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After Lin Yun did the preliminary test, she lay on the hospital bed and let the nurse withdraw her blood.

“Miss Lin, you just had an operation and your body is still recovering,” the nurse reminded her solemnly.

“If you feel any discomfort, you must tell us in time!”

Lin Yun nodded slightly, feeling a little tired.

“I know! Im fine!”

The nurse continued to draw blood and watched as the blood in the blood bag gradually filled up.

“How is it The operating theater cant manage it anymore!” Another nurse ran in and looked at the pale Lin Yun on the hospital bed.

Her voice subconsciously lowered.

The nurse in charge of drawing blood passed the blood bag to the other party.

She looked at Lin Yun and hesitated.

“Why dont we take these first Otherwise, Im afraid Ms.

Lin wont be able to hold it!”


“But…” The other nurse was also a little hesitant, but she still lowered her voice and said,” The patients internal bleeding is severe.

If there isnt enough blood, he might never wake up again! ”

Lin Yun could vaguely hear the conversation between the two nurses.

She licked her dry lips and said, “Im fine.


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The nurse looked at Lin Yun and could not help but sigh.

She turned on the machine again.

“Miss Lin, are you close to President Lu” The nurse could not help but ask.

Lin Yun smiled and shook her head, not saying anything.

The nurse continued, “You went through so much to save him and didnt want to let him know… Why”

Lin Yun turned to look at the blood bag that was slowly filling up, and the corners of her lips curled up slightly.

“To return a favor! From my past life!” Lin Yun muttered in her heart.


In her previous life, at the last moment before Lin Yun died, the only person who made her feel a little warmth in her life was Lu Chen!

Just because he pushed her away from danger without any regard for his own safety, it was worth her giving up everything to repay him!

Lin Yuns consciousness gradually faded until her eyes could no longer hold on.

When Lin Yun opened her eyes again, she had already returned to her own ward.

She stared blankly at everything in the ward.

At this moment, there was a sound beside her.

She turned around and saw Lin Cheng sitting on a couch not far away.

Aunt Xu had just returned from washing the fruits.

When she saw Lin Yun open her eyes, she said in surprise, “Miss, youre finally awake!”

Lin Cheng also heard what Mrs.

Xu said and looked at the bed.

Sure enough, Lin Yun opened her eyes and looked at Lin Cheng.

“Dad, why are you here”

Lin Cheng snorted unhappily.

“Why did you faint in the corridor”

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“Dont you know that youre not feeling well”

Lin Yun narrowed her eyes as she listened to Lin Chengs seemingly concerned words and digested the disgust in her heart.

She turned to look at Lin Cheng.

“She probably fainted because she didnt eat breakfast this morning.”

“Im fine now.” Lin Yuns aggrieved voice stunned Lin Cheng.

Lin Cheng realized that his attitude seemed to be a little too impatient, so he sighed and said, “Im also worried about you!”

Lin Yun smiled lightly.

“Thank you, Dad!”

Lin Yun didnt believe Lin Chengs words.

The reason why he came here was probably because he saw that Lu Chen was in the hospital.

As for why he was here…

Before Lin Yun could think further, Lin Cheng coughed twice and said, “Since youre not feeling well, have a good rest.

Aunt Xu will stay and take care of you.”

Lin Yun nodded without saying anything.

Lin Cheng turned to leave, but then seemed to remember something.

He turned back and said to Lin Yun, “Dont take Little Yus matter too seriously.”

“Shes still just a child.

She suffered so much before and wanted our attention more.”

“As her sister, you should care more about her!”

Hearing Lin Chengs words, Lin Yun suddenly felt disgusted.

She forced herself to swallow that feeling, then turned to look at Lin Cheng with some grievance.

“Dad, is it true that when your biological daughter comes back, you wont treat me like before”

Lin Cheng paused for a second, and the look on his face changed slightly.

After a while, he walked to Lin Yuns bedside and said softly, “Xiao Yun, dont think too much.

Dad and Mom just want to make up for all the regrets Xiao Yu has had over the years.”

“We will treat you as usual! Dont worry!” Lin Cheng said sincerely, looking like a kind father.

Lin Yun grinned, but her smile was not very sincere.


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