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The reason why Lin Cheng was in a hurry to find Lin Yun was because of the Zheng family.

Zheng Song liked Lin Yun very much.

Previously, he had said several times that he wanted Lin Yun to marry into the Zheng family.

Now, something had happened to the Zheng family.

If the Zheng family really declined, wouldnt Lin Yu not be able to gain anything by marrying into the Zheng family


Moreover, the last time Lin Yun suggested that Lin Cheng settle the Ling familys matter, Lin Cheng vaguely felt that Lin Yun had talent in the business world.

This time, he wanted to hear what kind of opinion she could give with her understanding of Zheng Song and Madam Zheng.

Even if there was really no good solution, Lin Cheng still wanted Lin Yun to maintain her feelings for Zheng Yu.

If the Zheng family really declined, it would be good for Lin Yun to continue representing the Lin family to fulfill the Zheng familys engagement.

After all, the Lin family could not be treacherous! Lin Cheng had planned well, but he didnt expect Lin Yun to have already jumped out of the game.

Facing Lin Chengs question, Lin Yun only replied simply and did not really express her stance.

She could not reveal her true thoughts too quickly, lest Lin Cheng became desperate and really cut off her escape route.

After all, her foundation was still unstable and she still needed to rely on the Lin family to do some things.

After having dinner with Lin Cheng, Lin Cheng sent a car to send Lin Yun back to her residence in the distant suburbs.

The moment Lin Yun entered, she saw Aunt Xu sitting in the dining room angrily.

Lin Yun quickly went forward and placed a hand on Aunt Xus shoulder.

She bent down slightly and asked, “Aunt Xu, whats wrong Who made you angry”

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When Aunt Xu saw that Lin Yun had returned, she quickly stood up and asked, “Miss, have you eaten Are you hungry Ill get the kitchen to prepare some food for you.”

Lin Yun gently sat Aunt Xu down before saying, “Im not hungry! Let me guess who angered our Aunt Xu first”

“Did Aunt Zhang make you angry” Lin Yun looked at Aunt Xus expression carefully.

Aunt Xu waved her hand and said, “Im fine! Miss, dont worry!”

“Its getting late.

Go back to your room and rest early!” Aunt Xu said as she gently pushed Lin Yun out.

Lin Yun turned around and grabbed Aunt Xus hand.

“Aunt Xu, in this family, everyone has to listen to you except me!”

“If anyone doesnt listen to your orders, tell me and Ill send her back to the Lin family!”

Lin Yun said solemnly to Aunt Xu.

Aunt Xu hurriedly smiled and pulled Lin Yuns arm.

“Miss, dont worry! Aunt Xu has her own way of dealing with those little girls!”

When Lin Yun heard this, she asked, “Did anyone else make you angry”

“Could it be…” Lin Yun paused.

Aunt Xu sighed heavily and said, “I didnt want to annoy Miss with these things.”

“Yes! Its my disappointing son!” Aunt Xu sat on the chair dejectedly.

“I had hoped that he would come to the Lin family to find a good job.

But he said he didnt want to do these service work.

When he finally found a job and a girlfriend,I thought everything would be fine.”

“In the end, he said that his girlfriend was going to participate in some competition.

They said that the competition was about dressing up and giving money to the referee…”

“Look, its fine if he came to me for money for his girlfriend, but he actually went to steal!”

As Aunt Xu spoke, she knocked heavily on the table.

“The police just called and asked me to collect him from the police station.”

“Then… where is he now” Lin Yun asked softly, as if she was afraid that if she spoke slightly louder, she would disturb Aunt Xus tense nerves.

Aunt Xu snorted and said, “Hes still at the police station! Im not going to bail him out Let him stay at the police station!”

“Ill pretend that I dont have this son!”

The more Aunt Xu spoke, the angrier she became.

She wished she could strangle her son to death.

Lin Yun naturally knew that although Aunt Xu spoke ruthlessly, she doted on her only son very much.

It was said that before Aunt Xus son turned one year old, her husband died in an accident.

At that time, she was alone with her child.

She had no job and no financial source.

The husbands compensation had never been honored because the financial conditions of the party responsible for the accident did not allow it.

When Aunt Xu was at her wits end, she happened to bump into the Lin couple who were looking for a nanny for their newborn daughter.

After several twists and turns, Aunt Xu finally settled down in the Lin family.

Because of this, Aunt Xus son, Shao Yi, could be considered Lin Yuns childhood sweetheart.


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