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Hearing Wang Qis sarcastic tone, Wang Longs anger was instantly ignited.

“How can you speak like that!”

“Did I send you overseas to study for nothing”

“Are you so stubborn now that you dont even listen to your parents”

“Or…” As Wang Long spoke, he glanced in Lin Yuns direction.

“Or did someone give you ideas to go against your family”

Wang Qi naturally knew who Wang Long was referring to.

She burst out laughing.

“Dad, am I not awake early in the morning, or are you not awake”

“I used my grandfathers money to study abroad.

My living expenses were earned by working.”

“I wonder how much youve done for me all these years”

“Also, Ive always been a righteous person since I was young.

Im not like some people who are easily swayed and came to question me early in the morning after hearing what others say!”

Wang Qis words hit Wang Longs sore spot, making him even angrier.

“How did I give birth to such an unfilial child!”

Wang Qi shrugged and sighed.

“I remember that when I was young, you seemed to have said that I was an accident.”

“Sorry, this accident surprised you!”

Wang Qi said indifferently, making Wang Long feel his blood pressure rush to his brain.

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Seeing this, Liao Mei quickly comforted Wang Long.

“The child is still young.

Dont be angry!”

Wang Qi raised her eyebrows slightly and surprisingly did not reply.

Seeing that Wang Qi was silent, Liao Mei looked at her and said earnestly, “Qiqi, youre really in the wrong this time.”

“When has it ever been not my fault” Wang Qi seemed to have been suddenly stabbed by something and asked sharply.

Liao Mei was stunned for a moment by Wang Qis question before saying, “What I mean is that you embarrassed your aunt and uncle this time and also hurt your cousin…”

“Cousin” Wang Qi interrupted her mother again.

“Isnt Lin Yun fine beside me”

As she spoke, she turned to Lin Yun and asked, “Why Are you hurt”

Lin Yun remained indifferent until Wang Qi asked her.

She looked at Wang Qi blankly and blinked.

Wang Qi turned to Liao Mei again and said, “She said she didnt.”

Liao Mei was stunned for a moment before realizing what Wang Qi meant.

She slammed the table and stood up angrily.

“Wang Qi, Ive raised you for nothing all these years! Why are you so insensible!”

Wang Qi was about to retort when Lin Yun stopped her.

“Uncle, Aunt, Cousin is a little hot-tempered when she wakes up in the morning.

Why dont we have breakfast first and sit down to talk”

“Getting angry during meals is not good for your health,” Lin Yun reminded kindly again.

It would have been fine if Lin Yun didnt say anything.

As soon as she finished speaking, Wang Long and Liao Mei felt dizzy.

Clearly, they were angered by Wang Qi.

Wang Qi secretly stuck out her tongue.

Coincidentally, Aunt Zhang brought the breakfast over.

Wang Qi did not say anything else and enjoyed her breakfast.

Wang Qi ate heartily, but Wang Long and Liao Mei could no longer eat.

The two of them secretly digested their anger and reminded themselves of the purpose of their visit.

After Wang Qi and Lin Yun finished their breakfast, Wang Long and Liao Mei looked at each other and Wang Long spoke first again.

“Qiqi, you didnt tell us that you were coming back this time.

Your grandfather misses you so much.

Why dont you come home with us first”

Wang Qi was unmoved.

“Im not used to living in that gloomy house at home.

I prefer places with people.”

Wang Long was about to explode again when Liao Mei grabbed his arm.

Liao Mei shook her head at Wang Long to suppress his anger.

“Alright, then stay with Xiao Yun for a few days before going home.”

Before Wang Qi could speak again, Wang Long said, “After what you caused in the Lin family yesterday, you have to apologize to your aunt and uncle.”

“Besides, the Zheng family was there yesterday…” Wang Long took a deep breath.

“The Zheng and Lin families will become in-laws sooner or later.

If you cause trouble like this, what will happen to the reputation of the two families”

“We didnt come here today to lecture you.

Its just that youre the daughter of the Wang family, so you have to watch your words and actions.”

Seeing that Wang Long had restrained himself, Wang Qi felt that it was strange, but she could not retort sarcastically.

Other than feeling a little bored, Wang Qi could only nod and say, “You guys go back first.

Ill stay for a few days and go back to see Grandpa.”

Liao Mei and Wang Long looked at each other and gave a few more instructions before leaving together.


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