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Seeing that Lin Yun didnt say anything, Lin Cheng seemed a little anxious.

“Dont worry! If you two sisters have any conflicts in the future, Dad will definitely stand on your side unconditionally!”

Upon hearing Lin Chengs words, Lin Yuns expression changed slightly before she revealed a delighted smile.

“Thank you, Dad! I knew you are the best to me!”

Lin Cheng nodded perfunctorily and said “take good care of Miss” to Aunt Xu before leaving.

Lin Yun lay on the bed and watched as Aunt Xu scooped some hot porridge.

“Aunt Xu, when did my dad arrive” Lin Yun asked thoughtfully.

Aunt Xu thought about it and decided to tell the truth.

“Master rushed in when he arrived.

He seemed to be in a hurry to find you.” Aunt Xu looked at Lin Yuns face and sighed.

“I just came back then.

I dont know where you went.”

“Later, when you were sent back by the nurse, Master even specially pulled the nurse to ask about the situation on the seventh floor.”

“The seventh floor” Lin Yun raised an eyebrow, seemingly a little puzzled.

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Aunt Xu sighed and said, “I just heard that Young Master Lu Chen from the Lu family was hospitalized because of a car accident.

Hes still undergoing emergency treatment.”

“Oh…” Lin Yun replied nonchalantly.

“Master must have heard some news.

As for why hes in such a hurry to find you, Im not sure.”

Aunt Xu brought the porridge to Lin Yun and carefully adjusted her bed.

“I only heard him say that there was a wasted opportunity.”

“I didnt hear it clearly then…”

Lin Yun held the bowl of porridge and swallowed it.

“Hiss…” The pain in her arm made Lin Yun gasp.

“Miss, whats wrong” Aunt Xu rushed forward to check.

Lin Yun bent her arm slightly.

It was the area where the blood was drawn.

Lin Yun didnt intend to let Aunt Xu know about this, so she pretended to be fine.

“Its fine.

The porridge is a little hot.”

“Oh,” Aunt Xu replied.

She then looked at Lin Yun and said with some heartache, “Miss, you havent recovered yet, and you suddenly fainted again today.”

“Dont go back for the next few days.

Stay in the hospital for a few days to recuperate!” Aunt Xu suggested, genuinely concerned about Lin Yuns health.

Lin Yun did not intend to reject her.

She really needed to rest…

At the same time, she could take the opportunity to think about how she should repay the Lin family for “raising her”.

“Aunt Xu, Im tired.

Can you go back and help me get some clothes to change into” Lin Yun ate the porridge seriously without showing any emotions.

“Of course! But youre alone in the hospital…” Aunt Xu said worriedly.

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“Ill be fine!” Lin Yun said and smiled at Aunt Xu.

Aunt Xu sighed softly.

“Madam didnt send anyone else to take care of you.

Miss, you…”

Although Aunt Xu complained, her hands were nimble.

After tidying up Lin Yuns food and necessities, Aunt Xu said, “Ive placed the fruits on the table for you.

I know youre afraid of the cold, so I just got a nurse to add a blanket over there.”

Aunt Xu pointed at a cabinet not far away.

“If you need anything, just press this bell and the nurse will come over to help!”

“Please dont move around by yourself.

Dont touch your wound!”

Aunt Xu instructed her carefully.

Lin Yun felt a little helpless and relieved.

Aunt Xu was probably the only person in the Lin family who treated her sincerely!

After Aunt Xu called the chauffeur to return to the Lin family to pack her things, Lin Yun placed the porridge aside and accidentally touched the wound on her arm.

She gently rolled up her sleeves and looked at the obvious needle hole.

Lin Yun looked at the familiar needle hole in surprise.

In her previous life, there were two similar needle holes on her body!

At that time, Wang Lan said that it was done during emergency treatment…

But this time, she clearly noticed that the needle hole did not exist after her surgery.

This was a mark left behind by losing blood to Lu Chen!

Could it be…

Lin Yun frowned and suddenly remembered that in her previous life, Lin Cheng had sent her to Lu Chen through some unknown means.

As far as she knew, the people who wanted to get close to Lu Chen back then were all influential people!

Thinking about it this way, it was probably related to the needle holes on her body!

Lin Yun sat on the hospital bed and soon felt sleepy.

She slowly closed her eyes as if she had fallen into a white fog.


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