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Lin Yun returned to her room, took off the necklace around her neck, and carefully put it away.

Ever since the last attack, Lin Yun had been wearing this feather necklace.

There was an external communication device inside that could allow her to contact the outside world when she was in danger.

After getting to know Blackie, Lin Yun asked Blackie to help install a miniature positioning device inside and connect it to her computer security system.

As long as she was in danger and needed help, she could press the location button and send a distress message to the computer.

The computers security system would contact the police directly to call the police.

At this moment, Lin Yun could no longer trust anyone.

She could only trust herself!

Opening her notebook, Lin Yun planned to see if the white dot had run out again.

Looking at the trajectory carefully, the white dot seemed to be very quiet today.

It only circled around the various media outlets a few times.

It seemed to be confirming if its rumors” had been sent.

Lin Yun couldnt help but find it funny.

This guy had entered someone elses system to steal something, and then openly wandered around the major media websites

This was a very leisurely thief!

Seeing that there was nothing to see, Lin Yun took out the score she had discussed with Ji Rou and planned to continue working.

The collaboration with Ji Rous band went smoothly.

Lin Yun specially reminded Ji Rou that it was best to apply for copyright before the music was released.

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After all, it was better to be safe than sorry.

Although Ji Rou did not understand Lin Yuns intentions for reminding her several times, she still applied for the copyright to the songs that she had not publicly performed.

However, Ji Rous band belonged to a management company overseas, so the application for copyright was also completed overseas.

… .

Aunt Xu kept in touch with Dr.

Cheng, afraid that something would happen to Lin Yun.

Doctor Cheng instructed Lin Yun to eat a pile of supplements according to the doctors instructions.

Lin Yun felt that her figure had already begun to develop horizontally.

Fortunately, Lin Yun was still young and had a good body.

After a few rounds of torture, she did not suffer much damage.

Lin Yun ate the supplements prepared by Aunt Xu and studied the medicine Lu Chen had asked Ning Kun to send over.

The supplements she had received from Lu Chen had indeed removed all of her scars.

It was just that these that came later…

Lin Yun looked at the dazzling array of jars and was worried that her nose would bleed every day because of the supplements!

… .

“Third Brother, theres been some movement from Lu Teng recently.” Fu Heng pushed open the door and ran in anxiously.

Lu Chen was still reading a book.

He did not look up and frowned.


Fu Heng was stunned for a moment before saying, “Oh.” He retreated to the door and knocked lightly.

“Go out and knock.” Lu Chen frowned even more.

It was obvious that he no longer had any patience.

Fu Heng looked at Lu Chen strangely and snorted before walking out of the room and closing the door.

There was a tap on the door.

Lu Chen replied softly, “Come in.”

Fu Heng pushed the door open again and looked at Lu Chen suspiciously.

“Third Brother, were you doing something shameful just now”

Lu Chen raised his eyes and glared at Fu Heng before asking, “What is it”

Fu Heng thought for a moment before slapping his forehead and continuing excitedly, “Wasnt Lu Teng hacked a while ago”

“After Dark One broke the security system last time, he posted Lu Tengs photos in the companys system.”

“I heard that Dark One crawled into a private website system of Lu Teng and flipped everything inside.”

“I wonder if Lu Tengs website system was paralyzed after the system broke through that time.”

“I heard that a few unknown hackers have also hacked into Lu Tengs website recently.

They also discovered a few small actions that Lu Teng has been doing recently.”

“Oh” Lu Chen was finally interested.

Putting down the book in his hand, Lu Chen leaned back in his chair and placed his hands on the armrest.

“Tell me about it.”

“Its said that hes secretly buying shares in the Lu Corporation under another mysterious identity.”

“Didnt the Lu Corporation give some shares to a few old heroes previously”

“Lu Tengs goal is to obtain those shares.”

“Although those shares combined wont shake the foundation of the Lu Corporation, if Lu Teng joins forces with others…”

Fu Heng said cautiously as he looked at Lu Chen.

Lu Chen naturally knew what Fu Heng meant.


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