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When Lin Yu received the notification from the production team, the immediately contacted Ji Rou.

However, Ji Rou did not answer the call, making Lin Yu panic.

She did not have any musical talent to begin with.

Although her voice was not bad, she had not been professionally nurtured.

If she really had to use her true abilities to compete, Lin Yu knew that she probably wouldnt even be able to enter the top 50.

Although Lin Cheng was helping her from behind, the new Masked Kings competition was already being watched.

No matter how capable Lin Cheng was, there might be other forces involved.

From the looks of it, Lin Yu had to use some strength herself.

Ji Rou had been very busy these days.

The bands public performance would be held in a month, and the companys matters made her too busy.

Under such circumstances, she still needed to free up four days a week to teach Lin Yu.

Thinking of teaching Lin Yu, Ji Rou felt like her head was about to explode.

She already deeply regretted taking on such an inhuman job!

Initially, she thought that Lin Yu was a rich young lady with no ability or taste.

She really didnt expect Lin Yus situation to be much worse!

She had a surprising and confusing confidence.

Perhaps it was because Lin Yu had always doubted Ji Rous ability, so she often expressed her disapproval of Ji Rous teaching.

After several unsuccessful attempts at communication, Ji Rou gave up explaining.

Ji Rou couldnt be bothered to say anything else and kept adjusting the class according to Lin Yus request.

The result of this was that Lin Yu thought that her own views were right!

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Under such circumstances, Lin Yu still stood out in the preliminary round of the new Masked King.

This made her even more confident.

Facing Lin Yu, Ji Rou felt powerless.

After contacting her brother, Ji Zhen, a few times, Ji Zhen only instructed Ji Rou to guide Lin Yu carefully.

Ji Rou didnt know what deal Ji Zhen and Lin Cheng had that made Ji Zhen take this matter so seriously.

Although she was unwilling, Ji Rou was reluctant to disobey her brother.

After all, it was all thanks to Ji Zhen that she could still maintain her mysterious identity as Rolin!

Ji Rou sighed helplessly and rubbed her slightly painful glabella.

At this moment, there was a knock on Ji Rous office door.

She looked up at the door.

“Come in!”

The door was pushed open and Ji Rous assistant stood at the door, seemingly hesitant to speak.

Ji Rou frowned and looked at her assistant.

“What is it When did you become so hesitant”

When Ji Rou hired an assistant, she had instructed Ji Zhen to choose a smart and capable one for her!

The assistant looked at Ji Rou with a conflicted expression.

“Miss Lin said that shes waiting for you in the conference room because she cant get through to you.”

Ji Rou frowned even more when she heard this.

The document in her hand was tightly gripped.

Could Lin Yu not differentiate when it came to personal matters Why would she come to the company to look for her at this time Ji Rou felt as if a raging fire had begun to burn above her head.

The assistant stood at the door and held his breath, not daring to breathe loudly.

CEO Ji hated it the most when personal matters affected business.

But Miss Lin…

The assistant was filled with grievance.

If she hadnt tried her best to stop her, Miss Lin would have rushed into CEO Jis office!

Ji Rou looked at her assistants helpless expression and took a deep breath before standing up.

“Go ahead!”

The assistant quickly moved aside to make way for Ji Rou.

Ji Rou walked past him and the assistant finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Ji Rou came to the door of the conference room and took two deep breaths before finally pushing open the door.

Ji Rou had just walked into the conference room when she heard Lin Yu ask, “Why didnt you answer my call”

Ji Rou was stunned.

She didnt expect Lin Yu to ask such a question.

Didnt she know that she wasnt at the center of the world, and that her actions were now interfering with someone elses work

Seeing Lin Yus widened eyes, Ji Rou immediately found it unbelievable.

“You came to my company to look for me because I didnt answer your call” Ji Rou looked at the indignant Lin Yu.

Lin Yu rushed to Ji Rou.

“Do you know that the production teams rules have changed Shouldnt you hurry up and teach me If the my chances are compromised, will you be responsible”

Ji Rou stared at Lin Yu as if she was judging something.

Finally, Ji Rou was sure that Lin Yu was blaming her and felt that Ji Rou should put down everything she was doing to serve her competition needs!


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