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Fu Heng walked over to Lu Chens bed and sat on it.

Lu Chen glared at him in disgust.

His gaze looked like it could kill.

Ning Kun couldnt help but shiver and subconsciously took two steps back.

Fu Heng didnt seem to feel Lu Chens scary gaze.

He casually picked up the banana on the table, peeled it and stuffed it into his mouth.

“I heard that your life was hanging by a thread.

I was so worried!”

“Im fine.

Sorry to disappoint you!” Lu Chen said indifferently.

“Im fine, but some people might really be very disappointed!” Fu Heng said, implying something.

Lu Chen didnt even move his eyebrows, but his voice became colder.

“Any leads on the investigation”

“Your workaholic problem is really…” Fu Heng said with some disdain.

Then, he thought of something.

“However, this is different from our plan.

What happened in the middle”

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Lu Chen finally put down the tablet and looked at Fu Heng.

“Someone couldnt wait to take action!”

“At this time” Fu Heng looked at Lu Chen in disbelief.

“Are they crazy”

Lu Chen remained silent…

“Hey! Those people are threatening your life.

Are you still going to indulge them”

Fu Heng seemed even more impatient than Lu Chen.

Lu Chen remained calm.

“Send the news out.

Tell them that Im seriously injured and in a coma.

I cant handle company matters for the time being.”

“Youre setting a trap for the Old Master!” Fu Heng raised his tone and looked rather surprised.

“Ever since you came back to take over the company, Old Master has helped you take on a lot of thunder.”

“Arent you afraid that Old Master will get angry and kick you out of the house”

Lu Chens expression finally changed.

He smirked, looking confident.

“Will he”

Fu Heng held his breath and then could not help but sigh.

“Sometimes, I really hate your strategizing attitude!”

As Fu Heng spoke, his eyes suddenly shifted.

He glanced at Ning Kun before grinning at Lu Chen.

Lu Chen frowned slightly, not knowing what Fu Heng wanted to do.

Every time he showed this expression, bad ideas would pop up!

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“I heard that a beauty saved your life! You didnt expect this, did you” Fu Heng said as he glanced at Ning Kun.

Ning Kuns expression tightened.

He was obviously frightened by Fu Hengs words.

Lu Chen looked up at Ning Kun.

“Is what he said true”

Ning Kun lowered his head slightly, not daring to look at Lu Chen.

“Speak!” Lu Chens voice was cold.

It seemed like he was really angry.

Ning Kun took a deep breath and told himself that even if he were to stick his head out, he would still be stabbed!

“Yes! It was indeed Ms.

Lin who gave you the blood transfusion that saved you from danger,” Ning Kun said honestly.

“Who” Lu Chen asked again.

Ning Kun hurriedly took two steps forward and said, “Hai Chengs Lin family, Miss Lin Yun.”

Lu Chen narrowed his eyes and said, “Give me her information!”

Ning Kun nodded and left the ward.

“Tsk tsk!” Fu Heng couldnt help but shake his head and sigh.

“Your phobia of women is really…”

“Im not afraid of women!” Lu Chen glared at Fu Heng.

“I know, I know.

You just hate everything that has to do with women!” Fu Heng said slowly, looking like he was comforting a little kid.

“Third Brother, you look so mature usually.

Why are you so…”

Fu Heng suddenly felt a chill down his spine and forcefully swallowed back the words “childish”.

Lu Chen did not respond to Fu Hengs words.

It was better not to let Fu Heng, this big mouth, know the reason!


“Dad, youre back!” Lin Yu gently greeted Lin Cheng who had just walked in.

Lin Cheng nodded, then walked toward the study.

Lin Yu turned to look at Wang Lan with a hurt expression.

“Mom, does Dad… not like me”

Wang Lan quickly grabbed Lin Yus hand and sat down on the sofa.

“Silly child! Youre our biological child.

How could we not like you”

“But…” Lin Yu bit her lower lip, her face full of grievance.” After what Sister did to us yesterday, Dad still sided with her.

“I heard that he even went to the hospital to visit her today…” The more Lin Yu spoke, the sadder she became.

Looking at Lin Yus reddened eyes, Wang Lans heart ached even more.

She hesitated for a moment before deciding to tell Lin Yu the truth.


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