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Wang Qi ate her meal in satisfaction and returned to the guest room to rest under Aunt Xus arrangements.

Lin Yun walked her back to her room and instructed her to rest well.

They would talk tomorrow morning.

Wang Qi looked at Lin Yun and sighed.

“Youve really changed a lot from before!”

Lin Yun smiled faintly.

“One has to grow up.”

Wang Qi didnt know how many tears and sadness Lin Yun had exchanged for those words, but she knew that her heart ached for her younger sister, who she had watched grow up.

To Wang Qi, Lin Yun was her sister!

The so-called real daughter of the Lin family was the complete stranger!

Lin Yun returned to her room and couldnt help but sigh.

Tomorrow morning, there would probably be a huge battle!

The next morning, just as Lin Yun had expected, before eight oclock, there was incessant knocking on the door of the residence.

Aunt Zhang rushed out of the kitchen to open the door.

But the two security guards were nowhere to be seen.

Aunt Xu walked out of the servants room and frowned when she saw the person who barged in.

“Wheres Lin Yun That little girl is very good at causing trouble! Call her out!” The leader roared aggressively.

Just as Aunt Xu was about to speak, a woman beside her also said, “Wheres Wang Qi Shes not old and honest and is staying overseas.

Why didnt she tell Dad and Mom that shes back”

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“Are they rebelling”

“I think it was all instigated by that little girl, Lin Yun!”

The man and woman spoke one after another, and Aunt Xu couldnt interrupt for a moment.

Just as she was about to speak, Lin Yun, who had been woken up by the commotion, walked out of the room.

She looked at the two of them and took a deep breath before greeting them.

“Uncle, Aunt, why are you here so early”

Although she hated to admit their identities, she didnt know how to address them.

She had long expected that Wang Lan would tell her brother and sister-in-law about last night, and these two impatient people would naturally not wait too long before coming to settle scores with her!

Sure enough, Lin Yuns uncle, Wang Long, roared, “Lin Yun, its fine if you leave the Lin family on your own, but why do you have to lead our Wang Qi astray”

Wang Longs wife, Liao Mei, also echoed, “Our Wang Qi was fine overseas.

If it werent for you, how could she have run back without saying a word And…”

“You even messed up Xiaoyus plans!”

Liao Mei finally got to the point.

If Wang Qis sudden appearance hadnt affected Lin Yus engagement, Wang Long and his wife probably wouldnt have come to denounce her early.

After all, the two of them could leave their daughter in the Lin family for an entire year without even looking at her!

Lin Yun walked up to the two of them and smiled.

She replied unhurriedly, “Cousin came back late yesterday and is a little tired.

She hasnt woken up yet.”

“Uncle and Aunt havent had breakfast yet, right Why dont you eat something and have a good chat with Cousin when she gets up”

“Youre still waiting for her to wake up” Wang Long glared at Lin Yun in disbelief.

“Go! Wake her up!”

Lin Yun gestured to Aunt Xu, who turned around and rushed to the guest room at the back.

Lin Yun was still smiling.

“Then lets go to the dining room and eat while you wait”

As Lin Yun spoke, she said to Aunt Zhang, “Aunt Zhang, prepare breakfast for my uncle and aunt.”

Aunt Zhang did not dare to delay and hurriedly went into the kitchen.

Lin Yun generously led the way for the two of them.

Wang Long and Liao Mei looked at each other.

Under Lin Yuns calm tone, they could not flare up for a while.

The three of them arrived at the dining room.

Lin Yun led the two of them to their seats and sat down.

After breakfast was served for a while, Wang Qi appeared at the entrance of the dining room with sleepy eyes.

She saw the breakfast on Lin Yuns table and quickly said to Aunt Xu, “Aunt Xu! Im hungry!”

Aunt Xu grinned and said, “Aunt Zhang is ready.

Please take a seat, and it will be served immediately.”

Wang Qi nodded and yawned before sitting down beside Lin Yun.

Seeing Wang Qi like this, Wang Long was even angrier.

He slammed the cutlery on the table and said sternly, “Wang Qi! Dont you have your parents in your eyes”

Only then did Wang Qi rub her eyes and say, “Oh, Dad, Mom! Morning!”

“I thought I was dreaming!”

“After all, after so many years, the chances of us meeting can be counted on one hand!”



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