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Lin Yun asked Jin Yan to check on Lu Teng through his contacts.

As for the investment plan, he would draft a detailed proposal according to his original plan.

Jin Yan did not ask further and immediately left Lin Yuns residence to help gather information.

Lin Yun sat on the sofa and could not help but smile bitterly.

As an expert hacker, she was actually not as fast as the news from the investment circle!

Just as Lin Yun was feeling helpless, a teasing voice suddenly came from behind her.

“Your little boyfriend looks good.

At least he looks more reliable than Zheng Yu!”

Hearing Wang Qis voice, Lin Yun immediately turned around to look at her.

Seeing her teasing look, Lin Yun hurriedly said, “Thats not my boyfriend!”

“Then who is he I saw the two of you sitting together and chatting for a long time!” Wang Qi asked curiously.

She walked to Lin Yuns side and picked up an orange on the table to peel.

“Hes my business partner!” Lin Yun told the truth.

She did not want to lie too much to Wang Qi.

Now, she had no choice but to tell her the biggest lie!

Wang Qi looked at Lin Yuns serious expression and smiled.

“Why are you so nervous! I was just saying!”

“Good, good, good! You two have a pure cooperative relationship!”

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“Its my fault.

I was thinking too much!” Wang Qi said as she handed the peeled orange to Lin Yun.

Lin Yun didnt stand on ceremony.

She took the orange, peeled off a piece, and stuffed it into her mouth.

Wang Qi pursed her lips and picked up another orange to peel.

“But to be honest, Zheng Yu and Lin Yu are already getting engaged.

Shouldnt you consider your own matters”

Lin Yun raised her eyebrows slightly.

“You seem to be older than me! Cousin!”

Hearing Lin Yuns words, Wang Qi frowned even more.

“Oh! Oh my god! Dont talk about this!”

Lin Yun spread out her hands and shrugged.

“Alright! We can start the next topic!”

Wang Qi smiled bitterly and thought for a moment before saying, “I think Aunt Xu is still in a bad mood.

Whats wrong with her precious son”

“Is there anything I can help with” Wang Qi asked sincerely.

Although she didnt have a particularly good impression of Shao Yi, Aunt Xu had taken care of her since she was young.

She didnt want to see Aunt Xu sad, so she had to think of a way to resolve Shao Yis matter first.

Lin Yun suddenly remembered what Jin Yan had said, so she held Wang Qis hand and said, “I really need your help with something.”

“Dont you have friends in Austrian customs I want to check someones immigration records.”

Wang Qi shrugged and said, “I just need to talk to the right people.”

Lin Yun handed Lu Tengs information to Wang Qi and added, “This matter will definitely be kept a secret.

Its best if you can find out what happened in the past six months.”

Wang Qi patted Lin Yuns shoulder.

“Dont worry, Ill do it!”

As the two of them were talking, Aunt Xu rushed over.

“Miss, bad news! There are many reporters blocking our door!”

Lin Yun frowned and her expression turned ugly.

“Why are the reporters here”

It was a secret that Lin Yun had moved into this residence.

Why would these reporters come looking for her for no reason

And how did they know she lived in this place

Could it be that she was followed when she went to the beach

“Why are they here” Lin Yun stood up and looked out of the house.

Indeed, there were many people.

Aunt Xu swallowed her saliva and said, “Aunt Zhang went to ask just now.

Those reporters said that they wanted to ask you about Miss Lin Yu and Young Master Zhengs engagement…”

As Aunt Xu spoke, she observed Lin Yuns expression.

As expected, it was because of this matter that the Lin family had secretly revealed that the Lin and Zheng families were preparing to get engaged.

These reporters probably had yet to find an entry point for the Lin family and the Zheng family, so they wanted to uncover some juicy news through her, the abandoned fake daughter of the Lin family.

Lin Yun said to Aunt Xu expressionlessly, “Tell these reporters to look for whoever they want.

If they cant find the person, why are they here!”

Wang Qi also looked outside.

“Xiao Yun, I dont think this is right!”

“These people are all short-tempered.

Theyre clearly prepared to fight to the death.”

Lin Yun glanced at the crowd and raised her eyebrows.

“Im tired.

Ill go back and rest first.”

Lin Yun walked towards her room, leaving Aunt Xu and Wang Qi looking at each other.

As soon as Lin Yun returned to her room, she quickly turned on her computer.

“These reporters probably dont have any news to follow.”

“Why dont I expose something big to them!”


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