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For an audition program, the birth of a derivative or spin-off program was an important way to help the contestants accumulate more popularity.

The capital for the new Masked King program was not strong enough, so it needed to obtain more financial support through spin-off programs.

Although Luo Gang had already thought of a way to find a few good investors and had the Lin familys strong support for Lin Yu, the show was held without much fanfare and popularity.

However, every program would bring about all kinds of different opinions, which were also accompanied by mixed reviews.

As more and more contestants had their “dark history” dug out, and there were even rumors that the show allowed for cheating, the reputation of the show fluctuated.

There was scandal and attention, but the viewership ratings of the show did not increase.

It even fell in stages.

As the executive director, Luo Gang naturally plunged into anxiety.

Especially after a few popular contestants were exposed to have bribed the judges or had bad behavior during school, the reputation of the show plummeted.

Seeing this, the investors also planned to withdraw in advance.After all, money did not fall from trees.

Protecting their assets was naturally the first choice of investors.

Faced with such a situation, after some discussion, the production team decided to drag out the contestants who were more popular or had a better reputation to participate in the spin-off show.

While letting them expose themselves to the public as much as possible to promote the program, they could also suppress those bad rumors.

Lin Yun suddenly realized that the moment she had asked Jin Yan to prepare for had arrived!

Ming Yis mystery had also become a selling point of the show.

Many people tried their best to find out Ming Yis true identity, but these people were far slower than the Dark One.

She wasnt the only one who made a move.

Even Blackie was involved.

When Lin Yun asked Blackie for help, she thought that she would refuse.

Unexpectedly, she agreed without hesitation!

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Although Blackie still didnt know that Mingyi was Lin Yun, she was excited about disguising herself and ruining the recording of the show.

Blackie had always done things according to her own wishes.

This was one of the reasons why Lin Yun trusted her.

She would not let anyone drive her to do something she was unwilling to do.

Therefore, she would not betray anyone for any external reason.

Lin Yun agreed to Qin Xias interview and rejected all the programs that required her to show her face.

This was in line with the original setting of the production team.

Both parties hit it off immediately.

Qin Xia informed Lin Yun to go to the television station building in the afternoon to participate in the communication work in the early stages of the show.

To Lin Yun, these things were very unfamiliar, but she was looking forward to them.

In her previous life, she had supported Lin Yu from a commoner to an idol celebrity and even a top celebrity.

This time, it was finally her turn!

Even if she couldnt become the champion of this show, she had to make Lin Yu fall from her pedestal!

Lin Yun gritted her teeth and took out her phone to contact Jin Yan.

She asked Jin Yan to discuss the investment project with Luo Gang as a personal investor and made it clear that he would only invest in the new Masked King and not participate in the spin-off program.

To Lin Yun, the quality of the derivative show did not matter.

Only the new Masked King was the main focus of her participation!

Jin Yan was very efficient.

In just half a day, he came to report to Lin Yun.

“Director Luo was the surprised that we have the intention to invest.” Jin Yan reported the details of the conversation seriously.

“However, he also communicated candidly with me about the problem the show is facing now.”

“Miss Lin and I have the same thoughts.

This is indeed a critical period for investing in this show.”

“However, I told him I still need to confirm the investment amount with you.”

As Jin Yan spoke, he handed a document to Lin Yun.

“Director Luo has proposed for us to invest 100 million in a three-month period.

We have to invest 80% of the capital in the early stages.”

Lin Yun flipped through the contents of the investment plan.

It was somewhat different from what she had expected.

Jin Yan took out another document and said, “This is our final plan.”

“3 months, 100 million, 40% in the early stages,” Jin Yan said simply.

Lin Yun looked at Jin Yan in surprise.

“Wow! How did you do that”


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