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Wang Lan also felt a headache coming on.

This child had never been a disciplined person.

Even her grandfather and parents could not control her, let alone Wang Lan, her aunt.

It was strange that this fearless fellow only listened to Lin Yun.

This was also why her parents liked to send her to the Lin family.

However, now that Lin Yun was not at home, who could control her mouth!

Just as Wang Lan was at a loss, Lin Cheng and Zheng Song walked out of the study.

When Lin Cheng saw Wang Qi, his expression changed.

Zheng Song had met Wang Qi a few times and was not familiar with her, but he had a good impression of this straightforward girl.

Wang Qi and Lin Cheng greeted each other and said to the Lin couple, “Auntie, Uncle, since Xiao Yun isnt in the Lin family, Ill come to look for her another day!”

“Remember to ask her to contact me when she comes back!”

“She doesnt…” Wang Lan was about to say that Lin Yun wouldnt return to the Lin family when Lin Cheng stopped her.

Lin Cheng nodded at Wang Qi and said, “Alright! When she comes back, Ill get your aunt to tell you!”

Wang Qi nodded at everyone and left the Lin family.

After walking out of the Lin familys house, Wang Qi took out her phone and called Lin Yun.

Lin Yun was also a little surprised to receive Wang Qis call.

Before Lin Yun could speak, Wang Qi said with a smile, “I took revenge for you just now!”

“I wish you could see my aunt, uncle, Zheng Yu, and that Miss Lin trembling in anger!”

“Its really too funny!”

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As Wang Qi spoke, she laughed until she was trembling.

Lin Yun couldnt help but shake her head and smile bitterly when she heard Wang Qis excited voice.

“When did you come back Why didnt you tell me”

“Would you let me go to the Lin family to cause a scene if I told you” Wang Qi snorted.

Lin Yun thought for a moment.

Indeed, she would not let Wang Qi stand up for her.

After all, she was the granddaughter of the Wang family and was relatives with the Lin family.

It wouldnt be good for her if things got too tense.

Moreover, she was still in school and even used the Wang familys food and clothes.

Although her father was the eldest son of the Wang family, he did not have the ability to inherit the Wang familys assets.

It was also because of this that the Wang familys assets fell into Lin Chengs hands bit by bit.

In other words, Wang Qi might still have to rely on Lin Cheng for her future studies and life.

Lin Yun sighed slightly and said, “Do your parents know that youre back”

“Of course not!” Wang Qi shouted in a low voice.

“How could I have made such a fuss otherwise!”

Lin Yun shook her head again and said, “Then you dont have a place to stay, right Ill get the driver to pick you up!”

Wang Qi refused.

“Dont trouble yourself! Give me the address.

Ill be there soon!”

Lin Yun did not hesitate.

After hanging up the phone, she sent the location of the house in the distant suburbs to Wang Qi.

Less than an hour later, Aunt Xu welcomed Wang Qi into the house.

Wang Qi placed her hand on Aunt Xus shoulder and the two of them walked in happily.

As soon as she saw Lin Yun, Wang Qi immediately let go of Aunt Xu and hugged Lin Yun.

Lin Yun was not short, but in front of Wang Qi, who was nearly 1.8 meters tall, she was still small.

Wang Qi hugged Lin Yun and said with some heartache, “My sister! Why were you so stupid to be bullied!”

Lin Yun was hugged by Wang Qi.

Only then did she realize that all she needed was this simple hug.

She sniffed slightly and allowed herself to digest the sadness that shouldnt have surged up.

After a while, she pulled Wang Qis arm away and led her towards the dining room.

“Youve traveled a long way.

Youre probably hungry! I asked Aunt Xu to prepare some things you like to eat.”

When Wang Qi heard this, she immediately smiled happily.

“I knew you understood me the best!”

Then, she turned to Aunt Xu, who was not far behind her.

“Aunt Xu knows my stomach the best!”

Aunt Xu looked at Wang Qis mischievous appearance and laughed.

It had been a long time since she saw Miss Lin Yuns sincere smile.

It was great that Miss Wang Qi could come!

The two of them sat down in the dining room but Wang Qi did not eat heartily.

Lin Yun reminded her to eat slowly from time to time, but she still kept placing food on her plate.

Finally, the meal ended.

Wang Qi patted her slightly protruding stomach in satisfaction.

“Ah! Im so satisfied!”


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