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Lin Yun snooped around the police system without any results and felt that Shao Yis case was even more suspicious.

However, based on the current situation, the main reason why Shao Yi was captured was Lu Teng.

In other words, it was not difficult to find out about Shao Yis situation after finding out Lu Tengs whereabouts and goal!

After sorting out her thoughts, Lin Yun decided to focus on investigating Lu Teng.

However, Lu Teng had been very secretive recently.

He had even disappeared for a few days.

This put Lin Yun in a difficult position.

After investigating for half a day without finding anything, Lin Yun decided to prepare for the competition first.

She would investigate carefully after the semi-finals.

The format of the semi-finals required all contestants to choose their own performance songs according to the music library provided by the production team.

Moreover, the accompaniment was also recorded by the production team.

In other words, the chances of the contestants cheating were almost zero.

As a popular contestant, Lin Yu was also the focus of everyone and the media.

The newcomers from the other entertainment companies had also been doing their best to promote themselves recently.

As a contestant recommended by the judges, Mingyi became the target of many peoples envy.

After all, the judges had already approved the recommendation.No one would believe that these people did not have any background!

However, Lin Yun did not care about what others thought.

She was still dressed in black, and the heavy veil on her face made it impossible to see her face.

The security guard at the door stopped her.

“Miss, please show me your identity.”

Lin Yun took out a competition invitation from her bag and handed it to the security guard.

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The security guard looked at the contents of the invitation and asked hesitantly, “Miss, in order to ensure the safety of the contestants, can I trouble you to show your identity”

Lin Yun touched the wing pendant on her chest.

She looked at the security guard for a few seconds before saying, “Wait a moment.

Ill make a call.”

The security guard heard the hoarse voice of the woman in black in front of him and became even more suspicious of her identity.

Lin Yun picked up the phone and called the production team.

Soon, Qin Xia rushed out.

After Lin Yun received the notice, she contacted the production team and applied to participate in the competition in a special outfit.

She didnt want too many people to know her true identity.

At least, not now.

The production team was naturally open-minded.

As long as the contestants were capable, they did not have to worry about showing their true faces.

The security guard was surprised that Qin Xia personally came down to pick Ming Yi up.

Everyone knew that Qin Xia was Director Luo Gangs personal assistant.

Although no one treated him as a director, they would still respect Qin Xia on account of Luo Gang.

Qin Xia personally ran out to welcome her.

It could be seen how important this contestant was to the production team.

Although he was a little surprised when he saw Ming Yi, he quickly walked forward to welcome her.

“Miss Mingyi, hello.

Im Qin Xia, the director of the new Masked King.”

Lin Yun looked at Qin Xia.

He seemed much more energetic than the last time she saw him.

She nodded slightly and said in a hoarse voice, “Director Qin, Ive troubled you.”

Ming Yis hoarse voice surprised Qin Xia.

He had heard the recording of Ming Yis candidacy.

Her voice was clear and bright, very different from her current voice.

However, Qin Xia was not an inexperienced person.

It was not that there were no people whose singing voices were very different from their voices.

He restrained his surprise slightly and said, “What are you talking about! Hurry up and follow me in!”

Lin Yun followed Qin Xia to the backstage resting area.

There were already many contestants here, but not many people were talking.

Most of the people were waiting nervously.

Only a few people who looked familiar gathered together and whispered.

Lin Yun was dressed in black and attracted everyones attention the moment she entered the resting area.

Some people were surprised by her unique outfit and thought that she was a foreign friend.

Some people scoffed at her strange clothes and thought that it was just a means to gain attention.

Lin Yun didnt care about this and found a corner to sit down.

Qin Xia didnt stay long.

After asking Lin Yun to stay, he rushed back to the planning room to continue working.


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