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Zheng Song looked at the silent Zheng Yu with a serious expression.

Zheng Yu was sensible and obedient, but he lacked the strategic thinking of a businessman.

Zheng Song was about to give him a chance to go out and train when the news kept spreading, making Zheng Song at a loss.

After all, all the public opinion was pointing at the fact that Zheng Yu was about to take over the Zheng Corporation.

At this time, the Zheng Corporations operations were already in turmoil.

If Zheng Yu was sent out to train, it would probably have a lot of adverse effects on the Zheng Corporations development.

On the other hand, since Zheng Yu had just returned home, Zheng Song planned to let him settle the marriage first.

After all, he had thought highly of Xiao Yun for many years.

If he could have such a steady girl keep an eye on Zheng Yu and help him, Zheng Yu would definitely grow up quickly!

Although Zheng Songs idea was very comprehensive and beautiful, it could not withstand the pressure of public opinion.

Zheng Song gritted his teeth in hatred, but he did not know who had stabbed him in the back.

“Lets not worry about this for now.

You will find time to visit the Lin family in the next few days and visit your Uncle and Aunt Lin.” Zheng Song instructed.

Zheng Yu was stunned for a moment before looking up and nodding.

“Okay! I understand!”

“Have you been in contact with Xiao Yun recently” Zheng Song asked again.

This time, Zheng Yu was stunned again.

At this moment, Jin Shan said, “Why contact Xiao Yun Their relationship hasnt been confirmed.

Whats there to contact”

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Zheng Song frowned and looked disapproving.

“He and Xiao Yun were childhood sweethearts.

This marriage was confirmed more than ten years ago.”

“Dont tell me that you didnt know about your marriage with Xiao Yun all these years!”

“Well…” Zheng Yu hesitated.

Jin Shan spoke again.

“Theres no marriage between our son and Lin Yun.”

“Zheng family and the Lin family are connected by engagement.

Its still unknown who the couple is!”

When Zheng Song heard his wifes words, his expression darkened.

Obviously, his wife wanted to disown Lin Yun, her future daughter-in-law.

From the looks of it, Zheng Yu was clearly planning to listen to his mothers arrangements.

Zheng Song looked at Zheng Yu with disappointment.

After a long time, he sighed heavily and stood up to leave.

Before leaving, Zheng Song instructed again, “When you go to the Lin family, see if Xiao Yun is alright.”

“Okay! I understand!” Zheng Yu immediately agreed and did not dare to say anything else.

The Lin couple knew that Zheng Yu was coming to the Lin family as a guest and started preparing a day in advance.

Lin Yu had never seen Zheng Yu before, but she had seen his side profile in some reports.

According to the servants, Zheng Yu used to visit the Lin family often.

He rarely appeared in the Lin familys house after he went to university.

In other words, Zheng Yu and Lin Yun were once very familiar with each other.

However, it had been a few years since they last met!

In that case, her chances were very high!

Lin Yu was quite confident in her beauty!

Especially when compared to Lin Yun, who didnt know how to dress herself up!

… .

When Zheng Yu arrived at the Lin family, he saw Madam Lin, Wang Lan, waiting at the door with a very beautiful girl.

Zheng Yu quickly walked over and bowed when she saw Wang Lan.

Wang Lan smiled at Zheng Yu.

The more she looked at him, the more satisfied she was.

Lin Yu looked at Zheng Yu and lowered her head shyly.

Zheng Yu didnt look at Lin Yu anymore and entered the living room under Wang Lans lead.

The Lin family treated Zheng Yu like a guest.

The table was filled with sumptuous tea, snacks, and delicacies.


Lin personally served them, making Zheng Yu a little nervous.

In the past, when he came to the Lin family, he would play in the courtyard with Lin Yun.

However, as he grew older, he rarely came to the Lin family again.

This time, he came with a mission.

Zheng Yu felt a little awkward.

Wang Lan also saw Zheng Yus discomfort, so she smiled and said, “The two of you can chat first.

Ill instruct the kitchen to prepare some delicious food.”

Lin Yu naturally knew that this was Wang Lans excuse, but she still stood up and said, “Mom, why dont I go to the kitchen to take a look!”

“Youre the eldest daughter, how would you know this! You guys can chat!”

Wang Lan gently sat Lin Yu down again and left with a smile.

Lin Yu and Zheng Yu looked at each other and immediately fell into an awkward situation.


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