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With the attention from the previous auditions, there could not be any mistakes during the recording of the show.

Luo Gang also specially instructed his subordinates that if anyone dared to cause any problems during the recording of this show, they had to bear the consequences! Therefore, the production team was even more vigilant and did not dare to be careless.

The staff in charge of the waiting area quickly checked the number of contestants, but realized that the popular candidate, Lin Yu, had yet to arrive!

This made the staff extremely anxious.

She called Lin Yu several times, but no one picked up.

Faced with such a situation, the staff quickly found Luo Gang and reported this matter.

When Luo Gang heard that Lin Yu hadnt arrived, his face darkened.

The surrounding people immediately did not dare to make a sound and lowered their heads to look at the work in their hands.

Lin Yu was the hottest topic in this competition.

If she withdrew from the competition for no reason, it would definitely affect the competition!

Although they had already heard that Lin Yu was injured and hospitalized, the production team had also confirmed with her that she would participate in the competition.

Now that the recording was about to begin, she could not be found!

Luo Gang was about to flare up.

The staff were trying their best to contact Lin Yu.

Lin Yu was the daughter of the Lin family after all, so she naturally had more than one or two means of contact..

However, when she called the Lin residence, the other party said that Lin Yu had left early in the morning and even asked why the production team didnt see her!

At this moment, the scene fell into chaos.

In the contestants resting area, someone heard the news and knew that Lin Yu was absent for no reason.

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There were only ten minutes left until the recording, but Lin Yu clearly didnt show any signs of appearing.

The contestants began to discuss among themselves, studying the reason why Lin Yu didnt appear.

Lin Yun sat in the corner the entire time, but the corners of her mouth slowly curled up.

Lin Yu didnt disappoint; her unpresentable little tricks were just to create some small momentum for herself.

Lin Yu would rush to the scene in the last two minutes and sit in a wheelchair, looking seriously injured.

Moreover, a large number of reporters would come with her.

Of course, these reporters “accidentally” found out about Lin Yus route and chased after her.

Meanwhile, the reporters waiting outside the Lin familys house would find themselves guarding an empty nest.

This was also Lin Yus little scheme to show that she didnt want to be overly noticed by the media! In her calculations, the media and audience would conclude that she was a low-key and talented heiress!

However, what she didnt know was that Luo Gang hated it when people played these little tricks!

The production team was so anxious that they were confused.

Just as they were thinking about how to explain Lin Yus absence to the outside world, Lin Yu secretly appeared from the back door.

Lin Yun guessed that Lin Yu looked weak as she sat in the wheelchair and asked the servants to push her into the television station building from the back door.

How could the all-pervasive reporters let go of such a scene They chased after the entrance before being stopped by the security guards at the back door.

The security guard naturally didnt expect Lin Yu to appear here.

He immediately contacted the production team and said that Lin Yu had arrived and was at the back door.

The staff in charge of the contestants immediately ran to the back door to welcome Lin Yu into the competition.

Luo Gangs face remained ashen, and the people around him did not dare to say anything.

Fortunately, the recording of the competition began on time.

The contestants went on stage one by one according to their number plate.

As expected, many contestants showed that their basic skills were not solid enough or their understanding of music and interpretation were not good enough.

This made the three judges shake their heads and sigh.

They did not expect the contestants to perform so badly after just a slight change in the competition rules.

There were originally a few popular contestants, but this time, they could not even enter the top 10.

Lin Yus number plate was in the middle.

She was wheeled to the center of the stage.

The heavy plaster on her legs made her look a little miserable.

Lin Yus performance was also like the popular contestants before.

She was no longer as stunning as in the preliminary round and even disappointed a number of people..

However, the judges unanimously agreed that Lin Yus performance was directly related to her injury.

Because of this, the judges decided to give Lin Yu, who was injured but could still persist in the competition, a card to directly advance.



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