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Lin Yu appeared at the door.

Lin Yun glanced at Lin Yu and then at Zheng Yu, who was standing behind Lin Yu.

Lin Yu frowned and held Wang Lans arm, but she subconsciously hid behind her.

She raised her chin slightly and said to Lin Yun, “How can you talk to Mom like that”

Lin Yun couldnt help but find it funny when she saw Lin Yus heartache for Wang Lan but didnt dare to offend her.

Lin Yuns gaze swept across Zheng Yu again.

Indeed, she saw a hint of heartache on Zheng Yus face.

What a rare display of true feelings!

Lin Yun couldnt help but sigh.

Why didnt she realize that Zheng Yu was such a superficial man

Zheng Yu knew that this was not the time for him to speak, but when he saw Lin Yus aggrieved expression, Zheng Yu felt his heart ache.

He secretly clenched his fists before standing beside Lin Yu.

“Lin Yun, you should apologize to Aunt Lin!”

Lin Yun raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at Zheng Yu.

“Who are you to say this to me”

Zheng Yu was stunned by this question.

Lin Yun was right! What was his status

Lin Yun was the adopted daughter of the Lin family, but she had nothing to do with the Lin family now.

Could it be that they were engaged However, before the engagement was set, no one knew what would happen.

Zheng Yus words did make Wang Lan feel much better.

She puffed out her chest and glared at Lin Yun.

“Zheng Yu is the future son-in-law of the Lin family.

Why doesnt he have the right to speak to you”

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“Or do you think youre still the eldest daughter of the Lin family” Wang Lan gritted her teeth.

Lin Yun stared at Zheng Yu.

Zheng Yu avoided her gaze at this moment.

Lin Yu sensed their actions and gritted her teeth.

Lin Yun suddenly burst out laughing.

“So the future son-in-law of the Lin family can give me orders without distinguishing between right and wrong”

“Sister, you were indeed in the wrong first.

You should apologize to Mom.” Lin Yu interrupted.

Lin Yun sneered.

“Why Are you going to convict me just because you have more people”

Wang Lan immediately stepped forward to curse Lin Yun.

At this moment, the butler rushed over.

Looking at Wang Lan, he said hesitantly, “Madam, the car to pick up Miss Lin Yun is already waiting at the door.”

Hearing this, Wang Lan turned around and glared at the butler.

The butler subconsciously took a step back before saying again, “Master said that he has something urgent to discuss with Miss Lin Yun.

He has already sent someone to pick her up.”

Wang Lan gritted her teeth and said, “Get out of the Lin family!”

Lin Yun chuckled and said, “Even if the Lin family invites me in the future, I wont come back!”

After Lin Yun finished speaking, she took a step forward.

Wang Lan was blocking the door.

Seeing that Lin Yun had no intention of avoiding her, her expression became even uglier.

Lin Yun was not in a hurry.

She stood at the door and waited.

Wang Lan clenched her fists tightly and gritted her teeth before leaving angrily.

Seeing this, Lin Yu immediately followed.

For a moment, only Lin Yun and Zheng Yu were left.

Zheng Yu stood awkwardly on the spot, in a dilemma.

He wanted to leave with Lin Yu and Wang Lan, but it seemed a little unnatural.

However, now that he was in front of Lin Yun, with their past relationship, it seemed even stranger.

Lin Yun looked at Zheng Yu with a mocking smile.

“Why Arent you going to chase after her to show your diligence”

Zheng Yus expression turned even uglier.

“Lin Yun, when did you become so mean”

“Is that so” The smile on Lin Yuns face deepened, as if she felt relieved.

“Then maybe you dont know me well enough! Ive always been like this.

Ive never changed!”

“Perhaps Lin Yu is the innocent girl whos more suitable for you.

Dont lose her!”

After Lin Yun finished speaking, she walked around Zheng Yu and quickly walked towards the door.

After getting into the car, Lin Yun slowly heaved a sigh of relief.

She never expected to meet Zheng Yu here today.

She did not expect that the Zheng Yu who was once filled with intellectual charm, stability, and magnanimity in her heart was actually such a person who did not differentiate between right and wrong!

Perhaps, the greatest mistake in her previous life was being obsessed with kindness and so-called love.

She had been blind!


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