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Jin Yan adjusted his glasses and said in embarrassment, “Its definitely impossible for us to pay 80% of the funds in our hands now.

I estimate that those investors wont need such a large sum of money even if they withdraw their investments from the production team.”

“So just… ”

“Half price” Lin Yun gave him a thumbs up.

“Youre really a genius! Director Luo actually agreed”

Jin Yan scratched the back of his head and said, “Director Luo is probably desperate.”

Lin Yun shrugged and did not reply.

Lin Yun knew very well what kind of situation Luo Gang was in now.

She also had a motive for letting Jin Yan talk to Luo Gang about the investment at this time.

However, the number that Jin Yan had negotiated was 20% less than she had imagined.

Lin Yun had to admit that Jin Yan was really an investment genius!

No, he was also a great negotiator!

Jin Yan saved Lin Yun 20% of the initial investment.

It was a huge guarantee for Lin Yuns turnover.

In that case, why not use this money to do other things

Lin Yun thought for a moment and didnt have any particularly good ideas.

“What do you think we can do with the money we have other than the investment funds for Director Luo”

Jin Yans eyes flickered as if he also planned to go all out.

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Lin Yuns trust in him was unconditional.

This was something that Jin Yans previous employers had never done!

Lin Yun saw through Jin Yans emotions and only smiled.

“I still have the same conditions.

Make sure its not illegal.

As long as you can earn money, its fine!”

Hearing Lin Yuns words, Jin Yan took out a thick notebook from his backpack.

Jin Yan opened the notebook and handed one page to Lin Yun.

Lin Yun looked at the dense handwriting on the notepad and then at the plan Jin Yan handed over.

“This is the proposal Im working on.

I made a few changes because I wasnt sure about our later investment project.”

“At this stage, this project should be the most suitable.”

Lin Yun looked at Jin Yan in surprise.

“Youve already started planning this”

“Since when”

Jin Yan revealed a shy smile.

“Ive been studying these investment projects myself, but I dont have the right funds…”

“So…” Jin Yan looked shy and a little cute at the same time.

“Youve been investing for a long time.

Why would you…” Lin Yun asked curiously.

Jin Yan pursed his lips and didnt answer.

He just returned to the topic and pointed at the proposal.

“This is only the first draft.

If Miss Lin feels that theres no problem, Ill go back and make a detailed copy.”

Lin Yun roughly looked at the plan, but her gaze was attracted by a line of small words on the notebook beside her.

“Lu Corporations investment project” Lin Yun looked at the line of small words strangely.

Jin Yan nodded and pointed at the content marked in red.

“They have a few recent projects that are very risky.

I dont recommend investing in the Lu Corporation.”

“The Lu Corporation is doing a high-risk investment project” Lin Yun was even more puzzled.

Jin Yan put away his notebook and flipped through a few more pages.

“Ive checked their internal investment materials.

These projects are led by Lu Teng, who is also the manager.

The investment risk is very high, and the return is not high.”

Lin Yun looked at Jin Yans record and asked without looking up, “Can you find out the investment channels and specific content Why did you say that the return is not high”

Jin Yan frowned and thought for a moment before saying, “I think its a little strange too.”

“Lu Tengs actions are simply pushing the Lu Corporation into a fire pit.”

“Not only that, I also discovered that hes coming into contact with some…” Jin Yan deliberated for a moment before saying,” with some illegal channels.

They seem to be related to drugs.

Hearing Jin Yans words, Lin Yuns eyes widened.

She grabbed Jin Yans arm and asked, “Where did you get the information What else do you know”

Jin Yan was shocked by Lin Yun and hurriedly said, “I heard it from a few friends in the investment industry.

Theyre a little…”

“I dont care much about the content of the investment as long as I dont break the law.”

When Lin Yun heard this, she nodded and said, “Help me understand who Lu Teng has seen in Sea City recently.

The sooner, the better.”

“Lu Teng is in Sea City” Jin Yan was a little surprised.

“Why did I hear that he just returned from Austria yesterday”

Lin Yun frowned.

She felt that something was amiss.


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