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Lin Yu left the recording venue and did her due diligence in entering the hospital.

In order to act out the role of a patient well, Lin Yu specially called a few reporters to wait at the entrance of the hospital.

As soon as Lin Yu arrived at the hospital, reporters surrounded her, wanting to interview her.

Lin Yu hurriedly covered her face and instructed the security personnel beside her to chase these reporters away.

The reporter spent a lot of effort to take a few photos.

Lin Yu leaned against the hospital bed and looked at the medicine bottle hanging at the side.

“How long will for the drip to be completed When can we leave”

Xiao Ju, the servant who accompanied Lin Yu to the hospital, peeled an apple and said, “Miss, the doctor said that this bottle will take at least half an hour to finish.”

Lin Yu smacked her lips impatiently.

“Why bother with this”

“I told you to come over and change the medicine.”

“The doctor said that this looks more realistic and makes the injury look more serious!” Xiao Ju peeled the apple and carefully cut it into small pieces before handing it to Lin Yu.

Lin Yu picked up an apple with a small fork and placed it in her mouth.

She mumbled, “Its all Dads fault for making me come to the hospital.”


Xiao Ju picked up a tape at the side and carefully placed it on Lin Yus hand.

“This was just sent over by the nurse.

Dont forget it!”

Lin Yu looked down at the tape on her hand.

It was the kind of tape that was used to prevent bleeding after an infusion.

She snorted and said, “If I didnt want to muddle through todays competition, I wouldnt have to suffer like that.”

Xiao Ju said happily, “Miss, just listen to Master.

His arrangements are all for your own good!”

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Lin Yu forked another apple and stuffed it into her mouth fiercely.

“If I wasnt obedient, why would I be lying here looking at your mocking face”


Xiao Ju chuckled and sat by Lin Yus bed.

“If you ask me, youre quite loyal.

Although you brought me to your side to order me around, its still much more stable than before.”

Lin Yu rolled her eyes and said, “If it werent for the fact that you have nowhere to go, I wouldnt have dragged you into the Lin family to anger me every day.”

Xiao Ju picked up an apple with a fork and handed it to Lin Yu.

“Miss, dont be angry.

Its all my fault.

Come, Xiao Ju will serve you food!”

Lin Yu rolled her eyes before bursting into laughter.

Xiao Ju and Lin Yu became friends after a fight.

The two of them met on the streets.

One was the eldest sister of a rising gang on the streets, and the other was a famous local tyrant in the vicinity.

The moment the two of them met, it was a quick competition.

It was not until one of them had her hair pulled out a few times and the other had a few scratches on her face that the two of them declared a truce.

However, the power struggle did not stop.

From time to time, when the two of them met, they would fight.

Even after being arrested and sent to the police station, the two of them did not stop fighting.

Until one day, the current Xiao Ju, who was the local boss, Chen Ju, was injured and hospitalized by another group of foreign forces.

As the leader of the sect, Lin Yu took revenge for her “subordinate”.

Only then did the conflict between the two of them finally resolve.

Because of their close relationship, Lin Yu begged Wang Lan to bring Xiao Ju to her side once her position had stabilized in the Lin family.

After Lin Yuns competition ended, she rushed to the underground garage.

With her outfit, she would attract attention wherever she went.

If she wanted to leave quietly, she had to change her outfit.

When she came, no one paid attention to her because even if she was dressed strangely, her voice was not as shocking as Ming Yis.

As she was holding the pass to the semi-finals, was targeted by many media outlets!

Even judges looking for her! After the competition ended and the grouping was announced, Lin Yun packed her things and prepared to leave.

Jia Fang was the first to arrive at the resting area.

Her gaze locked onto Lin Yun effortlessly.

“Ming Yi, please wait,” Jia Fang called out kindly.

Many contestants were attracted by Jia Fangs friendly voice and looked in their direction.

Although Jia Fang was a good-natured person, she had high standards for singing.

She had probably come to find a contestant because she was really attracted by her ability.

As expected, Jia Fang walked up to Lin Yun and asked with anticipation, “Ming Yi, are you interested in learning vocal music from me”


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