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Lu Chen didnt expect Lin Yun to mention Tan Qing.

His eyes flickered slightly before he said, “You know Tan Qing”

Lin Yun hurriedly waved her hand and said, “I dont know her yet.”

Lu Chen raised his eyebrows again, as if he had noticed Lin Yuns strange expression.

However, he didnt ask.

He just stared at Lin Yuns face.

Lin Yun noticed Lu Chens gaze and lowered her eyes to avoid looking at him.

Lin Yun thought for a while before saying, “If CEO Lu doesnt believe me, you can get someone to investigate Lu Tengs whereabouts.”

“Lu Teng” Lu Chen was really surprised this time.

Why would Lin Yun mention Lu Teng for no reason She shouldnt know Lu Teng.

Lin Yun had already thought of a solution.

“The son of Aunt Xu beside me has been arrested for stealing Lu Tengs things in the hotel.”

“I asked my friend to investigate details and realized that Lu Teng has been doing something in Sea City recently.”

“And the target of these actions seems to be directed at you, CEO Lu.”

When Lu Chen heard Lin Yuns words, he glanced in Ning Kuns direction.

Ning Kun immediately focused and lowered his head slightly, his hand already reaching for his phone.

They had been paying attention to Lu Tengs whereabouts, but they did not realize that Lu Teng had come to Sea City.

If this matter was really true, then something had probably happened to the people sent to keep an eye on Lu Teng!

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Ning Kuns expression became a little nervous.

After nodding at Lu Chen, he hurriedly walked out of to the balcony.

Lin Yun glanced at Ning Kun before continuing, “Im only here to remind CEO Lu.

If you dont believe me, its fine…”

Before Lin Yun could finish, Lu Chen said, “Thank you for coming here today, Miss Lin.”

“To thank Miss Lin, I wonder if youre willing to stay and eat with me”

Lin Yun looked down at her watch.

Indeed, it was lunchtime.

Lu Chen didnt give Lin Yun a chance to refuse and said, “Ive already asked the kitchen to prepare some food.

I wonder if Miss Lin will mind the simple food here.”

Lin Yun opened her mouth and smiled.

“Thank you, CEO Lu.”

Lu Chen also smiled.

Coincidentally, Ning Kun walked in.

He walked to Lu Chens side and whispered.

Lin Yun pretended not to see it and picked up her phone to look at the message she had just received.

After Ning Kun finished reporting, Lu Chen did not have any reaction.

He only continued to look at Lin Yun.

“Miss Lin, lets go to the restaurant.”

Lin Yun quickly stood up and wanted to walk behind Lu Chen to help him push the wheelchair.

Ning Kun had already turned the wheelchair first.

Lin Yun quickly retracted her hand and cursed herself for her subconscious actions.

In her previous life, she had stayed by Lu Chens side for a long time, so she was already used to these small actions.

Although Lu Chen was a little puzzled, he did not point out what was strange about Lin Yun.

When the three of them arrived at the dining room, the table was already filled with dishes.

What surprised Lin Yun was that most of the dishes were Lin Yuns favorites.

If Lin Yun remembered correctly, her taste in food was worlds apart from Lu Chens.

Then todays meal…

Did Lu Chen specially get someone to prepare it for her

Lin Yun immediately felt her heart warm up, and the corners of her mouth subconsciously curled up.

After the meal, Lu Chen did not ask Lin Yun to stay.

After returning to the residence, Lin Yun laid on the bed and tried to empty her mind.

She recalled what had happened today and her strange actions.

“I hope Lu Chen doesnt notice my abnormality…” Lin Yun prayed softly.

After finally recovering her emotions, Lin Yun was about to go out and check on Aunt Xu when a sound came from the cabinet beside her.

Lin Yun took out another phone from the cabinet.

It was a notification from the new Masked King production team.

“Mingyi, congratulations on successfully advancing to the semi-finals.

The semi-finals will be held…”

Lin Yun looked at the long message and confirmed a few key information.

The competition was set to be broadcasted live on the Internet platform two weeks later on Saturday night.

The contestants had to choose from a list of pre-selected songs by the production team.

They were not allowed to arrange the lyrics again.

Lin Yun looked at the content of the music library sent by the production team and couldnt help but smile.

They were all songs that required strength and talent.

The requirement was that the contestants did not to make up songs again, which meant that the contestants could not change these songs into their own style.

In other words, this time, the contestants had to use their real singing skills to advance.


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