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Lin Yun remembered Shao Yi.

When he was young, he had always been very loyal.

He had always treated Lin Yun as his sister.

After the two of them entered junior high, Shao Yi gradually started to distance himself from Lin Yun.

At that time, Lin Yun didnt think too much about the reason.

Later on, Shao Yi drank too much and caused a scene in the Lin familys residence.

He was chased out by Lin Cheng.

Ever since then, Lin Yun had almost never seen Shao Yi.

She heard that he had applied for a leave of absence and was going to another city to make a living.

A few years later, Shao Yi returned to Sea City with the aura of a hooligan.

Aunt Xu was worried about him, but she had no choice but to plan for him.

Initially, Wang Lan was very unhappy that Shao Yi entered the Lin family again.

However, on account of Aunt Xu, Lin Cheng still agreed to give Shao Yi a job.

Unfortunately, Shao Yi couldnt be bothered to work in the Lin family and refused to accept the Lin familys good intentions.

Because of this, Aunt Xu had been nagged by Wang Lan for a long time.

Although Aunt Xu felt sorry that Shao Yi had lost a good job, she knew that her son wouldnt listen to her.

Helpless, Aunt Xu could only follow his wishes.

Lin Yun knew that Aunt Xu was concerned about her son, but there seemed to be a barrier between the mother and son for so many years.

This time, Aunt Xu was really angry! However, Lin Yun also knew that Aunt Xu was definitely worried about Shao Yi.

“Aunt Xu, why dont I accompany you to the police station to take a look Perhaps Shao Yi has other reasons” Lin Yun probed.

“What other reason can there be!” Aunt Xu said roughly.

“This guy is always causing trouble outside!” Aunt Xu said and sighed.

“If only he could be as understanding as you, Miss!”

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When Lin Yun heard this, she burst out laughing.

“Aunt Xu, Shao Yi has been very creative since he was young, but his nature is not bad.

Im sure he has his own reasons this time.”

As Lin Yun spoke, she held Aunt Xus hand and walked towards the door.

Although Aunt Xu had said “no”, she followed closely behind Lin Yun.

Lin Yun instructed the driver to prepare the car and rush to the police station.

Since they lived in the distant suburbs, it was already very late when they arrived at the police station.

The police officer at the reception was a little impatient, but when he heard that she was the Miss of the Lin family, he didnt say much.

Shao Yi was arranged to stay in a separate interrogation room.

Lin Yun asked Aunt Xu to go in and meet him, but she stayed outside..

Aunt Xu went in and chatted with Shao Yi for a while.

Lin Yun was not idle outside.

She asked the police officer in charge of Shao Yis case and found out that what Shao Yi had stolen was not the money of a small family, but the private safe that Second Master Lu had placed in the hotel!

This matter would not be easy to resolve if it involved the Lu family!

However, for some reason, Lu Teng did not publicize this matter openly this time.

Instead, he secretly let the police deal with it quickly.

The police here were quite supportive.

They planned to close the case after catching the person and getting the stolen items back.

In the end, Shao Yi refused to say where the items were hidden.

The police could only catch him but not retrieve them.

Not to mention closing the case, there was no way to hear the case.

Although the police had detained Shao Yi on suspicion, judging from the current situation, they would probably release Shao Yi after tonight!

Lin Yun was a little curious.

What did Shao Yi steal that made Lu Teng so anxious

And Shao Yi refused to say more.

Perhaps he also knew the importance of this thing!

The more Lin Yun thought about it, the stranger she felt.

Soon, Aunt Xu walked out of the interrogation room.

Her eyes were slightly red as she looked at Lin Yun.

She pursed her lips and was about to cry.

Lin Yun quickly went forward to support Aunt Xu and said softly, “Lets talk when we get back.”

Aunt Xu nodded and obediently let Lin Yun help her out of the police station.

The two of them got into the car and Lin Yun grabbed Aunt Xus hand tightly.

She could feel Aunt Xus trembling and knew that she must be worried about Shao Yi.

The two of them returned to the residence.

Lin Yun asked Aunt Xu to go back and rest while she returned to her room.

Lin Yun opened her notebook and quickly entered a string of codes.

She entered a black interface.

She quickly entered a string of codes on the black interface.

In the next moment, all the surveillance footage of the “Grand Court Hotel” where Lu Teng was staying appeared on Lin Yuns computer screen.


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