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After Fu Heng left, Lu Chen sat alone in the room, thinking about something.

If Lu Teng really made a move at this time, as long as he completed these small actions, the first person he would attack would probably not be Lu Chen, but Old Master!

It seemed that Lu Chen had to return to the old residence!

After instructing Ning Kun to prepare the plane tickets, Lu Chen rushed back to the capital overnight.

… .

“Mom, when are you going to invite that Young Master Zheng over” Lin Yu asked as she peeled the lychee shell for Wang Lan.

Wang Lan smiled at Lin Yus slightly red face.

“You really want to see Zheng Yu, right”

“Dont worry, your father has already contacted Old Zheng.

Hell get Zheng Yu to come over and chat with you for the next two days.”

Lin Yu smiled shyly.

“Mom, what are you talking about I just…”

Wang Lan smiled and grabbed Lin Yus hand.

“Aiya, Mom understands.

Dont worry, Zheng Yu is a sensible child.

Dad and Mom will only be at ease if the two of you are together.”

Lin Yu still lowered her head with a shy expression.

“But, Sister…”

When Wang Lan heard Lin Yu mention Lin Yun, her expression immediately turned ugly.

“What does it have to do with her!”

“She has used our Lin family for so many years.

Do we still have to give such a good son-in-law to her for no reason”

“She shouldnt even think about it!”

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As Wang Lan spoke, she looked furious.

Seeing this, Lin Yu secretly lowered her head to hide her joy.

Wang Lan gently raised Lin Yus face with one hand and looked at it carefully.

She smiled and said, “My daughter is really as beautiful as a fairy.”

“Mom can already imagine you in a wedding dress.”

“Mom, what are you talking about! Im still young!” Lin Yu blushed, but she couldnt hide the smile on her face.

Lin Yu had already made plans.

No matter what kind of person Zheng Yu was, as long as it was Lin Yuns, she would definitely snatch it!

As for what she would do after snatching…

A smile appeared on Lin Yus lips, but she didnt let her thoughts drift away.

Right now, she had something important to do.

“Mom, hows Dads arrangements for the competition” Lin Yu picked up a peeled lychee and handed it to Wang Lan.

Wang Lan took the lychee and said with a smile, “Dont worry! Your father has arranged everything! The champion this time will definitely be you!”

Lin Yu finally felt at ease.

After all, the production team had suddenly changed the rules.

Lin Yu didnt know how her results were.

Previously, she could still rely on Lin Yuns score to cause quite a stir, but if it was really the production team who arranged the songs in the future, then her advantage…

Back then, she had wanted to kick Lin Yun away and use Ji Rou as her gunman.

Unexpectedly, Ji Rou was unmoved by force or persuasion.

During class, Ji Rou kept using those classic songs to brush her off and refused to give her original songs.

Lin Cheng and the person-in-charge discussed for a long time but Ji Rou was still stubborn.

Not only that, Ji Rou seemed to be less and less concerned about Lin Yus training.

Although Lin Yu had deliberately caused trouble a few times, as a teacher who had taken the money, shouldnt she be more responsible

Lin Yu had long resented Ji Rou, but it was probably too late to find someone to take over the position of teacher.

Since Lin Cheng said that everything had been arranged, Lin Yu didnt have to worry anymore.

She just had to “sit back and enjoy the benefits”.

This was the privilege of being the eldest daughter of the Lin family!

… .

“Old Zheng, is the news circulating in the media and magazines true”

“Is the Zheng Corporation going to make a move soon Is Zheng Yu going to take over”

“That child just graduated not long ago.

Isnt it too early for you to let go now”

“Did some magazine come out to cause trouble and write nonsense”

Because the Zheng Corporation had recently received attention from the media and magazines, it was pushed to the headlines.

Zheng Song sat on the sofa with a gloomy expression.

He was so angry that he could not eat.

“I wonder which little brat specially compiled this gossip news!” Zheng Song threw the tablet handed over by his assistant to the ground.

Seeing this, Jin Shan glanced at the “dead” tablet and sighed.

“Since those news are fake, dont take it to heart.”

“We only have one son.

Sooner or later, the family business will be his.”

“Let them say whatever they want!”

Jin Shan didnt think much of the news.


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