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Zheng Yu could hear the hostility in Wang Qis tone, but he knew that he was in the wrong.

Wang Qi was four years older than Lin Yun and spent most of her time in the Lin family.

She was born a tomboy and actually got along well with Lin Yun, a gentle girl.

The two of them played around and were even more familiar with each other than with Zheng Yu.

Every time Zheng Yu came to the Lin family and wanted to talk to Lin Yun, she had to get Wang Qis approval.

However, after Wang Qi was sent overseas by her parents to study, she spent less time in the Lin family.

Zheng Yu took this opportunity to get close to Lin Yun, but she was always monitored by Wang Qi from afar.

Every time Zheng Yu and Lin Yun were chatting happily, Wang Qi would drop in.

To Zheng Yu, Wang Qi was simply the biggest third wheel between him and Lin Yun.

However, Wang Qi was happy to do so.

She even whispered bad things about Zheng Yu in Lin Yuns ear from time to time.

Therefore, Zheng Yus impression of Wang Qi was not too good.

This time, Wang Qi hurt Lin Yu again, making Zheng Yu even angrier.

However, Wang Qi was Wang Lans niece after all.

Now that they were in the Lin family, Zheng Yu could not really flare up at Wang Qi.

Taking a deep breath, Zheng Yu said again, “Are you here to look for Lin Yun Shes not here!”

Wang Qi raised her eyebrows slightly with a mocking smile on her face.

“What The real daughter is back, and so the fake daughter is kicked out”

Lin Yu narrowed her eyes and gritted her teeth before saying, “No one chased her out.

She wanted to leave!”

“Is that so” Wang Qi asked, clearly not believing her.

Lin Yu didnt want to bother with this woman who was clearly in cahoots with Lin Yun, so she said, “If youre looking for my parents, one of them is in the study and the other is in the back garden.”

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Wang Qi heard Lin Yus unwelcoming words, but she only smiled and said, “Its okay.

I can wait for them here.”

As Wang Qi spoke, she sat down on the sofa.

Lin Yu looked at the woman in front of her in disbelief and resisted the urge to tear her apart.

Zheng Yu saw Lin Yus anger and gently held her body with one hand before saying, “Lets go to the back garden.”

Lin Yu panted slightly and glanced at Wang Qi before looking at Zheng Yu.

“Alright! Lets go!”

The two of them left the living room together, leaving Wang Qi alone on the sofa with an unrestrained expression.

After a while, Wang Lan returned to the living room with Lin Yu and the others.

When Wang Lan saw Wang Qi, her expression changed before she said, “Xiaoqi, why didnt you tell Aunt that you were coming back”

Wang Qi smiled and stood up to welcome Wang Lan.

“Aunt, dont worry.

My parents and grandfather dont know that Im back!”

When Wang Lan heard this, her expression changed.

“Did you come straight after getting off the plane”

Wang Qi smiled and nodded.

“Yes! I havent been back for a long time.

I plan to have fun with Xiao Yun for a few days!”

Hearing Wang Qi mention Lin Yun, Wang Lans expression turned even uglier.

“Xiao Qi, Xiao Yun doesnt live in the Lin family anymore.”

Wang Qi pretended not to know what had happened and asked, “Why Why isnt she staying at her house anymore”

“Then where did she move to”

Seeing that Wang Qi was pretending to be stupid, Wang Lan could only sigh deeply and say, “She felt uncomfortable living at home, so she moved to a residence in the distant suburbs.”

“Is it uncomfortable staying at home” Wang Qi chuckled.

“Is she stupid How can a home that shes lived in for more than ten years not be comfortable I think something must have made her feel uncomfortable! Shes like this.

Shes always thinking for others.

When shes uncomfortable, she doesnt even know how to throw things out!”

As Wang Qi spoke, she glanced at Lin Yu and Zheng Yu.

Wang Lan naturally understood what Wang Qi meant and frowned even more.

“Xiaoqi, this is the Lin family after all.

You have to be careful with your words.”

“Oh!” Wang Qi nodded in realization and said, “What happened to the Lin family They dont even let people tell the truth”

“Aiya, Aunt, you know that Im just so carefree.”

“Ive been talking like this in the Lin family for the past ten years.

How can I change so quickly!”

Wang Qi spoke eloquently, as if she would suffocate to death if she was not allowed to speak the truth!



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