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Seeing that Zheng Yu seemed to be swayed, Lin Yu asked coquettishly, “Are you going to give this pair of bracelets to me”


Zheng Yu hurriedly waved his hand and said, “No, no! This pair of bracelets belong to Lin Yun.”

“Its just that she refused to accept it, so I had to upkeep them with me first.” Zheng Yu sighed.

Lin Yu lowered her head slightly.

“So its something Sister doesnt want.”

“Unfortunately, I like it very much, but I cant have them,” Lin Yu said as her gaze shifted from the brocade box to Zheng Yu.

Zheng Yu was stunned for a moment before saying, “If, if you really like it, why dont I give it to you…”

“Really” Lin Yus eyes lit up.

Lin Yu grabbed Zheng Yus hand with both hands.

Her excited expression was enough to make those around her happy.

Zheng Yu subconsciously looked at Lin Yu holding his hand.

Although there was still a brocade box between the two of them, Zheng Yu could clearly feel the strange feeling brought about by Lin Yus slightly cold hand.

As if she had just noticed that her actions were a little inappropriate, Lin Yu exclaimed and hurriedly retracted her hand.

Zheng Yu felt a sense of loss.

He looked at the brocade box in her hand and sighed slightly.

He flipped the brocade box and handed it to Lin Yu again.

“Since you like it, Ill give it to you!”

Even at the risk of being scolded by his father, Zheng Yu did not want the little girl in front of her to be sad.

Lin Yu happily took the brocade box and opened the lid.

She rubbed the bracelet inside lovingly.

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“Arent you going to put it on” Zheng Yu didnt know what he was thinking and blurted out.

The moment he asked, he realized that his words seemed inappropriate.

However, Lin Yu didnt seem to notice his hesitation.

She looked at him expectantly.

“Can I really accept them”

“Theyre really beautiful!” As Lin Yu spoke, she had already reached out to take out a bracelet and was about to put it on.

Zheng Yu also stared at Lin Yus every move, not even daring to breathe.

“Did I come back at the wrong time” Lin Yuns voice suddenly sounded at the living room door.


Zheng Yu looked at Lin Yun in horror.

Lin Yus bracelet almost fell to the ground.

She hurriedly grabbed the bracelet and held it tightly in her palm.

When Lin Yun entered, she immediately saw the pair of bracelets.

She recognized the them.

Uncle Zheng had specially gotten someone to customize it according to her size.

However, at that time, Lin Yun felt that it was not appropriate to accept such an expensive gift before her relationship with Zheng Yu was confirmed, so she had always rejected this kindness.

Later on, Zheng Yu gradually came to the Lin family less often, and the two of them had fewer chances to meet.

Lin Yuns feelings for Zheng Yu deepened day by day as she was instilled with the thought that the two of them would eventually become husband and wife.

It was also because of this that in her previous life, when Zheng Yu turned around and left, she felt unprecedented pain.

However, just now…

When Lin Yun saw Zheng Yu looking at Lin Yu with an infatuated gaze, she immediately understood.

It turned out that Zheng Yu had no feelings for her at all.

Their ten-year relationship in the past could not compare to Lin Yus smile.

He couldnt resist Lin Yus intentional seduction.

‘Thats right!

Lin Yun could clearly see the charm in Lin Yus eyes.Perhaps, for men, that was an irresistible charm.

In Lin Yuns eyes, it was just a small trick to seduce men.

Seeing that the two of them were still in a daze, Lin Yun smiled guiltily.

“Im sorry, I didnt know you were here…”

“Did I… disturb you”

Although Lin Yun asked this, she had no intention of leaving.

At this moment, Wang Lan walked over from the kitchen.

“Xiaoyu, I made your favorite squirrel mandarin fish in the kitchen today…” Wang Lan paused.

She glared at Lin Yun, who was standing at the door, and asked in an unfriendly tone, “Why are you here”

Lin Yun was not frightened by Wang Lans tone.

Instead, she smiled faintly and said, “Dad asked me to come back for dinner today.”

Wang Lan frowned tightly, clearly not believing what Lin Yun said.

“Impossible! Are you here to cause trouble” Wang Lan questioned.

Lin Yun found it funny.

“Is there anything I want to cause trouble for”

Wang Lan subconsciously looked in Zheng Yus direction.


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