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Lin Yu frowned slightly, but in the next moment, her smile returned.

“Why Is there something I cant see”

Zheng Yu was stunned for a moment before smiling awkwardly.

“How can it be something you cant see!”

As Zheng Yu spoke, he extended her hand to Lin Yu.

Lin Yu didnt hesitate and placed her hand on his.

Zheng Yu held Lin Yus hand and let her sit beside her.

“I was watching your competition.

To be honest, your performance was really perfect!”

Zheng Yus insincere praise did not improve Lin Yus mood.

But she hid her true emotions and smiled happily.

“Really Did you like my performance”

“Then do you think I can win the championship”

Zheng Yu paused for a moment before saying again, “Of course! Youre so strong! The championship will definitely be yours!”

As Zheng Yu spoke, he looked elsewhere uncomfortably.

The smile on Lin Yus face faded as she lowered her head slightly.

“But Im very worried…”

“What are you worried about” Zheng Yu grabbed Lin Yus hand again and asked with concern, “Is there anything I can do for you”

Lin Yu raised her head and looked at Zheng Yu with grievance.

“Im worried that I wont be able to do what everyone is looking forward to.”

“Im afraid… Im afraid Ill disappoint you!”

Seeing Lin Yus cautious appearance, Zheng Yu thought that she must have suffered a lot in her previous life to care so much about others opinions.

Zheng Yus heart ached.

He reached out tentatively and gently wrapped his arm around Lin Yus shoulder.

Lin Yu didnt resist.

Instead, she leaned on his shoulder obediently.

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Zheng Yu took a deep breath and said, “Dont worry! In my eyes, youre the best!”

“You can definitely win the championship! You can definitely do it!”

Lin Yus lips curled up slightly as she said softly, “Thank you! I definitely wont disappoint you!”

Hearing Lin Yus words, Zheng Yu tightened her grip and hugged the little woman in her arms.

Lin Yu moved in Zheng Yus arms before saying, “Do you… really want to be engaged to me”

When Zheng Yu heard this, he immediately sat up straight and helped Lin Yu up.

He stared into Lin Yus eyes before saying, “Of course! Im serious! Ill treat you well for the rest of my life!”

Lin Yu looked at Zheng Yus sincere gaze and smiled.

Just as the two of them were being intimate, they were suddenly interrupted by a voice.

“Did I come at a bad time”

When Zheng Yu heard this voice, he was suddenly stunned.

Lin Yu frowned at the stranger in front of her, her face instantly turning ashen.

The person didnt seem to notice Lin Yus reaction.

Instead, she looked at Zheng Yu in amusement.

“Young Master Zheng, arent you going a little overboard by hugging such a beauty in the Lin family”

Zheng Yus expression turned ugly.

She looked at the person for a long time but did not say a complete sentence.

Seeing this, Lin Yu stood up and walked towards the person.

“Who are you Why are you in my house”

That person sneered and said, “Miss Lin, I entered the Lin family more than ten years before you!”

“Isnt it a little strange for you to come and ask me this question now”

“Why dont you ask this Young Master Zheng beside you who I am”

Seeing that the person didnt care, Lin Yu clenched her fists and looked at Zheng Yu questioningly.

Zheng Yu knew that there was no room for retreat, so he stood up and introduced the two of them.

“This is Auntie Lins niece, Wang Qi, who lives abroad all year round.”

Lin Yu was stunned for a moment before the corners of her lips curled up slightly.

“So its Cousin.”

Wang Qi raised her hand and said, “You dont need to be so polite.”

Seeing Wang Qis bad attitude, Lin Yus expression became even uglier.

Wang Qi looked at Zheng Yu mockingly.

“Young Master Zheng is really lucky.

I remember that when you chased after Xiao Yun all those years, you said a lot of nice things!”

“Why Its only been a year since we last met, and object of your affection has changed”

As Wang Qi spoke, she glanced in Lin Yus direction.

Lin Yu felt Wang Qis hostility and gritted her teeth.

Zheng Yus heart ached when he saw Lin Yu suffer.

He held Lin Yus hand with one hand and said to Wang Qi, “Wang Qi, my engagement with Xiaoyu was decided by the Zheng and Lin families.

It has nothing to do with Xiao Yun.”

Wang Qi shrugged and smiled.

“Its best if you have nothing to do with Xiao Yun in this lifetime!”



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