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Lin Yun did not hesitate and followed the signs on the ground.

When she reached the other door, Lin Yun raised her hand and touched the wall on her right.

Pressing a prominent button, the room immediately echoed, “You are the most beautiful cloud on my horizon…”

Lin Yun rolled her eyes.

When the door opened from the inside, Lin Yun complained as she walked in.

“When can you change your ringtone”

The incessant “Stay” made Lin Yun feel a wave of resentment rush to her head.

The person who opened the door was a little girl with two ponytails.

She looked to be about 17 or 18 years old.

“Isnt letting the guest “stay” my service” The girl with the pigtails turned around and looked at Lin Yun.

The lightning-shaped earrings on her ears drew dazzling arcs.

Lin Yun sighed helplessly and sat down on a comfortable chair.

“Miss Lin, you dont visit unless you need something.

Are you looking for me to make something today” The pigtails casually picked up a lollipop from the jar on the table and threw it to Lin Yun.

Lin Yun took the lollipop and glanced at it before placing it on the table.

The pigtails tore open the packaging of one and stuffed it into her mouth.

“I need two high-performance computers, a set of monitors, and a complete set of video surveillance.” Lin Yun made her shopping list.

The girl with the pigtails spun in the chair and made a “ding” sound before saying, “The order has been received.

Please come and pick it up in three days.”

Lin Yun nodded in satisfaction and stood up to leave.

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“Hey, the thing you asked me to make for you last time is already done.

You can just come over and pick it up when you want.” The pigtails reminded her again.

“I know! I dont need it for the time being.

Ill use it later! Ill definitely use it!” Lin Yun said as she waved at the twin ponytails as a farewell.

Walking out of the dark room again, Lin Yun took a deep breath and looked at the bright sky.

“Everything is ready.

Bring it on!”

On the way home, Lin Yun could feel the driver glancing at her from time to time.

It was no wonder that the driver found it strange.

Lin Yun was a rich young lady after all.

Why would she go to a place like Progress Street and buy a bunch of strange clothes

Could it be that Miss Lin had finally broken free from the Lin couples discipline and started to let herself go

Lin Yun ignored the driver and looked out the window.

This time, the Lin couple had asked her to move to a residence in the suburbs.

It was impossible for her to not have any preparations.

Sending someone to keep an eye on her was just a show.

In order to prevent herself from falling into the trap, Lin Yun decided to strike first to gain the upper hand.

She planned everything in the residence to ensure her safety.

Currently, although Lin Cheng did not speak, he was gradually cutting off Lin Yuns income.

In order to better earn money from accepting orders, Lin Yun decided to prepare a set of useful facilities for herself to ensure her safety.

After all, the small notebook she brought over was really useless.

Blackie was a friend she had recently made in the project team.

Although she looked innocent, cute, and harmless with her pigtails, she was a complete mechanical enthusiast.

She was good at designing and assembling various precision instruments, and she was even quite knowledgeable about explosives.

However, Blackie was not Lians student, so the Lin family was not aware of her existence.

Lin Yun had also suddenly thought of customizing some products a while ago and happened to be compatible with Blackie.

Blackie was a righteous person.

She knew about Lin Yuns encounter in the Lin family and couldnt stand Lin Yus actions.

However, she stayed in her studio all day long.

She was enveloped in a strange atmosphere, making Lin Yun a little curious.

Blackie was very mysterious.

Everyone only knew her as Blackie, who was in charge of the development of the equipment for the project team.

Even Feng Hao, who introduced her, knew very little about her identity and background.

Lin Yuns thoughts wandered all the way until she arrived at the entrance of the residence.

Lin Yun got out of the car and instructed the driver, “Put everything in the storeroom on the first floor.

Ill take them out when I need them.”

The driver didnt dare to say anything and watched Lin Yun leave.

“Is there something wrong with this ladys brain recently Did she throw the things she bought into the storeroom” The driver carried the bags with a puzzled expression and kept muttering.


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