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Ever since she was young, Wang Qis idea of fun had always exceeded Lin Yuns expectations.

She had once brought Lin Yun to the Tong familys courtyard next door to throw cow dung.

Lin Yun wondered where Wang Qi got so much cow dung but Wang Qi excitedly had displayed a huge iron bucket she had obtained from the gardener.

There was no doubt that it was a bucket of fragrant cow dung.

She even pulled Lin Yun to the door of the female classmate who had once badmouthed Lin Yun and scolded her for an entire hour.

Later on, because the neighbor called the police, Lin Yun enjoyed the “warm reminder” of the police for the first time.

When they were young, Wang Lan repeatedly ordered Lin Yun and Wang Qi not to go out and run around.

After all, Lin Yun was the daughter of a rich family.

She had to maintain some manners.

Lin Yun also knew that many of Wang Qis actions were a little overboard, but she could not help but play along.

This time, Wang Qi had come up with another idea! Lin Yun was nervous, but she was looking forward to it.

Wang Qi pulled Lin Yun all the way to a French restaurant.

Just as Lin Yun was feeling puzzled, Wang Qi pulled her in.

The waiter at the door led the way for the two of them politely.

Although Lin Yun was suspicious, she followed Wang Qi and sat down.

As soon as she sat down, Wang Qi looked around for something.

It was only when she returned to the table in front of her in disappointment that Lin Yun asked, “If you want to eat Western food, cant we find a Michelin restaurant”

“This…” Lin Yun looked around.

It was a French restaurant that had just opened.

“Is the food good here”

Wang Qi chuckled and did not answer Lin Yuns question.

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The waiter handed over the menu.

Wang Qi did not look down but kept looking in the direction of the door.

Lin Yun frowned at Wang Qis strange actions.

“Are you waiting for someone”

Wang Qi suddenly raised a finger and pressed it against her lips, gesturing for her to keep quiet.

Lin Yun subconsciously shut her mouth and followed Wang Qis gaze to the door.

It didnt matter.

The people who had just entered were Zheng Yu and Lin Yu!

Lin Yun suddenly realized what Wang Qi wanted to do!

Just as she was hesitating about whether to leave, Wang Qi quickly walked up to Zheng Yu and the other woman.

“Yo, isnt this Young Master Zheng!”

“This is our Lin familys new daughter, Miss Lin Yu!”

Wang Qis voice was not soft, causing the surrounding people to look over.

When Zheng Yu saw that it was Wang Qi, the back of her neck stiffened.

The last person he wanted to see in his life was probably Wang Qi!

Lin Yu naturally recognized Wang Qi, but she didnt say anything.

She only glared at Wang Qi.

Wang Qi looked at Lin Yu with a smile.

“Why, my dear new cousin, dont you recognize me”‘

“Thats true.

After all, we just met!”

Wang Qis words revealed the fact that Lin Yu had just returned to the Lin family.

After Wang Qi finished speaking to Lin Yu, she clicked her tongue at Zheng Yu.

“Young Master Zheng, youre too unkind!”

“It wasnt easy for the young lady to acknowledge her ancestors and live the life of a rich person.

Why didnt you bring her to one of those high-end restaurants”

“Why did you have to choose such a new restaurant Arent you afraid that the young lady will despise your low taste!”

When Wang Qi said this, Zheng Yus face immediately turned ashen.

Lin Yun sat not far away and watched quietly, not intending to participate.

Wang Qi must have heard from somewhere that Zheng Yu would bring Lin Yu to this restaurant, so she dragged her over to “look for fun!”

Zheng Yu gritted his teeth and took a deep breath before saying, “Wang Qi, Im not familiar with you, and Im not interested in chatting with you.”

“We still have something on.

Well leave first!”

With that, Zheng Yu pulled Lin Yu away.

After all, he though that Lin Yu was the kind of person who would suffer in silence.

If this was the Lin family, she might still pretend.

However, was Zheng Yu going to let her be humiliated in front of such a group of strangers in public

Lin Yus eyes revealed anger.

Wang Qi naturally noticed the change in Lin Yus gaze.

Her lips curled up slightly as she thought to herself, This is going to be fun!

Lin Yu looked at Wang Qi and pursed her lips.

“Cousin, Zheng Yu and I are here for a meal.

If you dont mind, you can join us.”

Seeing that Lin Yu had no intention of leaving, Zheng Yu couldnt be a coward.

He turned to face Wang Qi again.

“Thats right.

This place is owned by my friend.

If you dont mind, we can eat together.”

Wang Qi curled her lips and said, “Im sorry! I mind very much!”


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