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After the first round of the semi-finals ended, Ming Yi became popular all over the Internet

Her momentum far exceeded Lin Yus stunning performance in the previous round.

Many media outlets described Mingyi as a “dark horse”, which was appropriate and reasonable.

Reporters wanted to interview Ming Yi, but they did not know where she came from since the address Ming Yi filled out was fake.

Even a reporter who was good at digging up gossip became helpless against Ming Yi, who had suddenly disappeared into thin air.

The mysterious Ming Yi became a popular candidate for the competition champion, but Lin Yus unsatisfactory performance did not receive much attention.

Only a small voice explored the authenticity of Lin Yus singing and dancing practice.

These discussions were also criticised by Lin Yus supporters.

“Sister Xiaoyu didnt perform well this time because she was seriously injured!”

“Thats right! Her body and mind are in great pain!”

“You people dont understand how hard it is for me!”

“In my opinion, we should let those people who like to gossip go on stage themselves!”

The voices questioning Lin Yu were instantly drowned.

However, soon, the discussion about Ming Yi drowned out the voices defending Lin Yu!

… .

Ming Yi was popular, but Lin Yun had a headache.

Since Kents arrival, the project team had made rapid progress.

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However, because their research was too in-depth and involved a certain level of confidentiality, it was stopped not long after.

The professor sighed, but there was nothing he could do.

Ever since Feng Hao helped Lin Yun catch those bad people, he was even more determined to become a police officer.

Since the project teams work was temporarily suspended, he started an internship with the police.

On the other hand, Jin Yings father despised her for not having the demeanor of a young lady, so he specially found several etiquette teachers for her, wanting to take this opportunity to give her a lesson.

Kent was bored staying alone, so he decided to use this time to travel elsewhere and take in the cultural scenery of different regions.

Without the pressure of rushing the project, Lin Yun relaxed a lot.

She could now focus more on keeping an eye on Lu Teng.

Previously, Lin Yun had already made some arrangements and figured out Lu Tengs schedule for the next few days.

To her surprise, Lu Teng had never left the hotel since he arrived in Sea City.

She followed Lu Tengs phone recording and did not notice anything amiss.

What was even stranger was that Lu Teng did not bring anyone with him to Sea City this time.

How could someone like Lu Teng, who liked to show off, travel so quietly He didnt even have anyone to serve him.

Although Lin Yun found it strange, she could not figure it out.

On the other hand, Luna would occasionally ask about Lin Yuns mission progress so that she could report to her client.

Lin Yun knew that the client was Lu Chen, but she also knew that this information was meaningless to Lu Chen.

She had to figure out what Lu Teng was going to do as soon as possible.

There was only more than a month left before Lu Chen was injured by Lu Teng in her previous life!

Lin Yun was busy checking all the information related to Lu Teng and following his lost items.

According to the information provided by the police, it only explained that the lost items involved the privacy of the parties involved and were relatively precious.

Therefore, Shao Yi was detained and not released.

Aunt Xu had visited Shao Yi twice, but she still didnt get anything out of him.

The more Lin Yun thought about this, the more strange it became.

She decided to try to see Shao Yi herself.

Lin Yun came to the police station to ask about Shao Yis case, wanting to find an opportunity to meet him.

However, Lin Yun was not Shao Yis relative, so she had no right to meet the suspect.

Just as Lin Yun was in a dilemma, she heard someone call her from behind.

She turned around and saw Feng Hao walking in with a backpack.

“Lin Yun, why are you here” Feng Hao asked anxiously when he saw Lin Yuns worried expression.

Lin Yun looked back at the police officer who was too impatient to answer her question and pulled Feng Haos arm out.

“Lets talk outside.”

Feng Hao was pulled out of the police station by Lin Yun before asking again, “What exactly happened Can I help”

Lin Yun thought for a moment and said, “I have a friend who has been arrested.

I want to see him and ask him something.

I wonder if I can…”

Feng Hao fell silent.


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