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Just as Lin Yun had said, Aunt Xu had been feeling nervous and worried recently.

Ever since Shao Yis accident, although Aunt Xu didnt seem to pay much attention to this matter on the surface, Lin Yun could occasionally hear Aunt Xu sighing and even crying late at night.

However, she had no way to save her son.

This was probably the most desperate situation person had to face.

Lin Yun naturally knew Aunt Xus difficulties, but she also had her limitations.

For example, regarding Shao Yis matter this time, although Lin Yun had been paying close attention to Lu Tengs whereabouts, her actions were not related to Shao Yis capture.

The most fatal thing was that Lin Yun still didnt know what Shao Yi had stolen from Lu Teng!

Lin Yun had asked Feng Hao to help her ask around, but she was beaten back because it was inconvenient to reveal the investigation case.

Feng Hao had some thoughts about this.

However, he said that he needed to confirm it before telling Lin Yun in detail.

When Feng Hao confirmed it, another week passed.

Lin Yun sat on the beach and shook her head as she watched Wang Qi run happily towards the sea.

Wang Qi lived like a carefree child.

Even though she did not have her parents by her side since she was young, she never seemed to lack love.

Perhaps this was because she had very low expectations for love, so she could feel more love by contrast!

Lin Yun looked at Aunt Xu, who was staring at the sea in a daze.

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Lin Yun was about to speak when her phone suddenly rang.

Lin Yun glanced at the caller and quickly picked up the phone.

“Feng Hao, how is it Is there any news”

Feng Haos voice sounded a little solemn.

“Lin Yun, the case your friend is involved in might be more troublesome.”

When Lin Yun heard this, she became vigilant.

“What do you mean Is there something…”

Feng Hao interrupted Lin Yun and said, “He did touch something he shouldnt have.”

“Something he shouldnt have touched” Lin Yun thought for a moment and said, “You mean, drugs”

Feng Hao nodded and did not say anything else.

Lin Yun was even more surprised.

“Is that really the case Is that why he has been imprisoned”

“Then where is the thing he stole What else did he participate in” Lin Yun asked repeatedly, alerting Aunt Xu..

Lin Yun hung up and saw Aunt Xu looking at her in shock.

Lin Yun reached out and held Aunt Xus hand.

“Aunt Xu, its okay.

I believe in Shao Yi.

There must be something going on.”

Although Aunt Xu was worried, she knew that she couldnt ask too much.

She only suppressed her worry and smiled faintly at Lin Yun.

“I know.

I know my son.”

Lin Yun nodded and held Aunt Xus hand tightly, wanting to give her some confidence.

Because the temperature was relatively low, Wang Qi was no longer in the mood to go into the sea.

She walked around the sea with her bare legs and came back.

The moment she returned, she saw the two people on the beach looking miserable.

“Whats wrong What happened” Wang Qi asked curiously.

Lin Yun didnt intend to say much to Wang Qi.

She only said, “Aunt Xu misses her son.

When she sees the beach, she remembers when we played here when we were young.”

When Wang Qi heard this, she immediately slapped her thigh and said, “I remember now! That Shao Yi! When I was young, he was the one who threw me into the sea and made me choke a few times!”

Hearing Wang Qis accusation, Lin Yun couldnt help but smile.

When they were still young, they had indeed experienced many good times…

Recalling the past, Lin Yun was even more determined to help Shao Yi find out the truth.

She knew very well that no matter how much of a thug Shao Yi was, he would not get involved with drugs!

Lin Yun made up her mind and gave Aunt Xu a comforting smile.

After returning to the old residence from the beach, Lin Yun unexpectedly received news from the production team.

The call was from Qin Xia, asking if Lin Yun could participate in the new Masked Kings derivative show.

Lin Yun was indeed a little surprised to receive this call.

This was because in her previous life, such a derivative program only appeared after the competition ended.

As the capital chain in the middle of the competition broke, the recording of the show was intermittent, and a large number of contestants withdrew from the competition.

At that time, Lin Cheng had easily promoted Lin Yu to the championship.


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