for a moment and asked Aunt Xu to instruct the driver that she wanted to go shopping.

Aunt Xu was naturally happy that Lin Yun was willing to go out to relax.

She immediately instructed the driver to quickly prepare and not delay Misss matters.

The driver followed Lin Yuns instructions and arrived at a lively pedestrian street.

Lin Yun instructed the driver to wait in the parking lot outside and quickly entered the crowd.

The driver watched as Lin Yun left.

He picked up his phone and dialed a number.

“Butler Lin, Miss went to a very messy pedestrian street.”

When Butler Lin heard the drivers words, he couldnt help but frown.

“Why would you go to such a place”

“I dont know.

Miss only asked me to wait outside.

I cant drive in there!” The driver sighed helplessly.

“Idiot! Cant you stop the car and accompany Miss in!” Butler Lin scolded fiercely.

“Well… Why dont I go in and find Miss now” The driver tried to make up for it.

“Forget it, forget it! Just wait outside! So Miss wont be suspicious when she comes out!” Butler Lin said angrily and hung up.

Ever since this young lady was discharged from the hospital, she had become strange!

This behavior was really different from before!

The driver listened to the beeping sound on his phone and sighed helplessly.

Why was he sent on such a mission!

Lin Yun walked along the streets and found an inconspicuous black door.

There was no sign outside the door.

Lin Yun pushed the door open and entered.

It was dark inside, and it didnt look like anyone was operating.


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