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Lin Yun also glanced in Zheng Yus direction and said, “I didnt know that Zheng Yu would come to our house today.”

“If I did, I wouldnt come back even if Dad asked me to.”

When Zheng Yu heard this, his expression instantly turned ugly.

What did Lin Yun mean by that

Did she not even want to see him now

Lin Yus expression turned even uglier.Lin Yuns words made it seem like Zheng Yu was a refund that she wanted to avoid.

Then, if she, Lin Yu, really accepted Zheng Yus return, wouldnt it mean that she was picking up the leftovers from Lin Yun!

Lin Yu secretly clenched the bracelet in her hand tightly.

Lin Yun didnt seem to notice how much unhappiness her words had caused.

She only took two steps forward and said softly to Wang Lan, “If Mom doesnt believe me, you can call Dad and ask.”

“Im tired.

Ill go back to my room to rest first,” Lin Yun said as she took two steps forward.

“I dont want anyone to think that Im an eyesore here.” After Lin Yun finished speaking, she walked past Wang Lan and nodded at her.

When she reached the staircase railing, Lin Yun asked in realization, “My room should still be here, right”

When Lin Yun asked this question, it was as if the Lin family couldnt wait to chase her out and empty her room.

Wang Lan glanced at Zheng Yu and thought to herself that she had to look good in front of Zheng Yu.

She turned around and walked towards Lin Yun.

“Youre the adopted daughter of the Lin family.

The Lin family will always have your room.”

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“Come, Mom will accompany you back to your room to take a look!” Wang Lan said as she walked to Lin Yuns side.

“Its been a while since you moved out.

I dont know if the things in this room are suitable.”

Lin Yun smiled deeply at Wang Lan.

“Mom, dont worry.

I wont stay here tonight.

Its fine as long as theres a place for me to rest.”

“After all, I havent recovered from the poison yet.

My stamina cant keep up,” Lin Yun said as she led the way upstairs.

Wang Lan gripped the handle of the stairs tightly with one hand and looked up at Lin Yun, who was already walking up the stairs.

As Lin Yuns figure gradually disappeared, Wang Lan turned around again and walked towards Lin Yu and Lin Yun.

“Xiao Yun is probably tired and in a bad mood.” Wang Lan chuckled and looked at Lin Yu and Zheng Yu kindly.

“Dont worry about her! You guys continue chatting!” After Wang Lan finished speaking, she gave the maid a look and brought her back to the kitchen.

At this moment, Lin Yu no longer wanted the bracelet.

She would not bother to snatch things that Lin Yun did not care about!

Zheng Yu didnt know how Lin Yu was feeling.

He looked worriedly at Lin Yus tense expression.

“Whats wrong Is it…”

Lin Yu immediately came back to her senses.

Zheng Yu looked at Lin Yus face and asked seriously, “Has Lin Yun bully you before, so youre afraid of her”

Seeing Lin Yuns aggressive appearance just now confirmed the rumors that the daughter of the Lin family was bullied.


However, Zheng Yu did not know how Lin Yun had become so unreasonable after not seeing her for a few years.

Hearing Zheng Yus question, Lin Yu was stunned for a moment before she lowered her head slightly and shook her head.

She didnt answer.

For one thing, she didnt know how to answer.

She couldnt possibly say that she wasnt bullied by Lin Yun and instead joined forces with others to bully Lin Yun, right

Secondly, the effect of silence would only make Zheng Yu believe his guess.

It would make him dote on Lin Yu more.

Indeed, seeing that Lin Yu didnt say anything, Zheng Yu believed that Lin Yu had been wronged but didnt dare to say anything.

Zheng Yu frowned tightly and looked in the direction of Lin Yuns room.

“How did Lin Yun become like this”

“Dont be afraid! Im here.

Ill protect you!”

Hearing Zheng Yus promise, Lin Yu raised her head again and looked at Zheng Yu expectantly.

“Are you serious”

Zheng Yu immediately nodded heavily.

“I, Zheng Yu, will do what I say!”

“I wont let anyone bully you again!”

As Zheng Yu spoke, he grabbed Lin Yus hand tightly.

Lin Yu lowered her head and looked at the hand that was holding hers tightly.

That fair and slender hand looked like the hand of a young master who had never done any heavy work.

She wondered if this hand had previously held Lin Yuns hand..


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